Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
What are you doing here!? This ain't no masterpiece, you hear?

This game stars bear and bird that I hate, and I will make them pay at any rate!

... So you won't turn back? Then just cut me some slack!

Banjo-Quadzooie is the nth installment of Banjo-Kazooie, developed by Gear Games and Rare, and published by Microsoft. This game is released for both the Xbox Series X and Evo-Gem in {date to determine}, with the intent to return to the original gameplay while giving unique twists in the series' formula.

The meta-humor from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, as well as some of the British humor in general, had been carried over, and the plot is fairly darker compared to previous Banjo-Kazooie games, but not without lighthearted humor and the characters' comedic personality. The plot is said to take place directly after Banjo-Kazooie: Showtime, and explains why the Nuts & Bolts material aren't often seen since the release of that game.

The Main Gameplay

Like in Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Banjo-Kazooie: Gruntilda's Revenge, Banjo-Quadzooie is a 3D collectathon platforming game, with the goal is to collect as many Jigsaw Pieces (also known as Jiggies) as possible. The player needs enough Jiggies in order to advance to another World and other bonuses.

However, there are notable differences from previous Banjo-Kazooie games regarding gameplay, which are mostly quality-of-life changes and to take account on the playable status of Mumbo Jumbo and the newcomer Maximas.

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
If you think those changes are worthwhile, they still won't match my boss playstyle!
  • The gameplay and animations in general become faster. This allows for a bit faster paced gameplay.
  • The camera can be freely controlled by the player, regardless of the area (barring very few exceptions).
  • There are two life systems the player can switch before starting or continuing a save file; Retro Mode and Modern Mode.
    • The life system is kept for Retro Mode, not in Modern Mode. Because of that, the returning Extra Life item is renamed as Banjo Statue and have two functions, which not only granting an extra life in Retro Mode, but also temporarily power-up the characters' speed and prowess for ten seconds.
    • Dying in Modern Mode will only result losing 10 Notes and then up to 50 Notes in later worlds, but that was to balance with Notes being collected infinitely and discourage new players to be reckless.
    • However, dying in a few important boss battles will still trigger special Game Over sequences, which are generally short and the player can jump back to the boss fight if they selected "Try Again". The special Game Over sequences only activates in Retro Mode if the player runs out of lives in those specific boss battles.
    • A standard game over sequence will apply if the player select "Quit without Saving" regardless if the mode is Retro or Modern. In the post-game, quitting with or without saving will just have Gruntilda to torment the player with a snarky rhyme.


  • Banjo's running speed is notably faster, which still nowhere as fast as Kazooie and the Talon Trot, allow solo Banjo to get a better pace. His speed when using Sack Pack is also notably faster, although still slower than his new running speed.
    • His solo attacks also deals 2 damage, unlike Kazooie's solo attacks (and not the combo attacks) only deals 1.
  • Because Mumbo Jumbo become a playable character, Banjo and Kazooie's transformations are only available via Humpa Wumpa like back in Banjo-Tooie. However, Mumbo himself can utilize his Mumbo Magic to modify environments after collecting the World's respective Gumbo, which is also the case in Banjo-Tooie.
    • Although Mumbo Jumbo was playable in Banjo-Tooie's single player mode, he is only used to invoke Mumbo Magic. His moveset is greatly expended to be comparable with Banjo, Kazooie and the newcomer Maximas.
  • Maximas is a new playable character added as a tank of the group. She can perform tasks that none of the three other characters could consistently do, such as pushing columns, picking up boulders and throwing them away, and defeat otherwise invincible enemies.
    • Despite her giant size (thrice as tall as Banjo), she's the fastest of the playable characters, allowing for much faster transportation when Jamjars' Silo Transportation isn't needed. However, this is all balanced by her size and weight working against her in some places, such as being too tall to fit into smaller areas.
  • The player can switch between Banjo & Kazooie, Mumbo Jumbo and Maximas right at the pause menu via Change Character.
    • To balance this, the player cannot switch into Maximas in small rooms, and cannot switch at all if Banjo and Kazooie were Split-up.
    • The characters also share the same Honeycomb percentage, except Banjo and Kazooie during Split-up. This means that if Mumbo Jumbo have four Honeycombs left and switches into either Banjo-Kazooie or Maximas, that character also have four Honeycombs. This is to prevent cheesing any difficult obstacle or boss fight by using any character as a meat-shield.
  • A new gameplay addition is the Select-a-Move Menu, which allows the player to use new moves and customize their control setting. The Select-a-Move Menu is available for all the four playable characters.


