Battle Boom
Battle Boom cover art
A crossover game
Developer(s) Pixelatedd Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3ds
Release Date(s)
Bloodbath Mode, Interactive Story Mode: THE BATTLE BOOM PROJECT, Versus Mode, Online Mode, Adventure Mode, Classic Mode, and Rumble Mode.
Age Rating(s)
Rated T
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Battle Boom
Media Included Games
Battle Boom is a crossover fighting game starring several characters. 


Bloodbath mode

Bloodbath mode is a mode where you play as Axiadin and Dwid fighting other characters in an arena called Bloodbath.

The plot for Bloodbath is that Axi and Dwid are sleeping when they get kidnapped and are sent to Bloodbath battle arena where two characters fight to the death.

Interactive Story Mode: THE BATTLE BOOM PROJECT

This mode is a longer story mode (it will be worked on by a bunch of Battle Boom Team members) and will be very similar to Super Smash Bros' Subspace Emmissary.

Versus Mode

Your average fighting mode where you can fight a computer controlled player or do co-op.

Online Mode

Online Mode is when you're fighting players across the globe.

Rumble Mode

Rumble Mode is a multi-player mode where enemies are popping up all over the screen and whoever beats the most enemies wins.

Adventure Mode

Just your regular Adventure Mode.

Classic Mode

Same thing as Adventure Mode but without the exploration stages.


Image Name Info How to unlock
140087980318366 Dwid Just your ordinary person with the ability to transform into an awesome dewott. YEP. Unlocked at start.
13982733505094 (1) Axiadin When she was 6 she got kidnapped by Maleficent and got turned into a cyborg meant for death and destruction but only to be released years later. Unlocked at start.
SonicSonicmon Sonic the Hedgehog Being the speedy hedgehog he is, he's the fastest thing alive. He also tries to save his animal friends who are kidnapped by Dr. Eggman/Robotnik who turns the animals into robots. Unlocked at beginning.
MarioNSMB2 Mario Raised by dinosaurs named Yoshis, Mario doesn't have much combat experience but what he does have are special moves like shooting fireballs but this doesn't mean he can't fight. He also rescues a princess named Peach from a giant turtle named Bowser/King Koopa every once in a while. Unlocked at beginning.
Gir-1 Gir Unlike other SIR units he happens to have a glitch causing him to be less of a servant to Zim and more annoying. Unlocked at beginning.
Prisoner zero


Prisoner Zero

He is a intergalactic criminal shape-shifting eel.

Nuf said.


Zorua -3 Zoura

You may never know... But this fox could be anyone...

This Pokemon can mimic other people's forms and can be very mischevious.

Unlocked at beginning.
Matt Hargreaves Matt Hargreaves He doesn't know it but he is very stupid due to his vanity. Unlocked at beginning.
677Espurr Espurr Being the restraint pokemon nobody knows it but these pokemon are deadly with the ability to release enough psychic energy to kill someone in 300 yards. Unlocked at beginning
Cfinnjake Finn the Human As the last human in Ooo Finn has vowed himself to protect the land from evil and other random stuff with his best friend Jake the Dog. Unlocked at beginning.
SpongeBob by Lumoshi Spongebob Squarepants He lives in a pineapple under the sea and he can KILL. Unlocked at beginning.
Dib Dib He is a bullied kid he tries to be a paranormal investigator and when there's a new kid in school named Zim he thinks he's an alien... Defeat the Metal Sonic VS Dib challenge as Metal Sonic
Metalsonic by sefirothdb on deviantart Metal Sonic Being a robotic doppleganger created by Dr. Eggman Metal Sonic can be fast and deadly. He can occasionally betray his master and gain free will though. Beat the Metal Sonic VS Dib challenge as Dib.
EmmetLEGOMovie Emmet Thinking he was an ordinary lego guy Emmet fell in a pit and found the piece of resistance and became The Special and the world started to revolve around him. Beat the Princess Bubblegum VS Emmet challenge as Princess Bubblegum.
Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum In the early days of the mushroom war aftermath she was just part of a mutant gum blob until she got separated and mutated further to be more intelligent and she then created the candy kingdom, where it is inhabited by mutant candy creatures. Beat the Princess Bubblegum VS Emmet challenge as Emmet.
Cat Cattington Cat Cattington He's best "friends" with another person named Dog Doggington but the most noticable difference between the two is the fact that Cat is an idiot. This is because Cat and Dog's mortal enemies Bat and Frog threw a brick at Cat making him stupid. Beat the Cat Cattington VS Luna challenge as Luna.
Princess Luna Luna (No I'm not a Brony nor do I watch the show but my friend does)

