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Batman: Ashes Of Arkham
Batman: Ashes Of Arkham logo
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Games
DC Entertainment
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Wii U
Xbox One
Genre(s) Action-adventure, Beat-em-up, Stealth
Series Batman Arkham
Predecessor Batman: Arkham City
Release Date(s) Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U release
Flag of Japan.png August 21, 2013
25px-Flag of USA.png August 21, 2013
Flag of European Union.png August 21, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia.png August 21, 2013
Xbox One, Playstation 4 release
Flag of Japan.png November, 2013
25px-Flag of USA.png November 15, 2013
Flag of European Union.png November 29, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia.png November 29, 2013
Mode(s) Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) Esrb-teen-logo-lrg.jpg 16Rating.png OFLC-M.png
Media Included Media CD icon.png Optical Disk

Media DL icon.png Digital Download

Batman: Ashes Of Arkham is an action-adventure video game, developed by Amuza for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is based on DC comics' Batman. This is the fourth installment in the Batman Arkham series, including Batman: Arkham Origins, and is a sequel to Batman: Arkham City.

The game was released for Xbox 360Playstation 3 and Wii U on August 21 2013 worldwide. Afterwards, a port for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 was announced and released on November 15, 2013 in USA and Canada, November 29, 2013 in Europe and Australia and 22 February 2014 in Japan.


The walls of Arkham City

Following the events of Arkham City, the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) has taken control of the super prison and manage it under their watchful eye. With Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary still in a destroyed state thanks to Hugo Strange, Commissioner Gordon's only solution is to keep the criminals inside Arkham City.

Finally, after months of construction, the day comes where the GCPD can transfer criminals back to the asylum and penitentiary.

Shortly into the transferal begins, the walls of Arkham City get blown sky high, spilling all the criminals into Gotham City. Now, it's Batman's job to stop the criminals and figure out who the mastermind behind this plot is.


Batman arrives at Arkham Asylum, looking for something. He comes across the Joker who has taken the current Robin, Jason Todd, hostage. Batman watches as Joker murders Jason Todd right in front of him.

Hole in the Wall

Batman snaps out of his train of thought. He is sitting at the Batcomputer monitoring the Arkham City transferal, with Oracle and Alfred by his side.

Batman witnesses the Arkham Explosion live over the news, and rushes out of the Batcave to head into Gotham.

The whole of Gotham City is in a wreck, GCPD officers try to hold the scene as civilians run away from the escaping criminals. Batman beats his way through Black Mask's thugs to reach ground zero of the explosion.

He finds Robin and Nightwing already at the scene. Batman thinks he can keep it under control, but they tell him remember what happened last time you kept to yourself, Joker died.

Much to his dismay, Batman learns from Aaron Cash that Commissioner Gordon has been taken hostage by Black Mask inside the Clocktower. He rushes to the Clocktower to find GCPD officers being slaughtered inside and outside the building. Inside, he quickly defeats Black Mask and rescues Commissioner Gordon, but not before Black Mask says it doesn't matter, his part of the plan was successful.

Batman doesn't think much of it now that Black Mask is in custody. He returns to the explosion site to isolate who could have cause the explosion. Batman settles on one person, Bruce Wayne, himself. 

Oracle calls in over the radio, telling Batman to look at one of the many large screens around Gotham that project the news. Bruce Wayne is holding a press conference in which he claims ownership of destroying the Arkham City walls, and that he will now destroy Wayne Tower. Oracle questions if this is the real Bruce, but Batman knows that he met someone in Arkham City that stole his identity, Hush.

Wayne Enterprises

Batman arrives at Wayne Tower, the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises.

Knowing that entering through the front door would surely end in Hush detonating the bombs, Batman enters through a secret entrance known only to him. He finds Hush has somehow managed to get Strange's TYGER guards to work for him. Batman quickly finds the bomb Hush has planted and disarms it.

Batman plans to confront his impersonator in his office, but is quickly halted by Hush who appears behind a security door. Hush has overriden all the security measure from Bruce's to his own. The only way to get to Hush is to override them again.

The process requires two people, Bruce and Lucius Fox. Batman heads to Fox's office, and finds Lucius being held hostage by TYGER guards. He saves Lucius whilst remaining undetected the entire time, and they return to his office to override the security.

Finally, Batman can get past the security door. On the other side of the door he finds the TYGER guards have moved the bomb and rearmed it. This time, Batman destroys the bomb for good and makes his way to Bruce Wayne's office where Hush waits for him.

Inside his office, Hush reveals that Hugo Strange told him Batman's identity. He remarks that he has planned this night for months and there is nothing he can do to stop his plans.

Before Batman can get any information out of him, Man-Bat comes crashing through the window, grabbing Batman and throwing him onto the roof of the neighbouring building. They fight across many rooftops, but Man-Bat is soon defeated.

After Man-Bat transforms back into his human form, Kirk Langstrom, he reveals that he was being held hostage somewhere he doesn't know. He has only been let out a couple times over the past couple months to perform crimes which were blamed on the Batman by the news.

Batman spots a playing card on the floor by Kirk's body. He takes a quick look at it, but tosses it away. He analyses a sample of Kirk's blood, hoping to find a unique chemical in it that could maybe pinpoint Hush's hideout. It doesn't work. He analyses his sweat, which limits the search to an area in Otisburg where his drinking water passed through a contaminated sewer mainframe. Finally, Batman analyses his breath vapor, where he learns he has been inhaling a large amount of a strange compound. 

Ace Chemicals

Batman tracks the amount of this strange compound through the air to pinpoint Hush's hideout was inside Daggett Industries. Inside, Batman is surprised to find Harley Quinn's thugs. Batman interrogates them to learn that after breaking free, Harley sent them to watch over Man-Bat instead of letting them hang out at Ace Chemicals with her and the rest of the thugs.

As Batman heads to Ace Chemicals, Alfred and Oracle question whether Hush and Harley are working together, and why they were using Man-Bat.

Once inside the building, Batman learns that Harley sent her thugs to capture five patients from Gotham State General. Batman rescues three of the hostages, and learns that they are the ones who were infected with Joker's blood during Arkham City. Harley tells Batman not to interfere with her plans as she just wants to bring her Mr J back from the dead.

Concept art for Ace Chemicals

He rescues the other two patients and calls in Robin to return the patients back to the hospital. Robin is understandably annoyed as he feels like he is just running Batman's errands now. 

With the patients being taken away from Harley, she releases mysterious gas through Ace Chemicals in anger. Batman drains the building of the gas, but not before being exposed to it.

As Batman makes his way to arrest Harley Quinn, he comes across The Joker, alive and well. Batman watches as the Joker kills Tim Drake and sets free the Joker-infected patients. Batman sneaks past the patients to attack Joker. In his anger, he kills the Joker. In the killing blow, Joker transforms into Jason Todd.

After killing him, Batman finds himself being pulled out of what was just a hallucination he was under. In the real world, Batman hallucinates many different Jokers asking him why did Batman kill him.

Batman escapes his hallucination and learns from Harley's thugs that Hush has just paid her a visit. When he confronts Harley Quinn, she is incredibly calm and tempered, completely unlike her normal self. She explains that she was working with Hush, and that Bruce Wayne gave her a lot of money in return to revive the Joker. Harley happened to revive the Joker in the form of the Shrine of Joker, a mechanical robot that Harley controls to attack Batman. Batman soon defeats the robot and handcuffs Harley Quinn.

He finds another playing card that he found near Man-Bat, only this one is placed behind Harley's ear. Batman takes the card and analyses it to learn that the card is emitting a radio frequency that can brainwash people. When the device is taken off of Harley, she returns to her normal maniacal self, and the frequency stops transmitting from the card, making it seem completely normal.

Batman knows who must be behind these mind control cards, Mad Hatter. Batman hacks into the mind control card to pinpoint where the frequency is being generated from.

Story Book Land

Batman contacts Oracle and Alfred to inform them of Mad Hatter's involvement. They seem to be just as confused that Hush, Harley Quinn and now Mad Hatter are all in on this plot. What could they be scheming?

As Batman follows the frequency origin, Vicki Vale appears on the giant screens across Gotham to report that she has been kidnapped by Bruce Wayne. Oracle notices that in her broadcast, Vicki had one of the mind control cards behind her ear. She fears that Hush is making Bruce look just as crazy as the supervillains.

