Banjo Kazooie
Director Alex Gaytan
Studio(s) Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distributor(s) Rare, Nintendo
Type CGI
Genre(s) Comedy, Adventure
Country of Origin US,UK
Bill Farmer
Melanie Lynskey
Josh Gad
Gary Oldman
Kevin James
Theatrical Release Date(s)
2016 August 10th
Home Edition Release Date(s)
2016 October 1th
Age Rating(s)
Parental Guidance (for mild adventure peril and some rude humor)
Original Language English
Budget 8000$
Box Office 100.8$
Runtime 102 Minutes
Series Banjo Kazooie
Prequel(s) TBA
Sequel(s) TBA
Banjo Kazooie is a 2016 CGI animated comedy film based on the video game series, it a beginning of the series of why meet Banjo and Kazooie.


  • John Goodman as Banjo
  • Billy Crystal as Kazooie
  • Josh Gad as Bottles
  • Gary Oldman as Mumbo
  • Kevin James as Charluck the main antagonist (replaced Gruntilda)

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