Batman: Ashes Of Arkham




Batman: Ashes Of Arkham box arts
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Games
DC Entertainment
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Wii U
Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U release
Flag of Japan August 21, 2013
25px-Flag of USA August 21, 2013
Flag of European Union August 21, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia August 21, 2013
Xbox One, Playstation 4 release
Flag of Japan November, 2013
25px-Flag of USA November 15, 2013
Flag of European Union November 29, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia November 29, 2013
Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Esrb-teen-logo-lrg 16Rating OFLC-M
Genre(s) Action-adventure, Beat-em-up, Stealth
Series Batman Arkham
Predecessor Batman: Arkham City
Media Included Media CD icon Optical Disk

Media DL icon Digital Download

Batman: Ashes Of Arkham is a video game, developed by Amuza for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and is based on DC comics' Batman. It is the fourth installment in the Batman Arkham series, including Batman: Arkham Origins, and is a sequel to Batman: Arkham City.

The game was released for Xbox 360Playstation 3 and Wii U on August 21 worldwide. Afterwards, a port for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 was announced and released on November 15, 2013 in USA and Canada, November 29, 2013 in Europe and Australia and 22 February 2014 in Japan.


Arkham City Walls

The walls of Arkham City

Arkham City is closed and all inmates have been moved to Blackgate Penitentiary, due to Arkham Asylum's destroyed state, however a series of strange occurances, unknown to be created by Scarecrow, forces Arkham City to be reopened and all inmates to be moved their whilst Arkham Asylum is nearly finished being rebuilt.

Days after the transferal to Arkham City, the transferal to Arkham Asylum is dealt and the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) monitor it closely. Unfortunately, not long after the transferal begins, the walls of Arkham City get blown sky high, sending an earth tremor throughout Gotham City, breaking apart the land and spilling all the criminals into Gotham City. Batman arrives on the scene to discover this has all been planned by someone and all villains are in on it, but who planned it?


Hole In The Wall

Straight away Batman is at the Batcave working, monitoring the Arkham City transferal from the Batcomputer, watching everything live and witnessing the Arkham Explosion. Batman runs out of the Batcave and dives off a cliff in Gotham Heights, soaring towards Gotham and landing along the walls of Arkham City.

The whole of Gotham City is in a wreck and Batman has to beat his way through waves of thugs, mostly Black Mask's, to reach the explosion site. Much to his dismay, Batman learns from Aaron Cash that, in the wreck, Commissioner Gordon has been taken hostage by Black Mask but fortunately has been spotted being taken into The Clocktower nearby.

Batman rushes to The Clocktower to find Black Mask with a group of his thugs with guns. He sneakily takes out the thugs and finally Black Mask to rescue Commissioner Gordon. Batman locks away Black Mask and orders Commissioner Gordon with the rest of the GCPD to evacuate and lockdown the city, which he immediately does, and Batman returns to the Arkham City walls to investigate who could of caused the explosion.

After long investigating Batman concludes that the only person who could of set this up is Bruce Wayne, Batman himself. However theew was still an imposter on the loose since forging Bruce Wayne's face inside Arkham City, Hush.

Batman tells Oracle, still working with Alfred at the Batcave, about his conclusions which makes perfect sense according to Oracle but Batman notices one gaping hole, why does Hush need to blow the Arkham City walls?

Not long after their conversation, Batman finds a trail of cigar ash along the ground, the perfect way to locate Hush is by following the ash trail which Batman does and finds the trail ending at the front of Wayne Enterprises.

Wayne Enterprises

Out the front of Wayne Enterprises, Batman notices a crowd of reporters all trying to get the big scoop on Bruce Wayne who is supposedly blowing Wayne Tower, the headquarters of Wanye Enterprises. 

Knowing he can't enter through the front doors, Batman uses the entry for the head of Wayne Enterprises and finds the first bomb and spots TYGER guards guarding it. Batman sneakily takes out the TYGER guards, thinking Hugo Strange must have lent some to him when he escaped Arkham City, then Hush appears high above on the balcony.

As he leaves he activates the security to Wayne Enterprises, leaving Batman at a standstill to reach Hush. The only thing Batman can do is to deactivate the security, which he is unable to do remotely, forcing Batman to head to the Security Control Panel. 

After Batman locates and destroys the Security Control Panel, using the Cryptographic Sequencer which he quickly enabled, he heads back to the now accessable upper floor to continue his search for Hush.

As Batman enters the upper floor he finds a second bomb guarded by more TYGER guards whom he takes out and destroys the second bomb.

Batman then learns Lucius Fox has been taken hostage and threatened to be killer. Batman secretly moves to Lucius Fox, remaining undetected and once Lucius is saved he tells Batman that they took the final bomb just north of the room.