Following the frequency leads Batman to the Belle Island Radio Tower, where he finds the former Arkham security guard, William North, brainwashed by the playing cards. After saving the numerous Belle Island security guards from being brainwashed, William North tells Batman that Bruce Wayne went into Story Book Land with Vicki Vale, and that he never liked Bruce Wayne.

Once inside Story Book Land, he finds that Mad Hatter has brainwashed the staff into his own personal henchmen. After freeing the staff from their mind controlled state, they thank Batman, but loathe Bruce Wayne for brainwashing them. Along the way, Batman locates a stash of Mind Control Cards and destroys them.

Hush appears on the many screens of the amusement park, taunting Batman to come save Vicki in the Throne Room.

When he arrives there, Hush gives over Vicki without a fight. Batman soon learns that he did this to anger Mad Hatter, as Hatter ambushes him and places one of the mind control cards on him. Batman ends up transported into a dream world dedicated to Vicki Vale, who Hatter believes is his Alice. It culminates in a search through a hedge maze for Hatter. Once Batman finds him, he falls down into an arena, where he fights against Mad Hatter. Once he is defeated, Batman escapes the dream world.

He interrogates Hatter to learn that he was working for someone called the Silhouette. Batman reengineers the mind control card placed on him into a usable gadget for himself. After leaving Story Book Land, Commissioner Gordon radios in that he has been investigating into this Silhouette for months, and that he has a lead on the case. Batman decides to head to the GCPD Headquarters to discuss the lead with Gordon.

GCPD Headquarters

As Batman makes his way to the GCPD Headquarters, he learns that snipers protecting the building are shooting to kill him. After managing to sneak into the building, Batman ends up getting trapped inside as the building goes into lockdown. 

He soon learns that all the officers in the building have been brainwashed by the Hatter's playing cards. Batman navigates his way through the headquarters while remaining undetected to reach the Commissioner's office.

Inside, he learns that Two-Face is the one who has claimed the GCPD Headquarters for himself, and he is tossing up whether he kills the Commissioner or not. Batman intervenes before his friend gets hurt. Two-Face informs Batman that he was able to take control of the GCPD while the Commissioner was kidnapped by Black Mask.

Two-Face gets away but Batman makes quick work of his entourage. He frees Gordon from being brainwashed, who tells Batman that he has to stop Bruce Wayne before he destroys the city. Batman takes off his cowl to Gordon, who is shocked at Batman's true identity. He fills him in on his imposter, Hush.

Batman analyses Gordon's mind control card to pinpoint the frequency's origin. The frequency is being transmitted from outside Gotham, and Batman radios Nightwing asking if he could fix the situation. Nightwing seems annoyed that he is also being asked to run errands. Batman is frustrated that no one wants to cooperate, and instead decides to fix it himself.

Gordon suggests sneaking into the Evidence Locker and activating an EMP being held in storage there. On his way, Two-Face's thugs are now swarming the building and playing games on the brainwashed police officers.

Once at the Evidence Locker, Batman activates the EMP and all of the mind control cards in the building are destroyed by the EMP's power. He reworks the EMP into a smaller, less-powerful gadget that he can take with him.

Now that the officers are free, the headquarters have changed into a warzone. The police officers and Two-Face's thugs are fighting each other. The officers feel as though Batman failed them so attack him as well, while some of them start to side with Two-Face's goons. Batman manages to get the officers to cooperate with him and evacuates the GCPD before they are all killed by Two-Face's thugs.

With the warzone finally relaxing, the Silhouette transmits a message through the headquarters, telling Batman to come meet him in Solitary Confinement.

As Batman makes his way to Solitary Confinement, Two-Face follows his every move hoping to finally kill him. Batman manages to sneak by while getting some hits in on Two-Face.

Inside Solitary Confinement, Batman finds no one other than Two-Face. Batman doesn't quite believe that he is the Silhouette. After defeating Two-Face, he remarks that Batman failed the GCPD by letting them get captured. Batman's only made it here because Mad Hatter snitched on the Silhouette's existence, otherwise all the cops would be dead. Two-Face had to lure Batman to the GCPD with the Commissioner's lead and trap him inside to slow him down as he isn't supposed to know about the Silhouette yet.

Two-Face says that he is meddling too much, and it is his fault that someone important is going to die now.

Death of the Mayor

On the screens around Gotham, Vicki Vale reveals that Mayor Quincy Sharp has been murdered. Batman heads to Sharp's murder scene, knowing that it must hold a clue to the Silhouette's whereabouts.

Unfortunately, Sharp was killed on the roof of the Bank of Gotham building, the tallest building in Gotham. The entire building is strictly guarded by GCPD officers with authorization to kill. On top of that, the officers don't trust Batman anymore, blaming him for letting many of the officers be killed at the hands of Two-Face earlier, as well as supposedly murdering people around Gotham (another plan set in place by Hush).

Instead of entering through the front, Batman scales the building from the outside to the top, staying out of the line of sight of all the officers patroling the building.

Batman gliding through Gotham CIty

Once Batman makes it to the top of the Bank of Gotham, he takes down all the police officers guarding the body so he can properly analyse the crime scene.

It looks to be that Batman and Robin were the ones that murdered Quincy Sharp. Batman radios Robin to get the truth out of him, who is insulted he is even questioning if he actually murdered Sharp.

Commissioner Gordon and a group of GCPD officers arrive on the rooftop. They go on high alert after seeing all their fellow officers unconscious. After taking the officers out, he talks to Gordon who is still on his side thankfully. They discuss how crazy the night has been, and theorise who this Silhouette could be, settling on Hush.

Batman returns to Sharp's body to find it has been stolen. He isolates a blood trail, and follows the blood until he finds a figure carrying Sharp's body. Batman chases this silhouette around and through the Bank of Gotham. Eventually they both glide across the street into an abandoned building.

Inside the building, the mysterious figure reveals that he has spent months turning the abandoned building into a gauntlet designed to test Batman to his extremes. Avoiding near death, Batman manages to make his way through the gauntlet, which clearly agitates the mystery man.

The mysterious man reveals himself to be Jason Todd, the Robin that Batman failed and let die. Jason has taken up the persona of Red Hood, and wants to test Batman to his ultimate limits, after he feels like Batman failed him. Red Hood reveals that he has held Azrael for months, torturing him. He claims it is another man that Batman has failed.

Azrael has clearly been tested on with something, as he is in a crazed state. The only way to defeat Azrael is to avoid his attacks for long enough until he submits to whatever it is that is eating away at his sanity.

Batman loads Azrael into the Batwing and has it take him back to the Batcave, while Batman activates the Batmobile and calls it to him. He takes the Batmobile back to the Batcave.

On his way back to the Batcave, Vicki Vale reports that Batman was the one who murdered Quincy Sharp. He has been framed by Red Hood.

Red Hood interrupts the broadcast to deliver a haunting message. With the death of the mayor and Gotham's only symbol of hope being the killer, he is now taking over Gotham City under martial law, and Red Hood's militia takes over the streets of Gotham.

Brentwood Academy

Back at the Batcave, Oracle and Alfred are shocked about what Jason has done, while Batman tells them thats not Jason. He cannot accept that he failed Jason, and now has failed Azrael. They are analysing Azrael's condition, trying to figure out what it is that he has been infected with. Azrael manages to tell Batman to go to the Northern Dorm of Brentwood Academy.

He makes his way to the academy while Oracle and Alfred continue to analyse Azrael. They conclude that whatever he has been tortured with, it is something they have never been seen before. They place Azrael in one of the experimental WayneTech. chambers for him to heal.

At Brentwood Academy, Batman learns Hush's TYGER guards have boarded up many of the students and teachers inside the Eastern Wing, but they took some of the students with them. Hush must be in here.

On his way to the Northern Dorm, Batman finds the kidnapped students being brainwashed into helping make whatever compound it is that Red Hood was using, adding another criminal to list of those working with Hush. Without being detected by the roaming TYGER guards, Batman sneaks up to each of the students, removing their mind control card and getting them out of the situation.

Batman finally makes it to the Northern Dorm to locate a hidden room where Azrael was being kept. Batman investigates the cell to find that one of the walls slides away for direct access into the Technological Research Facility.