She's a pony that controls the moon.

The end.

Not a brony.

Beat the Cat Cattington VS Luna challenge as Cat Cattington.
704GoomyBig Claus GoomyLord/Claus the Mighty Being the lord of the Goomy Kingdom and having the ability to turn into Claus form Mother 3 he is able to do many things. We all think he's awesome. Beat Story mode.
New self by axiadin-d7g7rvo Axiadin (post Bloodbath) In a deadly battle against Catherine Axiadin gained an unexpected power so when she woke up from her coma she realized her cyborg parts were gone and that she was fully human again. But she isn't completely powerless because she found out that she was able to transform into a god-like being named Sercophia. Beat Bloodbath battle VS Catherine
Lucas; Ryuka(Clear) Lucas Lucas is the main protagonist of Mother 3. He is a shy and timid boy with Psi powers. He goes on a quest to restore peace to the world by pulling the Seven Needles before the Masked Man does. Beat Espurr VS Goomylord/Claus the Mighty as Goomylord/Claus the Mighty.
RawkHawk Rawk Hawk WHO'S READY TO RAWK? Rawk Hawk is a wrestler from the Paper Mario games. He is the champion of the Glitz Pit. Win as Mario 10 times.
Mr Sock Mr.Sock Mr.Sock is the best character ever, and he can kill whoever he wants whenever he wants. But that ability was removed because that would make Mr.Sock waay to overpowered. His special move is Ultimate Destruction. Win as Dealwithitdewott or Goomylord/Claus the Mighty 1,000 times.
94px-Professor Membrane Professor Membrane Being the father of Dib, he usually ignores him thinking he's silly with the paranormal investigator stuff because he prefers REAL SCIENCE! Beat the Professor Membrane VS Nicole Watterson and Gumball Watterson challenge as Nicole Watterson or Gumball Watterson.
150px-S2Nicole Nicole Watterson She is the protective mother of Gumball Watterson and has serious anger issues. Because of this she might be able to beat Goku! Beat the Professor Membrane VS Nicole Watterson and Gumball Watterson challenge as Professor Membrane.
Cgumball Gumball Watterson Being the son of Nicole Watterson and Richard Watterson he happens to have anger issues and stupidity. This doesn't stop him from combat though. Beat the Professor Membrane VS Nicole Watterson and Gumball Watterson challenge as Professor Membrane.
NSMBUBoomBoom Boom Boom Well, part of this game's title is in his name, so why should he not appear? Boom Boom is one of Bowser's henchmen. He first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, but after a long while, he finally made a reappearance in Super Mario 3D Land. Beat the Mario VS Sonic challenge as Mario.
BennyM5P Benny the 1980 Something Spaceman

Being the fan favourite Lego Movie character he loves making spaceships.

He loves spaceships.


Beat the Benny VS Bad Cop challenge as Bad Cop.
BadCop Bad Cop/Good Cop Being Lord Business' best minion Bad Cop has multi personalities including his twin, Good Cop Beat the Benny VS Bad Cop challenge as Benny.
Mario Head Red


Evil Floating Giant Mario Head

"Itssa Mario time!"

Being one of the freaks of nature existing in the Youtube Poop world the Evil Floating Giant Mario Head is the evillest thing in existence and can do ear raping sounds by drinking chocolate milk. He also can summon the head of Johnny Bravo, a giant orange, a giant baby head, the moon from majora's mask, giant land eels, and a giant floating baby head that has a donut tail.

