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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Xbox One, Visus Sphere
Single-Player, Multi-Player (Co-Op)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, 3D Platformer
Series Banjo-Kazooie
Predecessor Banjo-Tooie
Banjo-Threezie is an upcoming Action-Adventure, 3D Platformer for the Xbox One and Visus Sphere. The game is the third entry in the main series of Banjo-Kazooie and returns to the classic Collect-a-thon, 3D Platforming style of its predecessors.


Taking place roughly 2 years after Banjo-Tooie, Gruntilda has with her own skull somehow constructed a cybernetic suit for herself while she's collected her old bones to attempt to truly resurrect herself. Meanwhile Banjo & Kazooie have been exploring new locations as per request of Master Jiggywiggy. However Gruntilda knowing the threat Banjo & Kazooie could place on her plans captures Master Jiggywiggy while the Bear and Bird duo are back at home to stop them from reaching her new Airship, The Witch's Fortune. Now with Master Jiggywiggy abducted and all the Jiggies scattered across the world it's up to Banjo & Kazooie along with assistance from a few friends to reclaim the Jiggies and defeat Gruntilda before she can bring her body back to life.


The game functions surprisingly similar to previous entries in the series, depsite the long time period between Banjo-Tooie and Banjo-Threezie. Aside from the camera being a little bit further zoomed out than before the controls are what would be expected of a standard 3D Platformer and allows the player to run, walk, sprint, jump and perform a variety of actions. A large percentage of abilities from the previous two games return as listed below.

Banjo-Kazooie Returning Abilities Banjo-Tooie Returning Abilities New Abilities (Learnt In-Game)
Beak Barge Peck Falcon Flight
Beak Bomb Beak Bayonet Pelican Propellor
Climb Bill Drill** Phoenix Wings
Dive Breegull Bash Flight Lance
Egg Firing Claw Clamber Boots Razor Claw Roll
Flap Flip Grip Grab Stone-A-Pult
Flight Spring Step Shoes Claw Crusher
Forward Roll Talon Torpedo Wing Shovel
Jump Aerial Targetting
Rat-A-Tap Rap Scuba Targetting
Shock Spring Jump Spiralling Tornado
Talon Trot*
  • - Talon Trot replaces Stilt Strider
    • Bill Drill replaces Beak Buster

New Abilities

Falcon Flight - Increased Flight speed and allows the duo to bust through weak barriers like leather.

Pelican Propellor - Increased Swimming speed and allows the duo to charge through enemies at the cost of one red feather.

Phoenix Wings - Kazooie envelops her wings in Fire and performs a wide scoop attack to heavily damage and burn enemies at close range, this attack can leat into Wonderwing if timed correctly.

Flight Lance - Kazooie shoots out of Banjo's Back pack and Banjo grabs onto Kazooie's legs, the two take flight and Kazooie is able to fly through any barrier, this ability costs 10 Red Feather to be used and additional feathers to maintain/gain altitude.

Razor Claw Roll - Banjo performs what seems to be his Forward Roll however reveals his claws right before he gets into the roll making him dangerous to any weak enemies he comes into contact with as well as various obstacles in enclosed spaces. Unlike Forward Roll, Banjo can keep up his momentum by expending a Red Feather each time for Kazooie to give Banjo an extra push.

Stone-A-Pult - Banjo pulls Kazooie out of his back pack and lifts her behind his shoulders as she entrenches her feet in the ground, upon letting go of the button Banjo flips Kazooie over causing Kazooie's feet to launch a boulder from within the ground at enemies from a distance. the range can be altered with the bumper buttons.

Claw Crusher - Banjo performs a forward dive and lunges at his enemy with claws unseathed. This attack deals high damage although leaves Banjo vulnerable for a few seconds afterwards.

Wing Shovel - Kazooie extends her wings in front of Banjo creating a giant shovel while Banjo runs allowing them to pick up various obstacles and heave them out of the way.

Aerial Targetting - An advancement of the aiming feature from previous games, with it the player now locks onto their target and can swap which enemy they're targetting with the Right Analog Stick. This ability is pre-learnt.

Scuba Targetting - An Advancement of the aiming feature from previous games, with it the player now locks onto their target and can swap which enemy they're targetting with the Right Analog Stick. This ability is pre-learnt.