Inside, Batman finds Nightwing tied up and being experimented on with the same compound as Azrael. Nightwing has turned psychotic, and once Batman figures out how to set him free, the crazed Nightwing attacks. Batman is overpowered by Nightwing, who asks Batman why he let them all die. Nightwing transforms into the Joker, once again asking why did he let him die.

When Batman escapes his hallucination he finds Mr Freeze who is the one that has been formulating the compound. Freeze reveals that Bruce Wayne approached him, and would use his money to cure Nora Fries if he would do something in return. Freeze notes that saving Nora is something Batman never could have done, only Bruce Wayne has truly ever helped him out. 

The compound turns out to be Joker's TITAN formula, manufactured into a gas instead of a liquid. After his work in creating an antidote to it, Hush knew that Mr Freeze was the only person left on earth with enough knowledge of TITAN to work on the project.

Suddenly, the key players in the plot reveal themselves from behind the shadows. Hush, Red Hood, Two-Face and Harley Quinn claim that they are the Silhouette. Two-Face joined in Hush's plan due to his hatred of Bruce Wayne who he feels failed him and let him become a super-villain while he remained Gotham's saviour. Red Hood joined due to his history with Batman and Bruce Wayne. Harley Quinn joined because she wants to kill Batman for taking Joker away from her. They each have a personal vendetta against Bruce Wayne or Batman and so wanted to join in on Hush's destruction of his name.

The four of them plus Mr Freeze attack Batman. He notices that Harley Quinn is under the influence of one of the mind control cards again. She must not be totally in on the plan.

Thankfully for Batman, Robin and Nightwing appear on the scene. They attempt to fight against the villains, managing to remove Harley's card. She instantly flees once she is free. The three heroes try to fight down the four villains, but are quickly overpowered, so they decide to escape from the academy and flee the battle. 

Gotham City General

Batman thanks Robin and Nightwing, but he still thinks he could've handled the situation himself. Batman decides to return to the Batcave to check on Azrael, and tells Robin to return to the Joker-infected patients, while Nightwing can just do whatever to help around Gotham. Nightwing is getting clearly frustrated that he is just being shelved to do nothing, but Batman reminds him that Nightwing was the one who left him. Red Hood manages to hack into Batman's communications and taunts him.

Back at the Batcave, Azrael has finally somewhat recovered. Batman scolds Oracle and Alfred for calling Robin and Nightwing out to help and putting them in that danger. They respond that they were just trying to help.

They try to figure out an antidote to the TITAN Gas. Azrael reveals that while kidnapped, they would give him TITAN-infected blood which would somewhat help him. Batman tries using his own blood, but the TITAN residue in his blood is too weak from taking an antidote for it twice.

Batman calls Robin, asking if he made it back to Gotham State General to look after the Joker-infected patients. There is no response from Robin, further cementing the idea to Batman that if he wants something done he has to be the one to do it.

At Gotham State General, Batman was right in guessing that Harley Quinn would come back, as her and her thugs have taken control of the building. He calls Robin up again, still no response. This time he starts to panic as he thinks Harley may have captured Robin.

Batman wants to immediately find Robin, however Oracle tells him he must save all the staff and patients who have holed themselves on the third floor. He doesn't even know if Robin is in the building. On the third floor, Batman finds all the hiding civilians. He tries to figure out a way to seal off the floor so that they are all safe.

Batman finds a Magnetic Trap, which he adds to his gadget arsenal and uses to seal the floor. With that done, Batman recklessly heads to Harley Quinn to defeat her and save Robin.

On his way, Batman is shocked by the second floor. Harley has transformed the entire floor into a funeral for The Joker. Over the PA system, Harley welcomes Batman to Joker's Funeral.

She seems to finally be accepting that Joker is gone. However, she reveals that she only feels better because now she has captured Robin, and is planning to kill him as it is only fair to her.

After Batman makes it through Joker's Funeral, he fights against Harley Quinn and the five Joker-infected patients who she has finally transformed into her perfect versions of Mr J. He eventually defeats Harley and saves Robin.

Finally in custody, Harley Quinn says its not fair, and goes back into denial over Joker's death. Batman takes a sample of a patient's blood and takes it back to the Batcave.

Wayne Manor

At the Batcave, Batman can finally create the antidote to the TITAN Gas. Unfortunately, what Azrael thought would work hasn't come to fruition. The TITAN Gas is formulated by a combination of two different compounds. The Joker blood is only half of the antidote.

At this point, Batman notices that Azrael, Oracle and Alfred Pennyworth are not in the Batcave. He goes to check inside Wayne Manor and discovers that TYGER guards have taken the three of them hostage. Hush threatens to kill Batman's closest friends and destroy Wayne Manor with explosives he has set up.

A news broadcast plays out on the screens of Wayne Manor. Vicki Vale has invited disgraced journalist Jack Ryder on for a special panel. They discuss how Bruce Wayne's seemingly gone insane like the super criminals and that Batman should lock him up in Arkham Asylum. They also talk about how Batman is just as bad as the villains, maybe even worse because we consider him a hero. Ryder gloats about the time he saved Batman from Deadshot, and how Batman killed Deadshot after it. Vicki praises Ryder for doing what Batman never could, ridding Gotham of crime.

Batman navigates through Wayne Manor and saves Alfred, Oracle and Azrael from near death. Batman is clearly destroyed at almost letting them die. He can't celebrate yet, as there is still a bomb to defuse inside Wayne Manor.

Unfortunately, Batman doesn't get to the bomb in time, and the South Hall collapses to rubble. Vicki and Jack's panel shifts to discuss how Bruce Wayne has just bombed his own house. Hush joins the panel remotely and continues to tarnish his reputation.

Appearance of inside Wayne Manor

Batman rushes through the manor to stop Hush before he can ruin Wayne's name anymore. On his way, the news panel dissolves into chaos and strange noises.

Batman walks through a door to find the Silhouette again, holding Alfred hostage. The Silhouette is simply a pitch-black figure. Before Batman can react, the figure murders Alfred. Batman kneels over Alfred's lifeless body for a moment to mourn. He walks through the next door to see the Silhouette murder Azrael. This process repeats, watching Oracle, Commissioner Gordon, Nightwing, Robin and finally Thomas and Martha Wayne die.

Batman cannot handle this pain of watching all his loved ones die anymore. He manages to catch up to the Silhouette, and beats him down. Each punch he makes, the entire shadow around the figure slowly peels away to reveal Bruce Wayne.

Batman snaps out of the hallucination he was in to find himself holding Hush as Bruce Wayne. In Batman's confusion, Hush breaks free. He explains to Batman that during Protocol 10 inside Arkham City, he confronted Hugo Strange. Knowing that his plan was on a downward spiral and Batman would stop him, Hugo saw the potential for Hush to fulfil his plan. He let Hush leave Arkham City, provided him with any TYGER guards he needed, and revealed Batman's identity to him.

Now that all of Gotham knows Bruce Wayne and the Batman are villains like the rest of them they can finally die along with the hope they brought to Gotham. Hush and Batman fight, with Batman coming out victorious.

After defeating him, Hush says it doesn't matter anyway. He mutters the words 'activate Protocol 12', sending a shiver down Batman's spine.

Protocol 12

At Grand Central Square, Harley's thugs, Mad Hatter's henchmen, Red Hood's soldiers, Hush's TYGER guards, and Two-Face's goons all gather ready to fight each other. 

Hush tells Batman that all those people are going to die, and it will be Batman's fault. Batman rushes into Gotham and fights against all the thugs with the aid of Robin, Nightwing and Azrael, finally all working together.

The real purpose for Protocol 12 is soon revealed. A police blimp appears flying in the sky, spilling the TITAN Gas onto all of the people of Gotham. Hush wanted to lure Batman to Grand Central Square so he could finally drown him in TITAN Gas.

Batman escapes, and grapples onto the blimp from the rooftops of Otisburg. On the airship, he finds the Silhouette, whose true identity still remains a mystery. The Silhouette tells Batman to end this where it all started, at Arkham Asylum.

The Silhouette jumps out of the blimp and disappears into the night. Batman pilots the police blimp safely back onto the Goodman Airport Hangars.

