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A Barrel as it appears in the Donkey Kong Country series.
First Appearance Donkey Kong (1981)

Barrels are items mainly appearing in the Donkey Kong series, also appearing infrequently in Mario games. They serve many purposes, and Donkey Kong often uses them as ammo and as cannons.

Barrels often differ in purpose from game to game. In the original Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong throws barrels that roll across the stage and down the ladders, which Jumpman needs to jump over or smash with a Hammer. Donkey Kong Country would later introduce the idea of Regular Barrels, which Donkey Kong or any of the other playable Kongs can pick up and throw at enemies or obstacles to destroy them. A variant of the barrel that was held together with vines instead of steel hoops known as the Vine Barrel appeared only in the original Donkey Kong game, and are a weaker variant of the Regular Barrel. The Vine Barrel shatters on impact with an enemy or obstacle as opposed to continuing to propel forward.

Types of Barrels

Barrel Information
Barrel Cannon

The Barrel Cannon can be entered by the player and with a press of a button, fire them out.

DK Barrel

Also known as Buddy Barrels or Kong Barrel, the DK Barrel can be lifted and then broken to give the player the Kong inside, allowing them to either play as them or act as a extra bit of health. When the Kong Ally is defeated, the player must seek to find this Barrel again to get them again.

DKII Barrel.png
DKII Barrel

The DKII Barrel only appears when the player has lost a certain amount of lives on any given level. It will appear at the start of the level and throwing it will release Donkey Kong II to complete the level for you. It is a variation of the Super Guide feature that was first seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Fig 20 barrel.png
Smash Barrel

Smash Barrels (also known as Barrel) are containers that can be thrown during a battle. When picked up, characters cannot jump or attack until they let go of the Barrel. The long exception to this is Donkey Kong, who has retained this unique feature since the original game. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl and games afterwards, barrels take on a different look when they spawn on different stages. Futuristic barrels appear in space stages and presents appear in more fantastical stages. Barrels can be thrown to deal damage and break open to reveal items inside.

TNT Barrel DK64.png
TNT Barrel

TNT Barrels are picked up and thrown as a weapon, but will explode on impact, creating a fiery explosion that destroys all enemies caught in the blast radius. They can also be used to hurt bosses.

Tag Barrel.png
Tag Barrel

Tag Barrels act a lot like Character Pipes in that they allow the player to switch out their current playable character. They do not break upon use and stay stationary in the air.

Banana Barrels.png
Banana Barrels

Banana Barrels are yellow barrels with Bananas printed on them, appearing in the Mario Kart series. They attach themselves to either side of the kart and will fire Bananas forward, causing other drivers to slip if they run over them.

Green Shell Barrels.png
Green Shell Barrels

Green Shell Barrels are green barrels with Green Shells printed on them, appearing in the Mario Kart series. They attach themselves to either side of the kart and will fire Green Shells forward, which fly across the track and bounce off of walls, flipping over any drivers they hit.


Mario Kart: Turbo Circuit

Barrels are Donkey Kong's special item in Mario Kart: Turbo Circuit. They are used by being tossed ahead or behind, crushing any karter in its way, breaking when hitting a wall.

Super Smash Bros. (arcade)

A Barrel appears as a carrier item in Super Smash Bros. for the arcade. It can contain at least one item but has a 12.5% chance of exploding. It rolls until it hits a fighter or a wall. It can also slow down and roll in the opposite direction if on sloped terrain.


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