Kirby131 Kirby Face it, Kirby is the cutest video game character ever. But don't get fooled by his cute exterior, as he has black hole for a stomach. Defeat the Giant Evil Floating Mario Head boss.
Mighty 3D Mighty Mighty, the obscure Sonic character, has come to the fight to prove that he's the best. Beat the Sonic VS Mario challenge as Sonic
140029669623273 Red Tank Being the first in the Tankington family Red Tankington was the family favourite due to the fact the he's red. But of course the family doesn't really get along well so he isn't loved that much since mainly his brothers try to blow him up all the time. Beat the Tank Trouble challenge as the Red Tank.
140029669623273 (1) Wolf Tank General Wolfington captured Black Tankington because he loved tanks and they quickly became evil buddies so General Wolfington decided to kill Black Tankington's brothers and stuff. Beat the Tank Trouble challenge as the Wolf Tank.
140029669623273 (2) Green Tank Green Tankington was your happy-go-lucky tank who didn't like the whole blow-eachother-up thing so he went out to find what he wanted to do until he just wanted to come back for WAR. Beat the Tank Trouble challenge as the Green Tank.
140029669623273 (3) Blue Tank Blue Tankington was a very aquatic tank even though it is technically impossible for him to swim but one day he thought it would be cool the shoot out water like a Blastoise so he tried it and killed Purple Tankington who just needed to die so now he drowns his opponents to death using his strategy. Beat the Tank Trouble challenge as the Blue Tank.



"RUUN IT'S GOJIRAAAAAA!!!!!!!"- That guy who said that.

Godzilla is a nuclear mutant lizard that destroys cities.

Has he ever noticed our existence?


Has he ever regretted killing us?


He's a mindless monster!




Oh boy a new monster!

Is he a spider?

Is he a mantis?

Is he a Yugioh?

No one will ever know...

Ash KetchumPikachu BS Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

He wants to be the very best but he rarely evolves his Pokemon!

Ash was a regular kid until he became 10 and received his very first pokemon, Pikachu and they were best friends ever since...

Also he went on a journey to be the very best but he never beats the Pokemon League.

Beat the Dwid VS Ash Ketchum challenge as Ash Ketchum.
502Dewott Dewott This Pokemon is the evolution of Oshawott and they take intense training to get stronger. This character also is separate from Dwid using a different moveset and stuff. Beat the Dwid VS Ash Ketchum challenge as Dwid.
Slender Man


Slender Man

Not much is known about him.

He just stalks and kills children (and occasionally adults)

He just stands there.

Staring at you.

Watching you.

Stalking you.

Killing you.

129Magikarp Dream Magikarp Flippidy flop this guy flops around the battlefield happily and will splash opponents if needed to. Lose 100 times.
Tails Doll 3D


Tails Doll

</sarcasm>The most believable creepypasta <sarcasm/> is here as a boss. He uses his soul-sucking powers to attack.

140105285352072 Jeff the Killer

"Go to sleep..."

Jeff the Killer is a mindless psychopath who used to be a normal 13 year old until an incident with bullies caused his to go so insane that he nearly killed himself trying to kill one of the bullies and once he did he skin was white and his hair was burned to black. His nose is almost unseeable and he burnt off his eyelids and cut his mouth to make it wider. Talk about he Michael Jackson wannabe.

Overkill 50 opponents.
Rocket raccoon Rocket Raccoon

Oh god it's a gun wielding... Raccoon?

Being the outer space outlaw we all know and love Rocket is very skilled. He's very quick but has many projectiles.

Beat classic mode 10 times.
EddFOL5 Edd Gould

"Who's world is it? Eddsworld!"

Edd was a normal ordinary person living in London until something crazy happens like Zombehs and evil dopplegangers. He fights by throwing cola and using a shovel.