Arkham Asylum

Batman arriving back at Arkham Asylum, with a hallucination of Joker reenacting the first game

Batman ends up back at Arkham Asylum and stumbles his way through the brand new Intensive Treatment. The reconstruction of Arkham Asylum has left the place in pristine condition.

Batman walks into the next room to find the Silhouette standing at the other end of the hall in darkness.

The Silhouette explains how Hush and them have planned everything tonight. Destroying Bruce Wayne's name by making him responsible for the Arkham Explosion, blowing up his own home and workplace, kidnapping Vicki Vale and being the benefactor behind the TITAN Gas.

Not only that, but destroying the Batman's reputation by having Man-Bat commit crimes in his name, framing him for Mayor Sharp's murder, losing the GCPD's trust in him, and exposing him to the TITAN Gas so he loses his trust in his friends and they lose their trust in him.

They go on to say that Batman has failed many people leading to their untimely death, but he is still labelled a hero. Hugo Strange was misguided, he wanted to eliminate all of Gotham's criminals. When really the only criminal that needs to be eliminiated is Batman.

The Silhouette remarks that Batman even let them die. Batman freezes thinking it is Jason Todd in front of him. The Silhouette starts to laugh maniacally, leaving Batman unable to move as he hears Joker's laugh echoing his ears. The Silhouette continues, saying that Batman's antidote didn't work because the TITAN Gas is made of two components. The TITAN infected-blood cured only half of the compound, but it did nothing to the other half of the gas. The Silhouette's maniacal laugh turns demonic.

Because the other part of it is Fear Gas.

The Scarecrow steps into the light, deformed from his run in with Killer Croc at the asylum. He explains that inside Arkham City, Hugo Strange tasked him with creating TITAN Fear Gas so that Strange could blanket his super-prisons with it to instantly kill all of the criminals inside. Scarecrow agreed as it gave him complete access to the prison and full power to terrorise its criminals.

Strange surmised that using the lethal gas would be a more reliable way to kill all of the criminals inside quickly instead of relying on guns and missiles like he had for Arkham City.

The plan changed when Hush confronted Strange during Protocol 10. Knowing Batman would stop him, Strange providing everything Hush needed to escape, as well as letting him know about his plot with Scarecrow. When Hush confronted Scarecrow, they decided to finish his plans. The plans changed after they bonded over their hatred for Bruce Wayne and Batman, realising that the only real criminal in Gotham is him.

Scarecrow releases more of the TITAN Fear Gas on Batman, and everything goes black. Batman wakes up to find himself in Scarecrow's TITAN nightmare world, in which he has transformed into the giant hideous form of Scarebeast. 

Scarebeast holds a detonator in one hand, that will trap Batman inside the nightmare forever if it is pushed. Batman climbs up the giant body of Scarebeast, defeating skeletons that crawl out of his skin along the way. Batman eventually makes Scarebeast drop the detonator, and he runs up Scarebeast's arm while he tries to grab the detonator again.

Batman throws a Batarang into Scarebeast's eye, causing a swarm of bats to fly out of it.

He wakes up again from the nightmare in the real world, this time in Crime Alley. The Scarecrow stands at the other end of the alley. Batman throws a Batarang, which hits the detonator out of Scarecrow's hand. It lands inside the outline of Thomas and Martha Wayne, face down.

It has been activated, and Scarecrow disappears as the world around Batman turns into a nightmare again.

The credits roll, as Batman weeps over the outline of his parents, trapped in this nightmare forever. He looks up to see Joker's ghost haunting him, telling him its not all bad. Batman finally makes peace with Joker's death, and his ghost slowly turns to ash as he pleads Batman to stop.

Once Joker's ghost is gone, Bruce Wayne appears in the alley. Batman grabs Bruce by the throat, allowing him to escape the nightmare to the actual real world this time, where he holds Scarecrow by the throat.

Batman beats down Scarecrow and he is finally defeated.

From The Ashes Of Arkham

With Scarecrow and Hush finally apprehended, the GCPD starts to retake Gotham back for themselves. Commissioner Gordon thanks Batman for his service.  However, the rest of Gotham now perceive Bruce Wayne and Batman as the villains. Batman decides the only thing to do is to isolate himself from the world as they don't want him anymore. Batman disappears for good, and instead Bruce Wayne comes back.

With Arkham Asylum mostly destroyed during his fight with Scarecrow, Bruce decides to isolate himself on Arkham Island and rebuild what was lost. Rebuild something new.

Wayne Asylum.



  • Bruce Wayne/Batman - The main protagonist who is trying to put a stop to Hush's plans and figure out who the Silhouette is.
  • Tim Drake/Robin - Robin takes care of the Joker-infected patients throughout the game. He gets captured by Harley Quinn and almost killed by her. He and Batman have a tense relationship throughout the game.
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Batman sidelines Nightwing throughout the story, not wanting his original Robin to come into harm's way. This drives a wedge between the two, making Dick want to leave Gotham for good.
  • Commissioner Gordon - The police commissioner who is kidnapped by Black Mask at the beginning of the game. Him along with all of the GCPD end up under the spell of the mind control cards until Batman saves them. He helps Batman with the investigation into Mayor Sharp's murder. He is one of the last police officers on Batman's side at the end of the story.
  • Alfred Pennyworth - Communicates with Batman throughout the game inside the Batcave. He somewhat agrees with Batman, thinking he should keep everyone out of harms reach.
  • Barbara Gordon/Oracle - Communicates with Batman throughout the game inside the Batcave. She somewhat disagrees with Batman, thinking Batman needs everyones help.
  • Aaron Cash
  • Azrael - Held hostage inside Brentwood Academy and experimented on with the TITAN Fear Gas.
  • Gotham City Police Department
  • Catwoman (Side Mission Only)
  • Talia Al Ghul (Side Mission Only)


  • The Scarecrow - Works alongside Hush to create the plan to tarnish Bruce Wayne's and Batman's reputation, so that he can kill Batman and he will be remembered as a villain. He has been working on creating the TITAN Fear Gas since locked inside Arkham City. Transforms into Scarebeast during the final battle.
  • Tommy Elliot/Hush - Works alongside Scarecrow to tarnish Bruce Wayne's name. He acts as the public face of the operation, using Bruce Wayne's money and power to convince many villains to join their operation. Now that he has created Bruce Wayne's face over his own, he enacts many of the plans to make Bruce out to be a villain.
  • Harley Quinn - Her part in the scheme was simply to expose Batman to the TITAN Fear Gas. While she does succeed, Hush uses a mind control card on her after she strays from the plan and kidnaps the Joker-infected patients. She attempts to turn the patients into her new Joker.
  • Two-Face - Takes control of the GCPD and uses the mind control cards on all of the officers. This breaks the trust between Batman and the GCPD. He wanted to help tarnish Bruce Wayne's name as he feels that with better luck, he could've been someone admired like Bruce.
  • Jason Todd/Red Hood - Murders Quincy Sharp and frames it on Batman. Because of this, Red Hood is able to take over Gotham City under martial law, subsequently making the Silhouette have total control of the city. After the main story, he goes on the news to tell Gotham about how Batman failed him. He manages to capture Batman and Robin has to rescue him.
  • Mad Hatter - With Bruce Wayne's money, Mad Hatter has created playing cards that when placed behind the ear can brainwash people. This is a far quicker and simpler process than used by Hugo Strange. The mind control cards are used multiple times throughout the story to brainwash civilians and Batman's allies.
  • Mister Freeze - The person responsible for formulating the TITAN Fear Gas compound. He was convinced to join by Hush when he promised to use Bruce's money to cure Nora. Luckily for Freeze, he was able to cure his wife with the extra funding.
  • Hush knew that Mister Freeze was the last man alive that knew enough about TITAN to create the TITAN Fear Gas. Freeze ends up formulating the gas after Hush uses Bruce Wayne's money to cure Nora Fries from her illness.
  • Black Mask - Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon to halt the GCPD while Two-Face takes over their headquarters and brain washes all of the officers. Afterwards, he fakes his own death, spreading the rumour that Batman killed him.
  • Man-Bat - He was held captive by Hush in the months leading up to the Arkham Explosion. Hush lets Man-Bat out from time to time to commit crimes and then blame them on Batman, fracturing the relationship between Batman and the public.
  • The Riddler (Side Mission Only)
  • Cluemaster (Side Mission Only)
  • Prometheus (Side Mission Only)
  • Bane (Side Mission Only)
  • Deathstroke (Side Mission Only)
  • Clayface (Side Mission Only)
  • Poison Ivy (Side Mission Only)
  • Victor Zsasz (Side Mission Only)
  • The Penguin (Side Mission Only)
  • Calendar Man (Side Mission Only)
  • Killer Croc (Side Mission Only)
  • Great White Shark (Side Mission Only)
  • The Joker (TITAN Fear Gas Nightmare Only)


