Battle Fusion is an Umbrella Strategy Role-Playing Game for the Android Phones, and The V².


In an alternate Earth in the year 2031, technology became more advanced by intruducing a new toyline called "Battle Fusion", which is a collection of cards that can be scanned into a small toy portal and bring the character to life. The character can fight another one for fun and is the main reason the Battle Fusion Mega Tournament was created, who ever wins the tournament by defeating 10 opponents, they will recieve a grand prize. A 14-year old Japanese player named Kazuma Gikoshi managed to defeat 9 opponents and he is ready to take out the champion, however, the tournament was interrupted by an evil entity named Yahuma, who claims to be the champion of the Battle Fusion. He knocked out Kazuma with his Ogre card. Later, Kazuma wakes up, ended up to a unknown dimension. Here, he met a cute robot named RSD-40, who reveals to the former this dimension was once peace, but transformed into a dark world by Yahuma so he can corrupt the computer systems in the real world and take over. Kazuma and RSD-40 must restore the dimension and save the real world from the hands pf Yahuma.


The gameplay is a Turn-based strategy RPG game in which the player (taking control of Kazuma) take turns to draw a card of a character, which they have two options, Normal attack and Power attack. Normal attack deals less damage to a character, and Power attack can strike a huge chunk of damage by simply slide the card. The gameplay combines some elements from Kingdom Hearts x, in which they have a story mode that can be freely explored, and Digimon Heroes because it has the mechanic to evolve a character once maxed out of their levels and fuse with another one to become stronger.

There are 9 Types in this game and each have there own weakness and represents something

  • Red - Represents the Power (Weak against Blue)
  • Green - Represents the Nature (Weak against Red)
  • Blue - Represents the Brave (Weak against Green)
  • Orange - Represents the Justice (Weak against Aqua Marine and Green)
  • Yellow - Represents the Lightness (Weak against Purple)
  • Purple - Represents the Darkness (Weak against Yellow)
  • Aqua Marine - Represents Technology (Weak against Grey)
  • Pink - Represents the Wisdom (Weak against Aqua Marine)
  • Grey - Represents the Courage (Weak against Pink)


List of Character Cards in Battle Fusion

Single-Player Campaign

  • Story Mode
  • Online Mode
  • Battle Mode
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