Beat classic with Matt.
Tom Eddsworld Tom Ridgewell

One day a melon and a bowling ball met and married and this was they're offspring.


He has no eyes yet still somehow sees yet he has a hatred for Matt and a little bit of hatred for Edd but that's only when Edd is being stupid. In Battle Boom he uses guns and cocktails as weapons and also can pull out his snow-tank.

Beat Adventure Mode as Matt.
13894571719675 James the Desert Wolf James is a character made by Dwid who is a bazooka (named Boozaka) wielding wolf that lives in the desert. In Battle Boom he's very agile and is an expert at long ranged attacks but can also use Shaplers and Blocklers to his advantages and he can change his Boozaka into it's different forms including the mech form, turret form, and balloon form. Beat Adventure Mode as Dwid.
139001225694253 Zen the Cy-Fox Being James' sidekick Zen is much weaker even though he is capable of doing so much more. This is because he doesn't have much fighting experience since he used to be a regular student at Creatura High. This does not stop him from being a good fighter though. He is capable of flight but only for a limited amount of time. He can also shift his hand into a hand gun to shoot opponents. He happens to be very agile too. Beat Adventure Mode as James the Desert Wolf.
13900556572304 Snowy the Snow Leopard Snowy is a snow leopard from the future who is very strong due to high combat experience. In Battle Boom Snowy knows a fairly large amount of melee attacks and also a fair amound of ice attacks. Even though he's strong he's also very slow. Beat Classic mode as James the Desert Wolf.


Great Mighty Poo

I would say something here but this guy just stinks too much... Unplayable
Matthew Matthew He used to be a normal kid living in Reku when a mysterious voice told him and his friend Alex that they got to save the world from an evil being named Negativ. In Battle Boom he is able to pull off melee attacks and is quick. Beat Adventure Mode as Goomy/Claus the Mighty.
571Zoroark Zoroark Zoroark is a pokemon capable of using illusion powers and is the evolution of Zoura. In Battle Boom Zoroark is very agile and can use a lot of dark type moves including shadow claw. Beat Adventure Mode as Zoura.
154Meganium Meganium

Being the worst of the 3 Johto starters Meganium is just... The worst.

Who would want to pick it? We got a fire mole that's just flipping awesome, and a water alligator and now there's this. Disappointed player is disappointed. In Battle Boom she isn't very fast but she can heal herself a little.

Lose 10 times as Magikarp.
157Typhlosion Typhlosion Now here we have a good final-evolution starter! Typhlosion is the fastest of the 3 and can use a large variety of fire attacks. Now if only he had a mega-evolution... Beat Adventure Mode as Meganium.
160Feraligatr Feraligatr This guy is the biggest of the Johto starters' final evolutions. He is very slow yet is capable of many water type attacks. Matter in fact there's a huge debate going on about who is better which is Feraligatr or Swampert... Beat Classic Mode as Meganium.
Beck Beck

I was thinking about adding this guy so... Meh why not?

When a team of robots named the Mighty Numbers have been infected by a virus Beck/Mighty No. 9 is the only one left uninfected. In Battle Boom Beck is very slow yet has many projectiles and some melee attacks including the famous slide-kick attack from his ancestor.