  • Vicki Vale - Kidnapped by Hush and has many news broadcasts throughout the story.
  • Lucius Fox - Taken hostage inside Wayne Enterprises.
  • Arnold Wesker - One of Gotham's super-criminals, known as The Ventriloquist. He is one of the Joker-infected patients.
  • Serena Cahill - One of the Joker-infected patients.
  • Dani Best - One of the Joker-infected patients.
  • Peter Merkel - One of the Joker-infected patients.
  • Jack Ryder - A disgraced reporter, Vicki Vale invites him on to her show for a panel on whether Batman is evil or not. Jack recounts his meeting with Batman in Arkham City. The broadcast is a hit, and the two of them get their own show together after that.
  • William North - After being kidnapped by Riddler in Arkham City, he decided on a more peaceful life, and became a security guard on the historic Belle Island. 
  • Shaelah Greene - A staff member of Story Book Land. She tried to protect the amusement park, but was brainwashed by Hush.
  • Renee Montoya - A rookie cop that acts as Bullock's second-in-command. Seen brainwashed inside the GCPD Headquarters.
  • Harvey Bullock - A high-ranking chief in the GCPD that has worked his way up over many years. He can be found brainwashed inside the GCPD Headquarters, and guarding Sharp's murder scene.
  • Principal Cage - The principal of Brentwood Academy that escorts his staff and students to the Eastern Dorm under instruction of the TYGER guards. When he tries to revolt against the guards, he is murdered.
  • Ms Kane - A English teacher at Brentwood Academy. She informs Batman on what has been happening inside the school over the night.
  • Mr Kipling - The biology teacher at Brentwood Academy. When Bruce Wayne approached him with an offer to develop TITAN Fear Gas, he promptly declined. After being offered a large sum, Kipling changed his stance. He used the resources of the academy to help create it, including the students and facilities. When Kipling made very little progress, Hush brought in Mr Freeze.
  • Ben Ali - A student at Brentwood Academy, he is taken by the TYGER guards and brainwashed into helping manufacture the TITAN Fear Gas.
  • Kip Cohen - A student at Brentwood Academy, he is taken by the TYGER guards and brainwashed into helping manufacture the TITAN Fear Gas.
  • Matilda Buzz - A student at Brentwood Academy, he is taken by the TYGER guards and brainwashed into helping manufacture the TITAN Fear Gas.
  • Hugo Strange (Mentioned Only)
  • Deadshot (Mentioned Only)
  • Ra's al Ghul (Mentioned Only)
  • Joe Chill (Cameo)
  • Frank Boles (Mentioned Only)
  • Razor (Mentioned Only)
  • Gretchen Whistler - A former doctor at Arkham Asylum, she has since moved to Gotham State General. She tells Batman how Zsasz ended up actually killing Dr Cassidy.
  • Stacey Baker - This Arkham City medical worker can be found inside Gotham State General. One of Quincy Sharp's letters is addressed to her.
  • Quincy Sharp - Mayor of Gotham who is murdered by Red Hood. He wrote letters to numerous organisations and people inside Gotham, which can be found as a collectible in the game.

Gotham City


There are six different regions explorable within the game. These include Downtown Gotham, Gotham Heights, Financial District, The Cauldron, Otisburg, and Belle Island. Each region of Gotham has distinct architectural differences and is also home to the many locations Batman will explore throughout the game.

  • Downtown Gotham is identified by purely square buildings, all of which are skyscrapers. All the buildings feature the uniquely gothic style that Gotham City is known for.
  • Gotham Heights is placed on top of a large cliff that seperates it from the rest of Gotham. The terrain rules here, as much of the region is covered in forest and cliffs. There is a small town located within the region.
  • The Financial District is notable for having the tallest building in Gotham, the Bank of Gotham. On top of that, the architecture of the region is very futuristic, contrasting from the gothic stylings of the rest of Gotham. 
  • The Cauldron is the most impoverished area in Gotham. The buildings are small and almost look like they collapse on top of each other due to their forgotten.
  • Otisburg is an industrial park that is unmistakeable due its larger roads and many factories lining the roads.
  • Belle Island is located in the middle of Port Gotham, and is a very romantic site. The island hosts the Statue of Justice, and almost any part of Gotham can be seen on the island.

One of the notable landmarks throughout Gotham is the many large screens installed on the buildings. Typically designed to play advertisements and the news, throughout the game the screens will help indicate to the player their next objective, or help Batman uncover what to do next. 



Downtown Gotham

  • Wayne Tower
  • GCPD Headquarters
  • Grand Central Square
  • Onyx du Katana
  • Goodman Central Airpad
  • City Hall
  • The Gotham Gazette
  • GothCorp
  • Finnigan's
  • My Alibi
  • Finger River
  • Finger Memorial Park
  • R.H. Kane Building
  • S.T.A.R Labs
  • Lexcorp.

Gotham Heights

  • Wayne Manor
  • Brentwood Academy
  • Brentwood Estate Lands
  • Goodman Airport Hangars
  • Dixon Docks
    • The Darkness Glows
  • Wayne Enterprises Facility Outpost
  • Boulevard Bank
  • Mercy County Morgue
  • Knights Dome Sporting Centre
  • One Port Amphitheatre
  • Commissioner Gordon's Home
  • Gotham Dam
  • Abandoned Trainyard
  • Blake Bay


  • Ace Chemical Processing Plant
  • Daggett Industries
  • Riddler's/Cluemaster's Hideout
  • Sionis Processing
  • Light & Power
  • Meridian Studios
  • Port Gotham
  • Monarch Playing Card Co.
  • Killinger's Department Store
  • Cape Carmine
  • Axis Chemicals
  • Thinktank Studios
  • Snowy Cones Factory
  • Van Cleer Orchards

Financial District

  • Bank of Gotham
  • Arkham City Walls
  • The Clocktower
  • Broken Hill Rehabilitation Centre
  • Goodman Eastern Airpad
  • Killer Croc's Hideout
  • The Old Royale Casino
  • Hamilton & Hill
  • Robert Kane Memorial Bridge
  • Gotham One Mall
  • Forty-Sixth Street Promenade
  • W&M
  • Cybertron
  • Kuttler Financial Consultants
  • Gotham Stock Market Centre

The Cauldron

  • Gotham State General
  • The Gauntlet
  • Chinatown
  • Second National Bank
  • Blackmarket
  • St. Dumas Cathedral
  • The Stacked Deck
  • Flannegan Exterminators
  • Robinson Park
  • Passing Gas Joke Shop
  • DMV
  • The Black Widow Gentlemen's Club
  • Fine's Tally Loan Sharks
  • Little Italy

Belle Island

  • Story Book Land
  • GCR Tower
  • Belle Island Cavern Network
  • Goodman Northern Airpad
  • Wesker Pier
  • Lady Gotham Statue
  • Sharp Memorial Statue Garden
  • Lighthouse
  • Belle Ferry Terminal
  • Gotham History Walk



Wayne Enterprises

  • Director's Access
  • Aerospace Technology Branch
  • Thomas and Martha Foundation Station
  • Main Foyer
  • Lucius Fox's Office
  • WayneTech. Shipping Depot
  • WayneTech. Showcase Hall
  • Enterprise General Offices
  • Bruce Wayne's Office

Ace Chemicals

  • Roundtable Reception
  • Visitor's Waiting Room
  • Mixing Chamber
  • Laboratory Junction
  • Chemical Analysis Chamber
  • Product Production
  • Processing Corridor
  • Testing Area
  • Ace Chemicals Database
  • Decontamination
  • Creationarium