Spiralling Tornado - Banjo extends his arms out while Kazooie extends her wings, the two begin spinning rapidly taking flight temporarily completely destroying any aerial enemies at close range although leaving them vulnerable to aerial ranged attacks.



Cyan Honeycomb

Honeycombs return as the Health Bar for the game functioning like they did in previous Banjo-Kazooie Games. The player can obtain more Honeycombs by collecting Honeycomb segments, now broken pieces of a complete Honeycomb instead of whole Honeycomb pieces. The player starts out with 6 Honeycombs to start and can find a total of 24 more for a total of 30 Honeycombs. In addition hidden in Snowflake Mountain is a Tribal Elder who will give Banjo a magic syrup that will bolster his health effectively doubling it and turning his Honeycombs Cyan in colour.


Replacing the Honeycombs as Healing Items however are the Honey Pots and Honey Globs. These commonly erupt from enemies when defeated allowing Banjo to recover health. Honey Globs restore 1 Honeycomb while Honey Pots restore 4 Honeycombs. Honeypots are much rarer on common enemies however.

Reinforced Honeycombs


Feathers once again return in Banjo-Threezie acting as ammunition for some of Kazooie's more powerful attacks. Both Red and Golden Feathers return Golden Feathers being used for Wonderwing and Charge Attacks while flying while Red Feathers are simply used for powerful attacks and while in flight to maintain altitude.

In addition a few new Feathers are introduced which simply function as multiples and are usually given in more hidden containers or by tougher enemies.

Feather Value
Red Feather
Red Feather
Blue Feather
Blue Feather
Purple Feather
Purple Feather
White Feather
White Feather
Orange Feather
Orange Feather
Green Feather
Green Feather
Black Feather
Black Feather
Gold Feather
Gold Feather

Transformation Amulets

Transformation Amulets are items found in the early Worlds of Banjo-Threezie that have inscribed symbols on the back which allow Mumbo Jumbo to transform Banjo & Kazooie into a variety of forms. They are not very difficult to find and the first is actually received after defeating Klungo in Spiral Mountain. Each Transformation Amulet matches one of the forms and use Blue and Red Crystals to indicate where Banjo & Kazooie fit in the transformation.


Jiggies are one of the major goals of Banjo-Threezie (aside from the boss fights) to progress through the game. Certain amounts are necessary to access new worlds and like Banjo-Tooie the player doesn't lose them upon use. Collecting all Jiggies will restore the Jiggywiggy Temple unlocking the portal to Memory Lane (the Boss Rush mode of the game). When accessing new worlds the player must solve picture puzzles to access the new world, these picture puzzles feature distant views of the world and thus aren't a still image making the puzzles more difficult.


Jinjos once again appear as collectibles in each World, every world has 12 Jinjos to find which can usually be found hidden away or protected by a large group of enemies. There are a total of 288 Jinjos, upon which obtaining all of them will change Spiral Mountain to a sort of festivity style having the Jinjos appear all over Spiral Mountain. In addition the player will be able to transform Kazooie at any of Mumbo Jumbo's Huts into a Winged Jinjo (similar to the Dragon form from Banjo-Tooie) in this form Kazooie replaces her Beak Barge attack with a Magic Casting Attack.




Across every World in Banjo-Threezie are a large amount of Notes to be collected, Notes can be hidden in plain sight or require mini-puzzles to be solved, they can be inside boxes, barrels and other containers or require an ability obtained later in the game. There are a total of 120 Notes in every level which when found will alter the appearance of the Levels scenery in various ways as well as the music itself. Collecting all 120 Notes is part of a 100% completion and the True Ending.

Cobalt Notes

New in Banjo-Threezie are the Cobalt Notes, the Cobalt Notes are alternatly coloured notes only found once an are has been fully completed in all other circumstances, Cobalt Notes are more well hidden than their golden counterparts although there are only 20 in each world to find. Obtaining all the Cobalt Notes will unlock a third Scenery Change and Music Change for the world as well as allow the player to choose which scenery they want when they go to said world.