Beat Adventure Mode 9 times as Mighty the Armadillo (Get it?)
200px-Tailsdecal Miles "Tails" Prower During the dark days of Mobius Tails was orphaned so he learned on his own only to find a plane to fix which belonged to his role model, Sonic the Hedgehog. Tails in Battle Boom is fast but not Sonic fast and he can fly. He also has his hand gun from Sonic Battle and can throw bombs. Beat Classic Mode as Sonic.
250px-Knucklesdecal Knuckles the Echidnia Even though he has anger issues Knuckles is the guardian of Angel Island and the Master Emerald. In Battle Boom he is very powerful and a little bit fast and has his moves mainly consist of melee attacks. He can also glide across the screen. Beat Adventure Mode as Sonic on Easy-Medium.
242px-CG Shadow 11 Shadow the Hedgehog Being almost a clone of Sonic, Shadow is supposed to be "The Ultimate Life Form" but Goku and Superman say otherwise. In Battle Boom he has a bit of Sonic's moveset but he is capable of flying for limited time using his shoes and using Chaos Control and Chaos Blast. Beat Adventure Mode as Sonic on hard-impossible.
CaptainAmericaFull Captain America During the WWII era scientists found a way to make supersoldiers to fight in WWII and so the first Avenger was born... In Battle Boom Captain America is slow yet he can throw his sheild and use melee attacks. Beat Classic Mode with Rocket Raccoon.
TordbyMartin Tord Larsson Being the 4th EW protagonist Tord is... Well... He's obsessed with guns. In Battle Boom he mainly uses guns and grenades but can also stab characters with a spork, fly up with a jetpack, and turn into a zombeh. Use the gun item 10 times to KO an opponent.
JohnEgAlt1 John Egbert John wasn't really given a name until his 13th birthday. He originally was named Zoosmell Pooplord but the game denied it and named him John Egbert. In Battle Boom he can use the Pogo Hammer and other weapons. When playing story mode (The BATTLE BOOM Project) you can find a green ghost floating around. If you catch it John Egbert will spawn and you must fight him.
Davestrider Dave Strider Dave is obsessed with being cool. He was going to be named "Insufferable Prick" but Dave took out a ninja sword and destroyed it. In Battle Boom Dave uses the same ninja sword to attack and also other cool stuff. Beat Adventure Mode as John Egbert.
Eren EB3 Eren Jaeger When the Titans attacked his city and killed his mother Eren wanted to fight back against them in the Scout Troop. In Battle Boom he fights with his 3D maneuver gear and his blades. His special is going into his Titan form. Beat 5 Titans in Adventure Mode.
Shingeki no kyojin annie leonhardt by marichi Annie Leonhart Annie is a mysterious girl who joined 104th Trainee Squad and later enrolled in the Military Police Brigade. Later people found out she was capable of turning into the female Titan and that meant that she was a TitanShifter. In Battle Boom she has lot's of melee attacks including her Sweeping Kick Maneuver. She is also able to use her 3D Maneuver Gear and she can turn into the Female Titan. Beat Adventure Mode as Eren.
PacmanSmash Pac-Man

Pac-Man makes his way into Battle Boom!

He attacks with melee attacks and will eat and spit out opponents like Kirby! He can also turn into the classic Pac-Man and eat opponents!

Use the fruit items 20 times.
150px-Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi Mario's lovable mount, Yoshi has made his way into Battle Boom! In Battle Boom Yoshi can eat opponents, throw eggs, and do his trademark scuddle jump. Beat classic as Mario.
Bec noir
Jack Noir The randomly teleporting assassin joins Battle Boom! In Battle Boom he can attack with his appendages and wings. His special move is the vortex dodge thing that he gainned from Bec. Defeat 100 imps on story mode.
Shingeki no kyojin levi rivaille render 01 by shriox-d68uf7u Levi Ackerman You knew this guy was going to be added at some point. In Battle Boom he has some of Eren's attacks but he hits harder and he is also able do his signature spin attack. He also is much faster. Beat Adventure Mode with Eren on hard mode or impossible.
Colossal titan