Story Book Land

  • Park Atrium
  • Indoor Courtyard
  • Staff Hanger
  • Enchanted Woods
  • Radio Tower
  • River of Dreams
  • The Monster Mansion
  • Throne Room
  • Maze of Cards
  • Tea Party Gardens

GCPD Headquarters

  • Police Administration
  • Evidence Locker
  • Forensic Department
  • Tech Department
  • Homicide Division
  • Head Offices
  • Police Record Database
  • Detention Center
  • Criminal Holding Bay
  • Solitary Confinement

Brentwood Academy

  • Eastern Wing
  • Memorial Halls
  • Grand Stairwell
  • Lecture Theatre
  • Mechanical Laboratory
  • Greenhouse
  • Learning Factory
  • North Hall
  • North Dorm
  • Technological Research Facility

Gotham City General

  • ER
  • Medical Halls
  • Storage Room
  • Third Floor Ward
  • Abandoned Ward
  • Joker's Funeral
  • Telemetry
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Operating Theatre
  • Morgue

Wayne Manor

  • The Batcave
  • Bat Tunnels
  • Main Hall
  • East Wing
  • Armory
  • Library
  • Art Gallery
  • South Hall
  • Gotham Records Room
  • Ballroom


Batman: Ashes Of Arkham plays much like it's predecessors in which it is an over-the-shoulder, first-person game and idolizes his detective skills as well as his combat prowess. Gotham City is a free-roam explorable location in the game, however not every building is accessible as civilians are currently taking refuge in their homes during the game. They can sometimes be seen through their windows.

The large area accessable does include numerous explorable buildings that Batman can enter and explore such as Ace Chemicals, Wayne Manor, and Wayne Enterprises. Many of these locations are required to pass through for completion of the story, so they feature an intricate floor map containing many rooms for Batman to traverse through.


Batman beating up thugs during Combat

Like in previous installments, their are two forms of fighting in the game. One is Combat against unarmed thugs, and the other is the Predator style. 

The Free-Flow combat system works very much the same as it was in Batman: Arkham City, due to the well rounded form it was in from that game. However more enemy types and moves have been introduced into the game. New types of enemies include; Fighters who will end up in a one-on-one brawl with Batman. Brainwashed, who cannot be defeated until Batman removes the Mind Control Card from behind their ear. Medics, who will revive downed enemies. Camos, who are invisible in Detective Mode. Trackers, who can pinpoint Batman's location if he stays in Detective Mode for too long. 

Batman stealthily taking out thugs in Predator

Predator is also much like it was in its predecessors in which players must attack from the shadows and stay out of sight to survive. Batman will take out enemies one by one leaving them unconsious, trying to remain unnoticed as he does it.

The Predator rooms usually have vantage points on the roof in which Batman can hide on as he waits to make his next move. Quickly grappling between these vantage points allows Batman to escape from the enemies if he is spotted.

Gadgets can also be used during Predator to help take out thugs, such as the using the EMP to deactivate all the lights in the room. This allows Batman to sneak up to enemies who cannot see him in the dark.


Detective Mode returns and more forensic works have been added, such as when analyzing the explosion in the Arkham City walls Batman will also check for size of opening, direction of rubble and other things as well as analyzing distance someone could move in the time of the crime to pinpoint a location of an enemy.


During the game, Batman will collect numerous gadgets that can be used in Predator, Combat and for traversal around the world. There are three new gadgets.

New Gadgets

  • The Mind Control Card is a repurposed card that Mad Hatter placed on Batman inside Story Book Land. The card can be used to turn an enemy in combat onto Batman's side. In Predator, it will stop that henchmen in their tracks, and they will not shoot at Batman. It can be used to manipulate people in the overworld to help Batman. Only one can be used at a time and it has a recharge timer.
  • The EMP is found within the GCPD Headquarters. While the whole EMP is too large to take, Batman takes part of it and turns it into a gadget for himself. The EMP has the ability to disable all technology in the room, including the lights. This means enemys in combat will be unable to find Batman in the dark, and enemies not wearing Infared Goggles in Predator cannot find Batman. The lights will turn back on after a couple seconds. It can only be used once in a challenge. This can be in the technology based puzzles as well as navigating past enemies without being detected.
  • The Magnetic Trap is found within the Gotham State General, and its powerful magnet can move large metallic objects. This is used to block the entrance to the third floor and keep the hospital staff safe. In Predator, the Mangetic Trap will attract nearby guns and armoured enemies, opening them up to an attack. In Combat, the trap can be used to attract guns, shields and stun sticks. The enemy will drop these if the trap is in place. It has no use limit, but has a recharge time.

Returning Gadgets

On top of the three new gadgets, many return from Arkham City.

  • The Batarang is available from the start and can be thrown to stun enemies or break interactable objects. There is also the Remote Control Batarang, Multi-Batarang, and Sonic Batarang available.
  • Appearance of the Batclaw

    The Explosive Gel is available from the start and will lay down a spray of gel which will explode on command.
  • The Batclaw is available from the start and will pull enemies in, pull them down out of reach ventilation grilles and can grab other out of reach objects like Riddler Trophies.
  • The Smoke Pellets are available from the beginning and create a smoke cloud around Batman making him unseeable by enemies.
  • The Cryptographic Sequencer can be used as a remote hacking device that can decode encrypted data stations and listen in on radios stations.
  • The Line Launcher allows Batman to cross large gaps as long as he has a wall infront and behind of him.
  • The Remote Electrical Charge (REC) works like it did in Batman: Arkham City however it can now also destroy singular light sources to create dark spots for Batman to hide in.
  • The Freeze Grenades can be used to freeze enemies or freeze water, creating a raft for Batman.
  • The Disruptor can be used to disable guns and destroy mines.


Like in the previous game, Batman: Ashes Of Arkham has a list of objectives Batman will complete as he makes his way through the game. The objectives serve as a short listing of what Batman has to do to progress through the story.

List of Objectives
  • Save Jason Todd

Hole in the Wall

  • Get to the gates of Arkham City
  • Rescue Commissioner Gordon inside the Clocktower
  • Analyse the Arkham City walls

Wayne Enterprises

  • Interrogate Hush about the Arkham Explosion
  • Defuse the bomb inside Wayne Enterprises
  • Find an alternative route into Wayne Enterprises
  • Override Hush's security measures
  • Locate Lucius Fox in his office
  • Rescue Lucius Fox without being detected
  • Return to the Entrance Hall to continue tracking Hush
  • Destroy the rearmed bomb
  • Confront Hush in Bruce Wayne's office
  • Defeat Man-Bat

Ace Chemicals

  • Locate Hush's hideout where he held Man-Bat captive
  • Interrogate Harley Quinn's thugs
  • Go to Ace Chemicals to find Harley Quinn
  • Locate Harley Quinn inside Ace Chemicals
  • Save the hostages
  • Rescue Richard Waters
  • Rescue Serena Hall
  • Purify the air from mysterious gas
  • Escape the hallucination
  • Defeat the Shrine of Joker

Story Book Land

  • Interrogate the Mad Hatter
  • Identify the frequency Mad Hatter's playing cards are operating on
  • Locate the source generating the card frequency
  • Rescue Vicki Vale
  • Deactivate the Belle Island Radio Tower
  • Destroy the stash of Mind Control Cards
  • Navigate through Mad Hatter's dream world
  • Locate the Mad Hatter in the Hedge Maze
  • Defeat Mad Hatter

GCPD Headquarters

  • Investigate the Silhouette
  • Go to the GCPD to follow Commissioner Gordon's lead
  • Free Commissioner Gordon from the Mind Control Cards
  • Save the GCPD from Two-Face's control
  • Enter the Evidence Locker and activate the EMP
  • Evacuate the GCPD
  • Confront the Silhouette in Solitary Confinement
  • Defeat Two-Face

Death of the Mayor

  • Analyse Quincy Sharp's murder scene
  • Scale the Bank of Gotham
  • Isolate a forensic trail to track down Sharp's killer
  • Follow Sharp's blood trail to locate his body
  • Chase the Silhouette
  • Navigate through Red Hood's gauntlet
  • Defeat Azrael
  • Rescue Azrael