Batman deactivates the final bomb and finds the Head Corridor which is connected to Bruce Wayne's Office, where Hush is hiding. Batman barges into the office and soon learns that the Hush inside is a mere hologram, and that Man-Bat has been watching and waiting for Batman to show. Man-Bat swoops to attack Batman and crashes through the window. An aware Batman notices Man-Bat and swiftly lands a punch on him, causing Man-Bat to try and fly away, but Batman decides to follow him so he can question him.

Batman jumps from rooftop to rooftop attempting to stop Man-Bat which Batman eventually does. Man-Bat lays unconscious for a moment whilst he transforms back into Kirk Langstrom. Batman interrogates Kirk about becoming Man-Bat however Kirk seems to have forgotten everything.

With the hologram in hand Batman has no other choice but to return to the Batcave and inspect the hologram by pulling it to pieces, hoping he might find where it has come from.

Ace Chemicals

Soon Batman learns that the hologram came from Daggett Industries and Batman heads into Gotham and to Daggett Industries where he finds numerous thugs with guns. After Batman defeats all but one and interrogates the last one, he learns that they are working for Harley Quinn and are stealing chemicals for a reason he can't say. 

Batman then isolates a forensic trail for the stolen chemicals which he follows and it ends up at Ace Chemicals.
Ace Chemicals new-361b6f2db418f004c0912a543718542b-599x400-75-nocrop

Concept art for Ace Chemicals

Batman continues following the trail inside Ace Chemicals and eventually finds them and learns that they could be used to create pale white skin, a characteristic of the Joker's. Batman immediately destroys the chemicals and starts searching for Harley Quinn.

Batman soon finds Harley with numerous thugs and one hostage, all experimenting on a hostage, preparing to drop him into a vat of chemicals to create Joker's green hair. Batman makes himself apparent and Harley flees leaving Batman to just take out the thugs and rescue the hostages.

Once the hostage, Gavin Hanes, is rescued he tells Batman that their are two more hostages they took. Once the two other hostages are rescued and safe, Oracle contacts Batman that her hideout has been compromised and Harley Quinn is raiding it, making Batman now aware Oracle is inside Ace Chemicals. 

Batman rushes to Oracle's hideout and saves her from the thugs, however Harley has already escaped. Suddenly the room and all of Ace Chemicals fills with mysterious gas and Batman and Oracle grapple up high. With knowledge of the Ace Chemicals floor plan, Oracle tells Batman where the Air Purity Fan activator inside Ace Chemicals is and Batman locates and activates the Air Purity Fans and the mysterious gas disappears.

Batman returns to Oracle's hideout to isolate a forensic trail to find Harley Quinn and once he does that he follows the trail. However on his way, he encounters the Joker, alive and well, standing ontop of a walkway and he jumps down into a vat of chemicals, laughing loudly. Suddenly the Joker errupts from the vat in a huge form asking why Batman murdered him and taunting him with all sorts of haunting things. 

Eventually Batman defeats the Joker and awakes from his terrible nightmare, questioning what just happened to Oracle. Batman continues following the trail to Harley Quinn and eventually finds her and she acts very oddly.

Once Harley Quinn is done being peculiar, she sets the new Shrine Of Joker on Batman whilst she flees out of the building and Batman defeats the Shrine Of Joker and searches the room for why Harley Quinn was acting so peculiar and he eventually finds a secret panel with Mind Control Cards inside, Mad Hatter's specialty.

Story Book Land

Whilst contacting Oracle about Batman's find, Batman decides to find Mad Hatter and question about the Mind Control Cards. Batman hacks into the set of Mind Control Cards which are all using the same radio frequency, pinpointing a location directly to Mad Hatter's hideout.

Batman eventually ends up at Story Book Land and finds the card frequency generator inside which he destroys. However the frequency doesn't disappear and Batman soon finds another frequency generator to destroy as well. Once that is done, using the pitch of the frequency, Batman finds the location of where the Mind Control Cards are, however Mad Hatter learns Batman has arrived and tells Batman that he has Alice who will protect him, who is actually Vicki Vale.

Batman finds a trace of Vicki's perfume to locate her with and Batman eventually finds them at Mad Hatter's tea party. Mad Hatter manages to flee but Batman continues following him and then Batman ends up in a Hedge Maze, looking for Mad Hatter who is also in the maze. 

Once Batman finds Mad Hatter he uses mysterious gas to transport Batman into the Dream World where the two fight until Batman eventually wins. 

In the wake of their battle, Batman interrogates Mad Hatter to learn why he brainwashed Harley Quinn and he tells Batman someone he was working with forced him to, unfortunately, Mad Hatter never met the person he was working with he only knew him by the codename of The Silhouette.