Scenery Changes

World Original Scenery Gold Note Scenery Cobalt Note Scenery
Spiral Mountain Grasslands Autumn Winter
Dust Bunny Hills Dusty Sandy Sooty
Wet Foot Lake Forest Prehistoric Icy
Gas Jet Alley Downtown Wild West Noire
Neon Funfair Carnival Neon Starry
Shock Stop Rapids River Jungle Flood Plains
Bubblegloop Swamp Swamp Clear Lake Jungle
Feather Grass Field Tall Grass Wheat Prehistoric
Thornway Cliffs Cactus Blossom Rocky
Big Red Pit Mineral Icy Starry
Glitter Gulch Mine Gemstone Glass Mineral
Dino Bone Tower Prehistoric Mechanical Rocky
Snowflake Mountain Snowing Summer Spring
Steam Flood Caverns Steamy Foggy Sparkling
Gobi's Valley Sandy Sooty Dusty
Oddity Point Ridge Abstract Starry Sandy
Oasis City Tropical Stormy Urban
Claw Tail Islands Tropical Winter Blossom
Mumble Grumble Jungle Jungle Autumn Mechanical
Hailfire Peaks Fire & Ice Light & Dark Grassy & Mechanical
Crater of Soot Sooty Dusty Sandy
S.S. Whiteye Pirate Ship Inflatable Raft Ghost Ship
Thunder Touch Docks Stormy Sunny Hailing
The Witch's Fortune Mechanical Futuristic 50's Future

Crystal Bones

Scattered across each world are the Crystal Bones, a large array various bones ranging in size and shape totalling up to 173 Bones across all the worlds. The Crystal Bones once collected will allow Mumbo Jumbo to cast a spell called "Enemy Change" which will swap enemies' colourations and in some instances their physical appearance. This affects all enemies at once and does affect the Bosses found in the Memory Lane Sub-Game.


Like in previous Banjo-Kazooie Games Eggs are an ammunition Kazooie uses to attack enemies from a distance. All five Egg Types from Banjo-Tooie return as well as 4 new Egg Types.

Egg Type Special Ability
Blue Eggs Blue Egg None
Fire Eggs Fire Egg Deals more damage than Blue Eggs and sets enemies on fire causing them to panic, it can also light fuses and burn wood as well as melt ice
Grenade Eggs Grenade Egg Incredibly powerful eggs that while having poor range deal the greatest amount of damage of any egg, they explode on impact
Ice Eggs Ice Egg Freezes an Enemy in place for up to 8 seconds (depending on the enemy) allowing for a stronger follow-up attack, inflicts less damage than Blue eggs
Clockwork Kazooie Eggs Clockwork Kazooie Egg Creates a Tiny Walking Explosive which detonates after 20 seconds or after running into an enemy or obstacle
Angelic Eggs Angelic Egg Eggs that take flight after being fired and will target any aerial enemies in the nearby vicinity
Metal Eggs Metal Egg Heavy eggs that can only be placed or rolled, they can crush small enemies, don't damage large enemies and can be used to activate certain pressure plates
Smoke Eggs Smoke Egg Dangerous eggs that upon hitting an enemy or obstacle will release a knock-out smoke that can knock-out multiple enemies at once, it deals no damage however and has a very slow movement speed
Flash Eggs Flash Egg Fast eggs that when fired will temporarily blind enemies causing them to run around and sometimes into each other causing them to damage themselves

Co-Op Mode

In Co-Op Mode the second player takes control of Congo the Raptor and Marimba the Pterodactyl, prehistoric equivalents of Banjo & Kazooie respectively. The two function identically to their modern counterparts.

Co-Op mode has a Split-Screen Set-Up with Banjo & Kazooie on the left and Congo & Marimba on the right. Both Players have half the regular health of a Single-Player Mode and only gain half a Honeycomb from each level. In addition in Co-Op Mode beating it unlocks 4 more alts for either player to choose when playing Co-Op. In addition upon unlocking these four alts the players can mix and match Characters from different alts together.