Gotham Academy

  • Return to the Batcave
  • Analyse Azrael's condition
  • Investigate Azrael's cell at Gotham Academy
  • Reach the North Dorm
  • Free the academics from the Mind Control Cards
  • Escape the hallucination
  • Save Mr Freeze
  • Defeat Two-Face, Red Hood, Hush, Mr Freeze and Harley Quinn

Gotham State General

  • Manufacture an antidote to the TITAN Gas
  • Talk to Azrael
  • Acquire a sample of Joker-infected blood
  • Find Robin and the Joker-infected at Gotham State General
  • Apprehend Harley Quinn
  • Seal the Third Floor
  • Rescue Robin
  • Navigate through Joker's Funeral before Harley kills Robin
  • Defeat Harley Quinn

Wayne Manor

  • Synthesize the antidote in the Batcave
  • Locate Alfred, Oracle and Azrael
  • Navigate through Wayne Manor without being detected
  • Disarm the bomb inside Wayne Manor
  • Apprehend Hush before he can further destroy the Wayne name
  • Escape the hallucination
  • Defeat Hush

Protocol 12

  • Cease Protocol 12
  • Neutralize Harley's thugs
  • Neutralize Mad Hatter's henchmen
  • Neutralize Hush's TYGER guards
  • Neutralize Two-Face's goons
  • Stop the blimp from spreading TITAN Gas

Arkham Asylum

  • Confront the Silhouette at Arkham Asylum
  • Defeat Scarebeast

Side Missions

In total, there are 16 side missions in the game. Almost all of these missions revolve around a villain aiding in the Silhouette's plan to destroy the reputation of Bruce Wayne and Batman. There are a still a number of exceptions to this however. Some villains that didn't join the Silhouette's plan do their own crimes, and some character arcs are wrapped up in their own story.

All of the game's side missions are detailed below.

Name Objective
The Smartest of Them All

The Riddler and Cluemaster
The Riddler one again has set up a number of riddles and challenges for Batman to solve, hoping to ruin his reputation by showing that he is smarter than him. However, a new villain named the Cluemaster has also appeared in Gotham and set his own challenges for Batman. The two of them fight over who is smarter while Batman solves their challenges. Once Batman completes all of the challenges of one of the villains, the losing villain will kidnap the winning villain, and Batman will have to save them from being murdered.
War on Gotham

Red Hood
After the main story, Red Hood goes on Vicki Vale and Jack Ryder's new panel show. He explains how Batman let him die, further ruining the reputation of Batman. After destroying his militia checkpoints, Batman confronts Red Hood in Chinatown. Red Hood happens to capture Batman, putting him in a collar that will kill him if his heartbeat goes too high. Robin comes to save Batman, who fights off Red Hood's soldiers while Batman has to hide and not get shot to death. Afterwards, Batman and Robin defeat Red Hood for good.

Bane and Catwoman
When Bane broke out of Arkham City, he went on a rampage and tried to capture Catwoman. Catwoman easily defeated Bane in his destroyed state after being so corrupted by TITAN and Venom. Catwoman feels bad for him, so Batman and her rehabilitate Bane back to an intelligent man. After all of it, Bane thanks Batman and Catwoman.
Letters from Quincy

Mayor Quincy Sharp
Before his murder, Mayor Quincy Sharp wrote a number of letters that were addressed to numerous figureheads in Gotham, as well as to many powerful organisation. Batman can collect all of the letters around Gotham at the buildings of the organisations or on people's desks. The letters give a further insight into Sharp's mental state after Strange tortured him, and finish his story as the Spirit of Arkham.
Killing in the Name Of

Since the Arkham City walls blew up, witnesses say they watched Batman murder civilians. In an attempt to further ruin Batman's reputation, Clayface has been transforming into Batman and killing people in his name. When Batman confronts Clayface, he finds that Clayface is barely in control of his powers. After falling into the Lazarus Pit, he is now rapidly transforming out of control. Batman defeats him and removes the Lazarus from his clay, saving him from near death.
Public Enemy Number One

Calendar Man
Batman finds three civilians murdered. The only connection to all of them is that tonight was their birthday. Batman learns that Calendar Man is the one committing the murders, and stops his plans before he can murder Nightwing, whose anniversary is tonight.
Dead and Gone
Black Mask
Batman learns that he happened to kill Black Mask in the Clocktower at the start of the story. The news is broadcasted through Gotham, and turns the people more against Batman. When he goes to investigate, Batman tries to revive him, hoping that anything might work. He soon learns that Black Mask faked his death, likely another part of the Silhouette's plan. Batman apprehends Black Mask before he can cause any more damage.
Forged Signature
Poison Ivy

Oracle informs Batman that someone has put in a request to cease the production of the new Wayne Enterprises Facility Outpost. Batman goes to investigate, to find Poison Ivy has forged Bruce's signature and is using the construction site as her hideout. She wants to poison Gotham's water so that the civilians will leave the city, and tries to pin the blame on Bruce Wayne. Batman puts an end to her plans, but she instead agrees to help the GCPD evacuate civilians out of the city.

Robin Banks
Great White Shark
Someone has been stealing from the accounts of Wayne Industries. Batman concludes that it must be Robin doing it, who once again is offended that Batman would even consider him to do that. He decides to ambush Robin at the next location he will steal from, and finds that Great White Shark is the one framing Robin, trying to drive a wedge between the two just like the Silhouette wanted.
The Next Demon
Ra's Al Ghul and Talia Al Ghul
Batman learns that Talia Al Ghul has been revived by the last of the Lazarus Pit instead of Ra's al Ghul. She is trying to distance herself from the League of Assassins, as she is mad Ra's revived her and expected her to take up the mantle. Batman decides to go through the tests of the league to finally be the sucessor to Ra's. After completing the tests, he defeats the league's presence in Gotham, effectively making himself and Talia not having to lead the League of Assassins. He brings Talia back to the Batcave to hideout and welcomes her to the Bat family.
Finishing the Tally
Victor Zsasz
Victor Zsasz lures Batman into a trick and traps him inside the Light & Power. Zsasz thinks he has finally killed the Batman, and carves the scar into his skin that he has been saving for when he kills Batman. Zsasz soon learns Batman is still alive, and is defeated by him. He has a breakdown over carving Batman's tally into his skin, even though Batman isn't dead.
Vs. Wayne
The Penguin
The Penguin takes over Wayne Tower after Hush has left the building. Penguin's hatred for the Wayne family leads to him setting three bombs inside the building. Batman quickly disarms the bombs and defeats the Penguin before he can cause any destruction to the building and Wayne's reputation.
He Survives?
Killer Croc and Scarecrow

On the shoreline of Gotham, Batman finds a hideout Killer Croc has created. Upon investigating the hideout, Croc appears and attacks Batman. He is deranged and clearly infected with something. Batman takes a sample of his blood and escapes before Croc destroys him. Batman searches the shoreline for another one of Croc's hideouts. After finding it, Oracle learns that Croc has been exposed to Fear Gas. Scarecrow is somewhere in Gotham City hoping to use Croc to kill him. Batman finds Scarecrow's hideout on the shoreline, but finds a message from Scarecrow that he has already escaped Gotham and will terrorise the whole country.

This mission acts as another red herring to hide the fact that Scarecrow is actually the Silhouette.

Splinter Faction
TYGER Guards

A group of TYGER guards split off from the orders given to them by Hush. The brainwashed guards believed that what Hush was ordering didn't align with their orders from Hugo Strange. The guards try to pilot helicopters and kill any civilians they see. Batman must stop them before they can access the three helicopters they are planning to hijack.

Killed on the Battlefield
After Batman apprehends Two-Face, Prometheus later takes over the GCPD Headquarters, wanting to eliminate all the police officers in the building. Batman takes down Prometheus, but fails to save all the officers in time, further fracturing their relationship with Batman.
Duel to the Death
Deathstroke decides to challenge Batman to a duel again, and hopefully kill Batman and free Gotham from his reign of tyranny. Deathstroke has a plan to take down Batman, he has acquired a Magnetic Trap that can divert metallic objects away from him, rendering many of Batman's gadgets useless. As they battle, Vicki Vale reports on the fight, hoping for Deathstroke to win. Batman eventually wins the fight, and takes the Magnetic Trap from Deathstroke, adding it to his arsenal of gadgets.