Upon learning this information, Batman contacts Oracle who as some unpleasing information. Mayor Quincy Sharp has been murdered, and Batman knows The Silhouette must've done it.

Death Of The Mayor

Batman heads to Mayor Quincy Sharp's murder scene, knowing it must've been by The Silhouette. Unfortunately, where Mayor Quincy Sharp died, the top of Gotham City Bank, is guarded by GCPD officers with authorization to kill, meaning Batman can't enter through the front and instead, will have to climb Gotham City Bank from the outside.

Gliding Gotham City

Batman gliding through Gotham CIty

Once Batman makes it to the roof of Gotham City Bank, Commissioner Gordon is by the body and he and Batman talk about the night and The Silhouette as well as how crazy this night has been. Batman then analyzes the body, at least where the body should be, but the body of the Mayor has dissappeared, and the only way to find it is to follow the blood patches dripping from Mayor Qunicy Sharp's body.

Batman follows the blood trail all the way into the Sewers, and strangely finds the Sewer Controller, Eliza Rond, tied up and held hostage by nameless goons. Once Eliza is safe she tells Batman that many other thugs where heading through the Sewer System planning to poison Gotham's waters, meaning Batman must head to the Gotham Dam, accessable through the sewers, and block the water exchange control.

Once Batman has blocked the water exchange control, he finds himself trapped and calls in the Line Launcher to help him return back into the Sewers in which he finds more thugs, each with a sample of the liquid they were using to poison Gotham waters.

Unfortunately the liquid is unidentifiable so Batman heads back to where Eliza Rond was to return to following the blood trail, which strangely heads into the mines and Batman finds a large, secret underground base with Red Hood dumping Quincy Sharp's body and heading deeper into the Mines when he notices Batman.

Batman follows Red Hood but it leads him directly into a large, deathly obstacle course Red Hood calls The Gauntlet, which he forces Batman to go through to test if he's any better then himself. Of course Batman makes it to the end of The Gauntlet, however Red Hood gives him one last test.

Suddenly the ground underneath Batman shatters and he drops down into a large hanger, containing Killer Croc who seems to be in a wrecked state, yet he jumps at the chance to feed on Batman, but ultimately fails. Killer Croc is still determined and he decides to chase Batman back through the Sewers until he is eventually defeated and Batman takes a sample of his blood to know what caused his ruined state.

Batman escapes the Sewers and heads to The Batcave to analyze Killer Croc's blood and once he does he learns it's a combination of TITAN and Fear Gas, which turns about to also be what Batman collected from the thugs trying to poison Gotham waters. Batman is shocked, wondering why Red Hood mixed TITAN and Fear Gas but Batman immediately decides to search for a cure which can be created with a special Acid Nanobug, being specially created to feed on any infections, and currently being tested at Gotham City General.

Gotham City General 

Batman heads directly to Gotham City General looking for the Acid Nanobug to create an antidote to the TITAN Fear Gas. Unfrotunately Gotham City General has degraded much recently due to the Joker malpractice and it has turned into a quite horrorsim place.

Not only that, Gotham City General somehow is full of snow and Batman walks through a door to notice something that killed him. He once again sees The Joker, except with Jason Todd and is beating him to death, and Batman can't move. Then Jason, after being hit so many times, dies, making Batman also fall to the ground but he manages to return to standing to notice The Joker is staring at Batman, except this time he's huge again. 

Batman sneaks around The Joker until he eventually catches him and kills Batman, except he once again wakes from a dream, knowing what was happening this time. Batman knows that this was caused by the TITAN Fear Gas and that, if he searched around, it would lead him straight to the creator.

Batman isolates a forensic trail which leads him straight to the place where the TITAN Fear Gas canisters are being held, and destroys them, but much to Batman's dismay, he finds the Abandoned Ward filled with heaps of test subjects of the TITAN Fear Gas.

Batman knows he has to hurry to get the Acid Nanobugs so he can immeadiately search for Red Hood aka The Silhouette, but something strange happens and instead, Harley Quinn has taken control of the building, and also been the one creating the TITAN Fear Gas.

This startles Batman muchly, as even now he doesn't know what's going on with Red Hood, Harley Quinn and the rest he has met but he suspects he isn't very far from learning what's really going on.

Unfortunately, Harley is still on her crusade to recreate Joker, knowing she has a much better chemical access in Gotham City General, and has also bought along all her stolen items which Batman will need to destroy quickly unless he wants another clown prince of crime in Gotham.