Colossal Titan

One of the hardest bosses in the game. The stage takes place on a hill and in the background you see the colossal titan attacking one of the walls. He'll mainly phocus on you. Once the people shoot at him with the cannons he will turn around and focus on the wall leaving his neck vulnerable. His neck must deal a lot of damage before being defeated. Non playable
Rose Lalonde Rose Lalonde Rose is one of the main four homestuck kids. She is probably the smartest in the group, other then jade. Her weapon choice is usually Sowing needles. Her Assosiated classical element is water and her God teir is Seer of light. Beat Classic mode as John egbert.
SWEET BROHELLA JEFF SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF!!! THEY MADE IT IN!!!1 In Battle Boom they fight like a team similar to the Ice Climbers in SSBM and SSBB. They use nachos, guns, and anything else they can take out of their pockets as weapons. Hella Jeff can also turn into a vampire. find teh secret nachoz in each levle.
Sonic the hedgehog by filthyphantom-d6dazk7 Archie Sonic Now you might think it's a Sonic clone yet it's only a beefed up version of Sonic. In Battle Boom Archie Sonic can use the attacks of regular Sonic but the attacks are now stronger. Beat Adventure Mode as Sonic 100 times.
IlRWwzf SlyFoxHound One of the most unlikeliest of fighters joins Battle Boom! In Battle Boom Sly fights with a minecraft shovel and he uses weapons from different games (Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, ETC) and his special move is to turn everybody into a chicken/duck for a limited ammount of time making the opponents helpless while you can hit them with your shovel. Unlock him in Story Mode.
Splatoon-Inkling Render 001 Ika Alright Splatooners here's what you wanted. Ika has joined Battle Boom! In Battle Boom Ika can use her paint gun the make trails on the stage so she can go into her squid form and swim through the stage using the paint she splattered all over the place. Unlock her in Story Mode.

he has joined1! In Battle Boom he attacks on a skateboard and uses DOGOMY to attack opponents. His special move is popping up all over the screen and a loud burst of noise is heard all opponents.

Attack him 10 time before he runs off in story mode then fight him in a certain location.
223px-Silver02 Silver the Hedgehog IT'S NO USE!!! TAKE THIS!!! In Battle Boom Silver attacks with his telekinesis and sends out psychic knives and his special move is using his telekinesis to throw his opponents into space like the infamous glitch in Sonic 06. Beat Adventure Mode as Sonic 10 times.
Aaaas tigzonTigzon Alex Chang pictures Alex Chang/Tigzon Alex "Ashiko Chu" Chang is a teenage heroic transformer of a powerful tiger-wolf, who called himself Tigzon. He addicated to playing video games and Japanese martial arts movies. His ability can go faster, fight faster and a ability to transform into Kyokudo Tigzon, by collecting many crystals. Beat Adventure Mode as Desert Wolf 10 times.
Seth "Shonen Seth" Kesiko A teenage anime/manga lover who was mistaken to become the Master of the Jump. He has the ability to copy some powers from other anime/manga characters and bring the soul of the Game Reaper (a glitched game reaper) by using his Final Smash. Beat Adventure Mode as Eren Jaeger 20 times.
PetitArtwork Petit Chevalier Petit Chevalier is an outgoing kid and he is rarely bothered by anything, but can be very fiery at times. He has a craving for tacos and is quite adamant. He fights by throwing spirals and his special move is Melee Petit. Beat Adventure Mode as Desert Wolf 20 times.

Alternate Costumes

Character Name Costumes
140px-Sonic Wreck It Ralph Sonic the Hedgehog Toon Sonic Lapis 5Sonic SBCcsonic
155px-Mario Jump NSMBU
Mario MetalMarioMK7SoloOrange Metal MarioDrmariorender
Gir-1 Gir Duty Mode GIRBloodygir1387256501966
Zorua -3 Zorua Shiny zorua by legostormj-d3cfh66653Fennekin
Matt Hargreaves Matt Hargreaves Eddsworld four swords epic matt is epic ish by supersmash3ds-d5unhfs


Weapon Name Info
TheFCheytakSniper Sniper Rifle

Grab and shoot

That's it.

100px-S&amp;SASR Speed Shoes Sonic Shoes Makes you go fast.
Fruit Fruit Makes your health go up.
ZILLYHOO Warhammer of Zillyhoo This is the equivelent of the hammer from SSBB. This hamer does intense damage but you can only do 5 hits with it. Unless you play as John Egbert.  Additionally the Zillyhoo song from the Homestuck soundtrack plays along your killing spree.


Name Link Origin
VS Colossal Titan Attack on Titan soundtrack
Zillyhoo Theme Homestuck soundtrack
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