Combo Character 1 Character 2
Classic Banjo the Bear Kazooie the Breegull
Prehistoric Congo the Raptor Marimba the Pterodactyl
Cavernous Cymbal the Mole Castanet the Bat
Swamp Viola the Alligator Accordian the Ibis
Volcanic Sitar the Goat Melodica the Pheasant
Jungle Taiko the Gorilla Tambourin the Toucan

Main Characters

  • Banjo the Bear - The Easy-Going and laid-back bear of the duo, Banjo is the at times slow thinking half of the pair although unlike Kazooie Banjo is Well-Mannered preferring to use titles when talking to various characters. While it's uncertain of how brave Banjo actually is he has shown motivation when the time arises.
  • Kazooie the Breegull - The sassy, hot-tempered breegull, Kazooie is a loud-mouthed individual who often speaks her mind irregardless of how it might make them feel. Kazooie does mean well however and tends to only act rude to those who initiated the name-calling. Unlike Banjo however Kazooie is always up for adventure and takes joy in beating evil individuals like Gruntilda.
  • Gruntilda the Witch - A power hungry and vile witch, Gruntilda is overconfident in her plans, regardless of how many holes they seem to have. Gruntilda is at times ruthless torturing and even killing individuals no matter how close to her they are while at other times being comedic including on occasion breaking the fourth wall. Gruntilda's plans have rarely benefited her in any way and based on her current state they probably won't be getting much better.
  • Bottles the Mole - A bit of a guide to Banjo & Kazooie, Bottles helps the duo remember their various abilities and gives them tips on things to do in the various worlds. Bottles means well when he talks to the duo although often bickers with Kazooie due to her rudeness towards him. Bottles 
  • Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman - The broken english speaking Shaman, Mumbo Jumbo is a close friend to Banjo and almost always is willing to help out especially when it can benefit his shaman skills. Mumbo Jumbo is proficient in transformation magic, able to turn Banjo and Kazooie into a variety of forms to help them on their quest.
  • Klungo the Servant - The reluctant servant of Gruntilda, Klungo has returned to Gruntilda under several conditions (most likely a Health Plan based on his appearance). Willing to do the dirty work to stop Banjo and Kazooie from getting to his boss, Klungo is also a surprisingly proficient mechanic as he can build a variety of machines to hinder the pair's progress.
  • Helter Skelter the Super Computer - Gruntilda's new assistant, this super computer is directly connected to the Witch's Fortune and overlooks its defences. Helter Skelter seems to have developed its own personality being both sadistic and sarcastic towards Banjo and Kazooie when they confront it. Helter Skelter doesn't think very much of the duo referring to them as "ancient technology" possibly indicating Helter Skelter having a superiority complex.


There are a total of 24 Worlds for Banjo & Kazooie to explore some of which return from Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie although most are new to the game. Aside from the first two worlds each world requires Jiggies to access with each one requiring progressively more. However as the player does not use Jiggies as they gain access to new worlds the overall amount required for each world in comparison to it's predecessor does not increase substantially.

World Jiggies Required Jiggies In-World Jinjo Colour Crystal Bones Boss
Spiral Mountain 1 0 5 Yellow 3 Klungo
Dusty Bunny Hills 2 0 10 Grey 3 Vacuum Wolf
Wet Foot Lake 3 2 10 Cyan 3 Locky Snake
Gas Jet Alley 4 4 12 Violet 4 Leaky the Kid
Neon Funfair 5 6 13 White 4 Beast-O-Coaster
Shock Stop Rapids 6 10 15 Gold 5 Anglow Fish
Bubblegloop Swamp 7 16 15 Turquoise 5 Klunk Tank
Feather Grass Field 8 23 15 Green 5 Great Grassy Condor
Thornway Cliffs 9 31 18 Lime 6 Mr. Sabbar
Big Red Pit 10 41 20 Maroon 6 Diggzy
Glitter Gulch Mine 11 53 20 Pink 7 Queen of Diamonds
Dino Bone Tower 12 66 22 Black 7 Rex
Snowflake Mountain 13 81 23 Sky 7 Shard-Leg Spider
Steam Flood Caverns 14 99 25 Magenta 8 Diggzy's Mining Maniac
Gobi's Valley 15 119 25 Orange 8 Tut-Tum
Oddity Point Ridge 16 140 27 Brown 9 KFO (Klungified-Flying-Object)
Oasis City 17 163 28 Mint 9 The Co-Co Brothers
Claw Tail Islands 18 188 28 Navy 9 Capri & Canci
Mumble Grumble Jungle 19 213 30 Emerald 10 Spirit Horn
Hailfire Peaks 20 240 30 Red 10 Momma Bomba
Crater of Soot 21 268 32 Burgundy 11 Sneezey Snout
S.S. Whiteye 22 298 32 Cream 11 Klunkruiser
Thunder Touch Docks 23 330 35 Dark Yellow 11 Gruntildabots
The Witch's Fortune 24 450 35 Jade 12 Cyber Grunty