After a little searching for the items and destroying them, Batman heads to Intensive Care to acquire the Acid Nanobugs, he finds Harley Quinn who seems to still be brainwashed and this time thinks she can beat Batman in a brawl, but can't beat Batman although she gives him a hard time and he acquires the Acid Nanobugs, knowing that TITAN Fear Gas is all over the city and the quickest people to get the Acid Nanobugs around the city is the GCPD but something strange with their communications is happening and Batman can't get into their online feed, raising suspicions to Batman that something bad is happening over their, much like what happened to Gotham Parliament when Mayor Quincy Sharp died.

GCPD Headquarters

Batman quickly rushes to the GCPD Headquarters, hoping nothing is wrong which unfortunately isn't the case and Batman strangely isn't allowed inside. He instead uses the unlocked window on the roof to enter and soon learns the entire GCPD has been brainwashed by Mad Hatter's mind control cards. Batman quickly follows the signal to the communications encrypter and destroys it without being seen which unfortunately doesn't deactivate the Mind Control Cards, however Batman manages to snag one from a GCPD officer and scans it to find the location of the Card Frequency generator.

Once the Card Frequency Generator is destroyed the GCPD officers escape from their brainwashed state and evacuate the building, but the prisoners kep't in holding cells manage to breakout and flood the GCPD halls.

Batman rushes to the Commissioner's office but the Commissioner unfortunately isn't their but a telecast from one of the undercover thugs tells Batman that she, Sasha Mills, has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon for her boss and that Batman will never find them.

Of course Batman eventually does by tracking the signal of the telecast and beating down numerous escaped convicts and eventually apprehends Sasha Mills, rescues Commissioner Gordon and finally hands over the Acid Nanobugs and informs Commissioner Gordon of what is currently happening but even he is confused about what is going on between every villain and that it all doesn't stack up and the only answer is The Silhouette.

After finishing talking to the Commissioner, Batman interrogates Sasha Mills about her boss. Sasha tells Batman that it wasn't Mad Hatter who placed the Mind Control Cards but it was infact Scarface who is her boss. Batman demands to know where they are but instead, knowing that people call him the world's greatest detective, Sasha takes off her wig she was wearing and hands it to Batman, knowing that pieces of hair from the wig have fallen and that if he really is the world's greatest detective he can find Scarface with the wig.

Batman eventually does find Scarface by following the hair wig trail all the way in the Solitary Confinement Cells underground, swarming with escaped convicts. Scarface is indeed at the end of the trail, but instead Red Hood appears and fights Batman for their real final test, according to him the last one wasn't. Batman wins the final test and Red Hood is locked up with Scarface not far behind and strangely he reveals that a secret TITAN Fear Gas Depot is constructed, in Wayne Manor.

Wayne Manor

Batman is shocked by the news of the depot at Wayne Manor and unsure of how Batman didn't know such a thing existed in the first place but he immediately heads to Wayne Manor.

When Batman arrives, the place is locked down by the GCPD with threats of Bruce Wayne murdering himself. Batman decides to take the path to The Batcave and enter Wayne Manor through there.

Once Batman arrives at The Batcave again, Oracle is still their but strangely Alfred Pennyworth isn't and Oracle informs Batman that not to long ago he headed into the Manor. Batman knows that Hush must've kidnapped Alfred and Batman heads into the manor in search of Alfred.

Soon Batman finds Alfred inside the Study Center which is locked so he breaks his way into the Study Center through the

Appearance of inside Wayne Manor

Armory. Batman enters the Study Center to find the room guarded by many thugs with one holding Alfred with a knife at his throat.

Batman sneakily heads straight to the thug holding Alfred without being seen and takes him out first and tells Alfred to hide whilst the other thugs become aware of Batman. Soon the thugs are defeated and Alfred is safe.

When Batman returns to Alfred who has hidden inside the Armory strangely he is being held at gunpoint by, The Silhouette. Batman jumps at The Silhouette at an attempt to save Alfred, but it backfires and The Silhouette sends a bullet straight through Alfred's skull. Batman gets down onto his knees to comfort Alfred in his last breaths until he eventually dies. Batman begins to chase The Silhouette into the next room he entered but finds that it leads straight to The Batcave and The Silhouette kills Oracle infront of Batman and continues running into the next room where he murders Robin, then Commissioner Gordon until The SIlhouette is at a dead end. Batman leaps towards The Silhouette and he laughs loudly and The Joker appears again in a giant form. Batman again remains hidden from sight until he escapes the TITAN Fear Gas nightmare and everyone is ok and Batman can reunite with Alfred.

Alfred tells Batman that, fortunately, Hush has escorted Alfred to the TITAN Fear Gas Depot, blindfolded, but his fold was taken off inside and Alfred created a trail for Batman by stepping in a spot of moss.

