Banjo- Kazooie 3DS is the 5th game in the Banjo- Kazooie series. It was developed by Rareware and was released in 2015. The plot is Tooty & Bottles are kidnapped. So Banjo & his feathered friend, Kazooie, have to save them from Gruntilda & her sisters, Mingella & Blobbelda. Development started a few months before Banjo- Pilot started in development. It is a dark game in the series, due to Blobbelda dying of being overweight & Clanker blows up.



The Story From The Manual

It was any normal day on Spiral Mountain, Banjo & all his other friends were relaxing under the bright sun, nothing could ruin their fun! But far away, Grunty the witch was.

Her two sisters were there too. The two could both agree that Gruntilda was a tease to the Winkybunion family. So they decide to recover her. The three go to a distant land in a portal of some sort.

But before they go, Gruntilda says that before she can go, she has to deal with her "friends". So she flies away in her mechanical body on her broom.

Bottles sees Gruntilda & yells her name in terror. Tooty, Bottles, & Knungo disappear, leaving only Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo Jumbo, & Humba Wumba left.

Banjo & Kazooie must save the three from the evil Winkybunions, can they be saved in time? Find out!


Normal Worlds

Starting Worlds

Hub Worlds

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