  • Globble
  • Black Globble
  • Stinging Globble
  • Dragunda
  • Crystal Dragunda
  • Snapdragon
  • Flying Snapdragon
  • Diggit
  • Duggit
  • Grublin
  • Grublin Knight
  • Grublin Gunman
  • Grublin Pilot
  • Grublin Sailor
  • Bee-Hive
  • Hothead
  • Chillhead
  • Blubbul
  • Electric Blubbul
  • Frazzle
  • Dazzle
  • Keelhauls
  • Keelhaul Lieutenants
  • Keelhaul Captains
  • Guvnor
  • Guvnor Welder
  • Guvnor Mechanic
  • Klang
  • Toxi-Klang
  • Fire Klang
  • Biggafoot
  • Gigafoot
  • Hot Hand
  • S'Hard
  • Diamond S'Hard
  • Obsidian S'Hard
  • Hibi Jibi
  • Huba Juba
  • Gobgoyle
  • Fire Gobgoyle
  • Ice Gobgoyle
  • Spark Gobgoyle
  • Zubba
  • Zubba Zing-Wing
  • Queen Zubba
  • Pansie
  • Daisie
  • Rosie
  • Lilie
  • Mum Mum
  • Royal Mum Mum
  • Scabby
  • Slappa
  • Wacka
  • Skelosaurus
  • Skelerex
  • Skelodicus
  • Snippet
  • Black Snippet
  • Armoured Snippet
  • Snippet King
  • Shrapnel
  • Flibbit
  • Yellow Flibbit
  • Blue Flibbit
  • Camo Flibbit
  • Limbo
  • Limbo Skull
  • Old Bone Limbo
  • Tee-Hee
  • Scare-Ree
  • Gruntling
  • Gruntling Warrior
  • Gruntling Archer
  • Gruntling Wizard
  • Stone Gruntling
  • Cubloid
  • Spheroid
  • Sootstock
  • Gruntling Pirate
  • Gruntling Captain
  • Thorno
  • Cactalot
  • Cackingham
  • Leaf Dove
  • Vine Dove
  • Puddleduck
  • Puddlegoose
  • Flitter Flake
  • Flutter Flake
  • Mermy
  • Gitsie Up
  • Ramsie
  • Gruntling Elite
  • Cyber Gruntling
  • Mirror Bear


Like in previous Banjo-Kazooie titles the duo are able to turn into a variety creatures and objects to help them progress through the various stages. This time however Kazooie also appears as part of the Transformations in some way.

Transformation Banjo Component Kazooie Component Function
Drilling Tank Body Drill Bit Allow the Duo to burrow through weakened earth to open up new locations
Helicopter Body Helicopter Blades & Hook Allows the Duo to pick up certain objects too heavy for Banjo to normally life and move them via air
Mummy Skeleton Wraps Allows the Duo to pass by Mum-Mums unnoticed as well as through certain doors for "Enemies Only"
Slug Body Eyes Allows the Duo to slip through cracks in walls to access secrets and new areas
Sports Car Frame Wheels Allows the Duo to ascend up steep ascents
Palm Tree Trunk Leaves Plants seeds to grow into vine paths as well as carry water from one location to another
Bull Body Horns Allows the Duo to plow through blockades with ease that even Grenade Eggs cannot break
Washing Machine Main Body Door Cleans Clothing and allows the Duo to enter through "Machinery Only" doors


  • The game features the most worlds, Jiggies and overall collecitbles of the three main series games although this is partly due to the technology available at the time
  • Unlike Banjo-Tooie there is not a new move taught in every world instead there is one taught every third world (starting from the second world) with the 18th World having 2 new moves
  • Mr. Sabbar's surname comes from the Arabic translation of the word Cactus
  • The Gruntildabots are encountered in such an order that as the player progresses they start out looking like Gruntilda normally does however when the player reaches the last one it looks like Gruntilda at the end of Banjo-Kazooie if the player loses
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