Batman analyzes Alfred's shoe, still containing traces of the moss, and follows the trail of moss scraps along the ground which leads him straight to the TITAN Fear Gas Depot like Alfred had hoped it would.

Inside the depot, Batman takes out numerous thugs with guns until Hush enters with more thugs. The thugs stay in the room, Hush knowing that Batman is in the room, while he headed further down the depot. Once Hush's thugs have been dealt with Batman notices one of the thugs' notifiers saying that 'the bombs have now been planted'. Batman analyzes the microchip to find signals of where two bombs in Wayne Manor have been planted. 

Batman knows he should defuse the bombs before they blow or the TITAN Fear Gas Depot will leak all out into Gotham. Batman follows the signal of the first bomb which leads him straight to a bomb. The second signal leads Batman straight to the second bomb and Batman heads back to the depot and follows Hush's tracks.

Through the door Hush went down leads to the Memorial Hall, giving Batman bad thoughts about his parents. Suddenly Hush appears giving Batman a hefty fight but Batman prevails and Hush tells Batman it's too late and The Silhouette will win. 

Batman brutally interrogates Hush about The Silhouette but Hush laughs the entire time and says that 'Protocol 12 as been activated'. This sends a shiver down Batman's spine. 

Batman looks out the large window and sees parts of Gotham exploding and a huge massacre happening in the middle of Gotham. Knowing it can't be too late, Batman runs back into Gotham preparing to stop Protocol 12.

Protocol 12

As Batman rushes back into Gotham he learns Protocol 12 was The Silhuette's last strike, sending numerous waves of different thugs from different factions to ambush Downtown Gotham in a bloody brawl. 

Batman eventually makes it to where all the thugs are ambushing and takes them all out before he notices TITAN Fear Gas raining down on Gotham. All of it coming from a Police Blimp high in the sky. Batman pinpoints the highest location in Gotham, Gotham City Bank and once again climbs to the top, just in time to grapple onto the blimp.

Inside is gallons of TITAN Fear Gas and The Silhouette. The Silhouette jumps from the blimp after he shouts, 'You want to find me? Come to the Asylum'. Batman swoops out of the plane in hopes of catching The Silhouette but he has already managed to disappear and the blimp crash lands on the outskirts of Gotham.

Batman knows immediately where to head to, Arkham Asylum where it'll all end.

Arkham Asylum

Batman ends up at Arkham Asylum and stumbles through barren cell halls which look like they are just about to fall apart. Finally Batman makes it to the end of the hall and enters through the doors to see The Silhouette standing on the other side of the room in the darkness.

Batman tells The Silhouette that he planned everything, the breakout, the TITAN Fear Gas, the testing on people and everything else that has happened over the course of the evening and The Silhouette replies saying that Batman has failed many people leading to their untimely death, including The Silhouette himself giving Batman chills thinking that The Joker is the one standing in front of him.

Then The Silhouette begins laughing loudly which leaves Batman unable to move. The Silhouette begins walking whilst still laughing sounding exactly like The Joker until his voice changes into a demonic laugh and The Scarecrow steps into the light, looking as freaky as ever with the wounds from his attack from Killer Croc.

The Scarecrow then taunts Batman about how easily treatable his brain is until he pulls out a detonater and reveals that TITAN Fear Gas bombs as well as real bombs have been planted all over Gotham and that, like Joker, Gotham will be Batman's greatest failure and all of Gotham will blow whilst fear is running through every citizens minds.

Suddenly everything fades to black and Batman wakes to find he's experiencing a full TITAN Nightmare and The Scarecrow has transformed into his giant, hideous Scarebeast form. Scarebeast is holding Batman in one hand and the detonater in the other and decides to take a peek on the cowl but is so suprised at it being Bruce Wayne, he drops him in shock and Batman lands on the other side of what seems to be Arkham Asylum in a ruined state. Batman rushes up to Scarebeast whilst also staying undetected and manages to Bat-Gun up onto Scarecrows foreleg. Batman begins climbing up Scarebeast's leg whilst destroying skeleton enemies that appear on Scarebeast's body. Batman eventually makes it onto Scarebeast's head but he grabs him once again except this time Batman throws a Batarang into Scarecrow's eye, causing a swarm of bats to fly out of it and everything turns to darkness.

Suddenly Batman awakes in the real world in Crime Alley with Scarecrow standing on the other side of the alley with the detonater. Batman swiftly throws a Batarang into the detonater and it flys out of Scarecrow's hand and onto the outline of Thomas and Martha Wayne and lands in Thomas' hand outline making it look like he has the fate of Gotham in his hands. 

