Battle Lode Runner Switch
Battle Lode Runner R

Japanese box art

Developer(s) Aspen Pellot
Publisher(s) NA & JP: Aspen Pellot

EU: Konami

AU: United Software

Release Date(s)
NA: September 15th, 2018

JP: May 28th, 2018

EU: September 23rd, 2018

AU: September 12th, 2018

Battle Lode Runner Switch, released as Battle Lode Runner R in Japan and Battle Lode Runner DX in Europe and Oceania, is an enhanced remake of the 1993 game Battle Lode Runner for the TurboGrafx-16.

Playable Characters

Character Image In-Game Description How To Unlock
Lode Runner
It's Lode Runner, our main hero! He's your average digger, who has all-around stats. Default
It's Jumpman, & it's his time to shine! He is speedier then Lode Runner, & that's it.
Frisky Tom
It's Frisky Tom, the plumber! He can use his plunger to discover hidden items before they're dug up!
It's Hammerman, & he's ready to smash things up! He uses his hammer to break the ground two whole blocks.
Nick Brown
It's Nick, who rocks the fedora better then you! He's a little slow, but he distract others with his hat to make it up.
It's Ava, the female scientist! She can use various chemicals, which can either damage the ground, damage enemies, or damage her. Hope you have good luck!
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