Voice Actors


There are a number of collectibles found within Gotham that Batman can acquire to learn more lore about the world, or progress through certain side missions.

One of the collectible types that return is Riddler collectibles. These have been overhauled from the previous games over complaints they were becoming tedious. Instead, Riddler only plants riddles for Batman to solve throughout the game. Solving riddles will unlock different articles that Vicki Vale and Jack Ryder have written. These articles detail many events in Gotham, and fill in the details between events that were never seen in-game, similar to Arkham City Stories from Arkham City.

Examples of the details in these articles explains that Hugo Strange updated Scarecrow on Batman's whereabouts at all times within Arkham City, allowing him to continue formulating the TITAN Fear Gas without being found out by Batman. Another articles explains how Red Hood's militia is really just TYGER guards in a different uniform.

Riddler trophies have since been replaced with Cluemaster Trophies. The side mission The Smartest of Them All explains this, as The Riddler ditched the trophies since they have failed him in the past, whereas Cluemaster only just arrived in Gotham City and stole Riddler's modus operandi, expecting it to work.

One of the new collectibles introduced in Ashes of Arkham is Quincy's Letters. Before the breakout of Arkham City, Mayor Quincy Sharp wrote a number of letters to leading Gotham organisations and their leaders. This collectible further explores how brainwashed Sharp was and some of the things he did to become mayor. The letters end with him reinforcing his belief that he was the Spirit of Arkham.

The final collectible in the game are the recorded Interview Tapes. In the months of planning done by Hush and Scarecrow leading up to this night, they met with many villains held within Arkham City to get their help. The interview tapes detail how they convinced all the villains to join in on their scheme. 

Man-Bat's interview tapes discuss how Hush discovered Man-Bat and kidnapped him. Hush also talks about the crimes he made Man-Bat perform and the conditions he was in while captured.

Harley Quinn's interview tapes are found within Ace Chemicals. They discuss more in-depth how Hush convinced a mourning Harley into the plan, in which she would be the one to expose Batman to the TITAN Fear Gas. Hush promised to use Bruce's money to help her bring back Joker. 

Mad Hatter's interview tapes are found inside Story Book Land, and explain how Strange sent Hush to Mad Hatter to make use of his brainwashing capabilities. Hush invests Bruce's money into Mad Hatter to create the Mind Control Cards.

Two-Face's interview tapes are found inside the GCPD Headquarters. They discuss how Hush manipulated his trauma, and how Bruce Wayne instantly forgot about Harvey Dent after he transformed into a super criminal. They show Two-Face slowly becoming angrier and angrier at Bruce Wayne, until he decides to join the plan.

Mr Freeze's interview tapes are found inside Brentwood Academy, and they detail Hush approaching Mr Freeze, asking him to formulate the TITAN Gas as he is the last person alive that knows the most about TITAN. Mr Freeze refuses at first, but Hush entices him by saying he can use Bruce's money to cure Nora Fries.

Red Hood's interview tapes are found inside Gotham State General. They explain how Jason Todd survived Joker's attack, and recovered inside the hospital under anonymity. While recovering, Hugo Strange paid many visits to Todd, and used his power to keep Todd's survival unknown. The final tape shows Hush approaching Todd, who immediately agrees to the plan after being manipulated by Strange. The tapes also explain that Red Hood's militia are just TYGER guards in different clothing.

Hush's interview tapes are found inside Wayne Manor. They feature Hush and the Silhouette's early meetings, in which they were planning to fulfill Strange's plans. As the tapes continue, they demonstrate how their plan slowly transforms as they realize that the only real villain is Batman, and that they should kill him instead of Gotham's criminals. They end of Hush revealing to the Silhouette that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a special mode which allows the player to replay through special challenges from the game by completing specific Riddler and Cluemaster challenges. After completing any of the specific challenges, this unlocks maps in Challenge Mode to test your skills against enemies and post your best scores to online leaderboards in the game.

The challenge maps in Challenge Mode are split into three categories, Combat, Predator and Boss. The Combat challenge maps pit Batman in an arena-like battle against numerous thugs. The Predator challenge maps pit Batman in a large room against gun-wielding enemies which he must take out and remain undetected. The Boss challenge maps are where you can fight off against a boss you have completed in the main story. The Boss challenges are brand new to the Arkham series.

List Of Challenge Maps

All challenges also have a Extreme mode not listed.

Name Location Mission
Corporate Blast Wayne Tower Combat
Chain Reaction Ace Chemicals Combat
Out of the Park Story Book Land Combat
Brainwashed GCPD Headquarters Combat
90 Percent Attendance Brentwood Academy Combat
RSVP Gotham State General Combat
Zero Manners Wayne Manor Combat
Centre of Attention Grand Central Square Combat
Knightmare Scarecrow's Nightmare Combat
Tick Tock The Clocktower Predator
Shadow in the Dark Wayne Tower Predator
Atom Ace Chemicals Predator
Down the Rabbithole Mad Hatter's Dream World Predator
Down for the Count GCPD Headquarters Predator
Bat up High Bank of Gotham Predator
Schooled Brentwood Academy Predator
Heart Attack Gotham State General Predator
Home Alone Wayne Manor Predator
Man-Bat Downtown Gotham Boss
Shrine of Joker Ace Chemicals Boss
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter's Dream World Boss
Two-Face GCPD Headquarters Boss
Azrael The Gauntlet Boss
The Silhouette Brentwood Academy Boss
Harley Quinn Gotham State Hospital Boss
Hush Wayne Manor Boss
Scarebeast Scarecrow's Nightmare Boss

Retail Editions

The Heroic Batman statue that comes with the Gotham Edition

Batman: Ashes Of Arkham featured two special editions when it released, including the Collector's Edition and the Gotham Edition.

The Collector's Edition contains a collectable Kotobukiya statue depicting Batman on his knees in front of The Silhouette, a steelbook package of the game, a hardcover book detailing the Arkham series lore and beta access to Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer mode.

The Gotham Edition contains a collectable Kotobukiya statue depicting Batman on the Bat-Symbol, exclusive DLC including a playable Robin in Challenge Mode as well as story DLC of his time during the breakout from Arkham City and a collectable art book.

  • Collector's Edition
  • Gotham Edition


The Batman: Ashes Of Arkham - Official Video Game Score released the same day of the intial release of Batman: Ashes Of Arkham. The soundtrack features 30 songs, all from the original game.

Track Listing

  • Ashes of Arkham Main Theme
  • Breakout
  • I Am The Night
  • WayneTech. Approach
  • Man-Bat Boss Battle
  • Investigation
  • Search and Rescue
  • Hallucination
  • Gotham City
  • Dream World
  • The Silhouette
  • GCPD Takeover
  • Right to Justice
  • Two-Face Boss Battle
  • Bat on a Roof
  • Azrael Boss Battle
  • A Strange Compound
  • Academy
  • The Silhouette Boss Battle
  • Investigation
  • For the General
  • Joker's Funeral
  • Harley Quinn Boss Battle
  • Wayne Manor in Crisis
  • Haunted
  • Hush Boss Battle
  • Protocol 12
  • Knightmare
  • From the Ashes of Arkham
  • Main Theme (Credits)



  • Red Hood and Joker act as a red herring to the Silhouette's true identity, which is Scarecrow.
  • In the side mission The Next Demon, a secret audio tape can be found in which Ra's al Ghul says a final goodbye to his daughter Talia. Ra's tells Talia to convince Batman to take her in and have a child with him so that the child can be the successor to the League of Assassins. It is never confirmed if she heard the tape or not.
  • After defeating the Mad Hatter, he can be returned to later in the story to find that Hush put a Mind Control Card on him and is torturing him. The card can be taken off, but Mad Hatter's state will not change, suggesting he has gone truly insane.
  • In Red Hood's interview tapes it is revealed that Stacey Baker, the volunteer doctor inside Arkham City, was the one who nursed Red Hood back to health. It also suggests that she was more corrupt as a doctor than first believed, taking a particular interest in nursing the super criminals back to health.
  • Looking through a window of the Cybertron building, it is possible to see a object resembling HARDAC, the evil supercomputer from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • If you return to Mister Freeze after completing the main story, you learn that he has managed to reunite with his wife after using Bruce's money to formulate a cure.
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