Suddenly a large breeze comes and knocks off a pipe resting on a fire escape and it falls through the air and ultimately lands on the detonator pushing it down and a large explosion blows. In a cutscene, the GCPD blows, Wayne Manor crumbles and the entire of Gotham is perishing in TITAN Fear Gas and exploding buildings. Suddenly Batman is on the ground over his parents outlines. He manages to look up and sees Joker's ghost taunting him until he fades to nothing and everything fades to black.

During the credits, Batman awakes from a second dream and punches Scarecrow has hard as he can in the face and the detonater flys through the air and the button lands face up, saving Gotham entirely and ending The Scarecrow's crusade.

From The Ashes Of Arkham

With the supercriminals finally at end, Blackgate Penitentiary is flooded up again whilst Arkham Asylum was unfortunately attacked during the breakout and the place is left almost completely demolished. This leaves only one man to rebuild the asylum, Wayne, Wayne Asylum.




  • The Scarecrow/Scarebeast - Leader of the Arkham Explosion plan to break Batman's mind using TITAN Fear Gas, whilst unknown to be alive he is reffered to as The Silhouette. Transforms into Scarebeast during the final battle.
  • Hush- With his abilities of his forged Bruce Wayne face from Arkham City, he plants bomb to free the villains from Arkham City and destroy the Wayne name.
  • Harley Quinn - Whilst Scarecrow is still hiding, Harley spreads Fear Gas and Scarecrow's Fear Bugs as well as attempting to recreate Joker
  • The Ventriloquist And Scarface - Brainwashes the GCPD under his control using a supply of Mad Hatter's Mind Control Cards.
  • Red Hood - The murderer of Mayor Quincy Sharp used to send the leadership of Gotham into peril conditions.
  • Mad Hatter- Controls Harley Quinn using his Mind Control Cards, which he gives to other villains, and eventually kidnaps his 'Alice', Vicki Vale
  • Black Mask - Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon to halt the GCPD whilst Scarface sets his Mind Control Cards
  • Killer Croc - Held captive at The Silhouette's (Scarecrow) hidden testing base in The Mines and tested on by Scarecrow since they encountered each other at Arkham Asylu
  • Man-Bat - Guards the Hush hologram at Wayne Enterprises, waiting for Batman to show so Man-Bat can take him to the secret testing base in The Mines.
  • The Riddler (Side-Mission Only)
  • Maxie Zeus (Side-Mission Only)
  • Joe Chill (Cameo)
  • Mr Freeze (Side-Mission Only)
  • Firefly (Side-Mission Only)
  • The Joker (Fear Gas Nightmare Only)
  • Prometheus (Side-Mission Only)


  • Lucius Fox - Taken hostage at Wayne Enterprises
  • Hugo Strange (Mentioned Only)
  • Richard Waters - Taken hostage by Harley Quinn to be the next Joker
  • Derrick Amansa - Taken hostage by Harley Quinn to be the next Joker
  • Frank Boles (Mentioned Only)
  • Razor - One of Harley Quinn's henchmen whom she tested to be the next Joker
  • Renee Montoya - Seen at her homicidal detective desk inside the GCPD Headquarters
  • Quincy Sharp - Mayor of Gotham who is killed by Two-Face
  • Sasha Mills - One of Scarface's helpers  and is an alias for Peyton Riley, the second Ventriloquist
  • Eliza Rond - The Sewer Controller who is taken hostage by Two-Face so he can poison Gotham waters.



Downtown Gotham

Old Gotham

  • Wayne Manor
  • Story Book Land
  • GCPD Outpost
  • The Clocktower
  • Killinger's Department Store
  • History Museum
  • Finnigan's
  • Old Wayne Tower
  • Forty-Sixth Street Promenade
  • Gardner Overpass


  • Ace Chemicals
  • Gotham City General
  • Daggett Industries
  • Sionis Processing
  • Monarch Playing Card Co.
  • Frosty Treats
  • Axis Industry
  • Passing Gas Joke Shop
  • Gotham Pharmacy
  • Gotham Light & Power
  • Gotham S.T.A.R. Labs

Financial District

  • Gotham City Bank
  • Arkham City
    • Gotham City Olympus
  • W&M
  • Paranormal Investigators
  • Gotham Plaza
  • Corporate Solutions
  • DMV
  • Robert Kane Memorial Bridge
  • Finger River

The Cauldron

  • The Stacked Deck
  • Blackgate Penitentiary
  • Tabletop Billiards
  • Riddler's Lair
  • Blackmarket
  • Chinatown
  • Roster's Clinic
  • Slums Pub
  • Falcone Shipping
  • Gotham Dam
  • Tricorner Yards


  • Wayne Enterprises
    • Head Entry
    • Main Lobby
    • Maintenance Control Station
    • Upper Access
    • WayneTech. Showcase Hall
    • WayneTech. Creation Lab
    • WayneTech. Depot
    • Head Corridor
    • Bruce Wayne's Office
  • Ace Chemicals
    • Chemical Center
    • Holding Room
    • Mixing Chamber
    • Chemical Junction
    • Chemical Analysis Chamber
    • Production Corridor
    • Processing Hall
    • Chemical Database
    • Testing Area
    • Creation Channel
  • Story Book Land
    • Overgrown Foyer
    • Indoor Courtyard
    • Staff Hangers
    • Enchanted Woods
    • Rabbit Hole
    • The Heart Castle
    • Throne Room
    • Hedge Gardens
    • Tea Party Garden
  • Sewers
    • Sewer Mainframe
    • Sewer Channels
    • Sewer Control Room
    • Sewer Outpost
    • Gotham Dam
    • Water Purity Chamber
    • Mine Tunnels
    • Surface Access
    • Testing Grounds
    • Killer Croc's Chamber
  • Gotham City General
    • ER
    • Medical Halls
    • Medication Storage
    • Abandoned Ward
    • Radiology
    • Telemetry
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Operating Theater 
    • High Security Ward
    • Casualty Hanger
  • GCPD Headquarters
    • GCPD Administration
    • Evidence Locker
    • Forensic Department
    • Tech Department
    • Homicide Division
    • Commissioner's Quarters
    • Police Record Database
    • Detention Center
    • Criminal Holding Bay
    • Solitary Confinement Hanger
  • Wayne Manor
    • The Batcave
    • Bat Tunnels
    • Main Hall
    • East Wing
    • Armory
    • Study Center
    • Ballroom
    • TITAN Fear Gas Depot
    • Memorial Hall


Batman: Ashes Of Arkham plays much like it's predecessors in which it is an over-the-shoulder, first-person game and idolizes his detective skills as well as his combat prowess. Gotham City is a free-roam explorablelocation in the game, however not all of it is accessable as it is very large and has some very unnotable locations.

However the large area accessable does include numerous explorable buildings the Batman can enter and explore such as Ace Chemicals, Blackgate Penitentiary,Wayne ManorWayne Enterprises and numerous others.


Batman Combat

Batman beating up thugs during Combat

Like in previous installments, their are two forms of combat in the game them being the straight up combat against thugs and the other being the stealthy 'Predator' style. 

The Free-Flow combat system works very much the same as it was in Batman: Arkham City, due to the well rounded form it was in from that game. However their are still new moves like the Group Takedown which downs five thugs at once, new types of enemies such as the Fighter Thugs who will end up in a brawl with Batman and new gadgets like the Bat Gun which can shoot Explosive Gel onto walls or can be used to scale walls.


Batman stealthily taking out thugs in Predator

Predator is also much like it was in its predecessors in which Batman mus use his stealthy skills against gun-wielding foes. Batman will take out enemies one by one leaving them unconsious, trying to remain unnoticed as he does it. Detective Mode is heavily used in these sections to pick your next victim from the bunch.

The Predator rooms usually have gargoyles are objects on the roof in which Batman can hide on as he waits to make his move whilst the enemies usually can't see him. Some gadgets and techniques can also be used duringPredator such as the Explosive Gel to set traps for the enemies or interactable objects can also be used to takedown enemies such as Chandeliers.


Detective Mode returns and more forensic works have been added, such as when analyzing the explosion in the Arkham City walls Batman will also check for size of opening, direction of rubble and other things as well as analyzing distance someone could move in the time of the crime to pinpoint a location of an enemy.


During the game, Batman will collect numerous gadgets.

  • The Batarang is available from the start and can be thrown to stun enemies or break interactable objects
  • Batclaw

    Appearance of the Batclaw

    The Explosive Gel is available from the start and will lay down a spray of gel which will explode on command.
  • The Batclaw is available from the start and will pull enemies in, pull them down out of reach ventilation grilles and can grab other out of reach objects like Riddler Trophies.
  • The Smoke Pellets are available from the beginning and create a smoke cloud around Batman making him unseeable by enemies.
  • After manually hacking into the Wayne Enterprises Security, the Cryptographic Sequencer can be used as a remote hacking device that can decode encrypted data stations and listen in on radios 
  • When Batman gets trapped at Gotham Dam trying to purify the waters he calls the Line Launcher which will shoot a line infront and behind Batman which he can swing along, stand on or shoot another line.
  • When Batman discovers the GCPD have been brainwashed he creates the Remote Electrical Charge which works like it did in Batman: Arkham City however it can now destroy light sources to create dark spots for Batman to hide in.
  • When Batman has to scale Gotham City Bank he calls in the Batgun which can allow Batman to swing along walls as well as shooting thugs into walls which will leave them on the ground.
  • When Batman is navigating through Red Hood's gauntlet he activates the Remote Control Batarang which can be remotly controlled and can speed up, slow down and do a 360 turn around.
  • After unlocking it from WaymeTech. Upgrades, the Freeze Grenades can be used to freeze water or enemies.
  • After unlocking it from WayneTech. Upgrades, the disrupter can be used to disable guns and destroy mines.
  • After unlocking it from Waynetech. Upgrades, Batman can use the Angled Line Launcher to angle the Line Launcher line instead of leaving it at a level height.


Main Article: Batman: Ashes Of Arkham/List Of Objectives

Like in the previous game, Batman: Ashes Of Arkham has a list of objectives Batman will complete as he makes his way through the game. The objectives serve as a short listing of what Batman has to do to progress through the story meaning that Batman will have to complete every objective to complete the game, much like any other game available

Voice Actors

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a special mode which allows access to replay through special challenges from the game by completing specific Riddler challenges. Once completing any of the specific Riddler challenges, this unlocks maps in Challenge Mode to test your skills against enemies and post your best scores to online leaderboards in the game.

The challenge maps in Challenge Mode are split into three categories, Combat, Predator and Boss. The Combat challenge maps pit Batman in an arena-like battle against numerous thugs. The Predator challenge maps pit Batman in a large room against gun-wielding enemies which he must take out and remain undetected. The Boss challenge maps are where you can fight off against a boss you have completed in the main story.

List Of Challenge Maps

All challenges also have a Extreme mode not listed.

Name: Type:
Corporate Brawl Combat
Atom Blast Combat
Out Of The Park Combat
Outpost Outhouse Combat
General Injuries  Combat
Breaking In, Breaking Out Combat
No Manors Combat
Haunting Haywire Combat
Shadow In The Dark Predator
Chain Reaction Predator
Royal Bat Predator
Down For The Count Predator
Bat Up High Predator
Heart Attack Predator
Homicidal Predator Predator
A Fearsome TITAN Predator
Man-Bat Battle Boss
Mega Mecha Joker Boss
Just A Mad Hatter Dream Boss
Killer Croc In The Sewers Boss
Laugh Of A Harley Quinn Boss
Requiem For Red Hood Boss
Hush Little Bat Boss
A Scaring Beast Boss

Development History

Batman: Ashes Of Arkham was scripted by veteran comic book author Paul Dini who also scripted it's predecessors, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Asylum as well as many other famed Batman media (Batman: The Animated Series, Detective Comics). 

The main storyline revolves around the breakout of Arkham City, which has all been planned by someone codenamed, The Silhouette and all the other villains in an attempt to continue The Joker's work of TITAN he created at Arkham Asylum, however Fear Gas has also been added to the mixture. Aside from the main storyline is also a number of side-missions that develop their own sub-plot.



The Evacuation DLC was the first announced DLC for Batman: Ashes Of Arkham, and is the retail release of the exclusive DLC from the Gotham Edition version of the game. The DLC follows Robin's actions on the night Batman: Ashes Of Arkham occured.

Retail Editions


The Heroic Batman statue that comes with the Gotham Edition

Batman: Ashes Of Arkham is to be releasing in three formats at initial launch, just the game the Collector's Edition and the Gotham Edition.

The Collector's Edition contains a collectable Kotobukiya statue depicting Batman on his knees in front of The Silhouette, a steelbook package of the game, a hardcover book based on the history of Batman and beta access to Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer mode.

The Gotham Edition contains a collectable Kotobukiya statue depicting Batman on the Bat-Symbol, exclusive DLC including a playable Robin in Challenge Mode as well as story DLC of his time during the breakout from Arkham City and a collectable art book.

  • Collector's Edition
  • Gotham Edition


The Batman: Ashes Of Arkham - Official Video Game Score is to be released sometime after the intial release of Batman: Ashes Of Arkham. The soundtrack is set to feature 31 songs, all from the original game.

Track Listing

  • Main Theme
  • Breakout
  • I Am The Night
  • Defusion
  • WayneTech. Approach
  • Bat On A Roof
  • A Cave For A Bat
  • Investigation
  • Ace Up My Sleeve
  • Search And Rescue
  • Laugh Till You Die
  • Down The Rabbithole
  • Hedging Madness
  • Dream World
  • Scaling The Skyline
  • Death Of A Mayor
  • Sewer Waters
  • Purity
  • The Gauntlet
  • Killer In The Mines
  • A Fearsome TITAN
  • Right For Justice
  • Dummy
  • For The General
  • Haunting
  • Intense Showdown
  • Wayne Manor
  • From The Ashes Of Arkham
  • Credits


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