  • To balance the LOG Jiggies being mandatory, the amount of standard Jiggies required for the next World are reduced accordingly.
    • This is also to balance the amount of Worlds being higher than any Banjo-Kazooie games.
    • The animation when collecting a LOG Jiggy is the same from Banjo-Kazooie. A lightly longer animation, based of the scrapped, longer version of the Jiggy Get animation, plays when collecting one from a defeated boss.
  • Jinjos have introduced Ghost Jinjos (which are actually the dead Gray Jinjos), the Pink Jinjos and the legendary Rainbow Jinjo. The sole White Jinjo become a minor ally instead of being a collectible, but he still gives a Jiggy any time he was rescued.
  • As said before, Notes can be collected infinitely and respawn any time the player come back to the same world. This means that it isn't required to collect every single Note for 100% completion.
    • Notes also become treated as more of actual currency for some reasons, with the exception in Ticket-e-Hoo Hotel, which requires using the Exchange Booth.
  • Up to ten Golden Feathers can be held by Banjo-Kazooie without needing any new condition, however this is in order to introduce the Golden Tackle attack, which costs two Golden Feathers.
    • If upgraded, up to twenty Golden Feathers can be held, but continuous usage of Golden Tackle will cost four Golden Feathers to discourage the player from becoming overtly reliant with this move.
  • Does to the Select-a-Move mechanic, the Egg Nest will gives an according amount of Eggs to all of the current Egg Stocks for Banjo & Kazooie. This make stocking up Egg Ammo much faster.

Boss Battles

  • Major bosses are more elaborate, having two phases with various health. More important bosses have a more intense second phase or even an additional third phase!
    • There is a "checkpoint" that allows the player to get a rematch on the boss' second/third phase if the player is defeated in that phase. This only applies to the more important bosses, as lesser important bosses can be taken down in less than a minute if the player is skilled enough.
  • Most bosses interact differently with the different character used. In some cases, one character works best against one boss, but not for every bosses. More important bosses have more than one character involved in different phases.
  • Bosses have different attacks depending on the player's position, to discourage camping and attacking at safe distance.
  • Aesthetic only, but Gruntilda or L.O.G. will spout a snarky comment on the player any time the player fails to defeat the boss. This more often than not give away a subtle but vital hint, allowing the analytic player to figure out.
  • Each boss have a Boosted version in the LOG-Lympic Arena, with new attacks and no checkpoint between the phases. Some bosses are completely different as well!
    • Gruntilda and L.O.G. will not make snarky comment any time the player fails in the LOG-Lympic Arena, either. Lady of Games will remind them of an important advice in a polite way.
  • Some bosses become more defensive or cowardly whenever they see Maximas. Others, on the other hand, become more aggressive and attack more often in hope to defeat her. In exchange, Maximas deals the most damage, but her large size gives her difficulty to dodge some of the bosses' wider attacks.
    • Against larger bosses, it is a straight-up close combat between the big elf and the big baddies! In the meanwhile, Banjo & Kazooie or Mumbo Jumbo have to be more strategic about taking on them.
  • Inversely, Mumbo Jumbo deals less damage compared to even Banjo & Kazooie, but can utilize his Mumbo Magic to defeat bosses in a very different way, making the boss battles into a puzzle. Using Mumbo Magic in his favor will defeat the bosses much faster than if he directly confront them.
  • How Banjo & Kazooie fight them is more standard compared to the other two, with a few new tools such as Lightbulb Eggs and the Whacky Missile on their arsenal. Because of the eggs in question, they are especially effective against distant bosses.
  • Almost every major Bosses will drop a LOG Jiggy. Mid-bosses will drop standard Jiggies, barring some exceptions.

Regarding Jiggies + Jinjos

  • While they are barely more numerous than in Banjo-Tooie, there are no additional mandatory collectibles to advance except the Jinjos and especially the LOG Jiggies.
    • The amount of lesser Jiggies overall is actually less than in Banjo-Kazooie by comparison, but compensates of allowing multiple ways to get each Jiggy, and can be collected by any character. This is in light of the excessive and restricted collectives in Donkey Kong 64, where each Kong can only collect five Golden Bananas per world alongside other colored collectibles.
  • The objective are a little more simplified while the LOG Jiggies are a bit more complex. The Jinjos will provide help in the current world if they get rescued, up to summoning the Mighty Jinjonator at some points!
    • The color with the more Jinjos will be separated into two parts, to add up some more Jinjos to rescue in Worlds where a color of a Jinjo is less numerous. This means no more than six Jinjos to rescue at most.
    • The player have to rescue all of the Jinjo of the same color to obtain a Jiggy, not from the same World.
  • Almost every major bosses drops a LOG Jiggy. Those that don't will drop a regular Jiggy.
  • As said before, LOG Jiggies are required to not only advance to the next world, but it is revealed that it will help bringing the separated Worlds back to normal.
  • Possible total would be 70 standard Jiggies and 50 LOG Jiggies.
  • Unlike Nuts & Bolts, the player do not need to store each individual Jiggy. Instead, the player can store all of the collected Jiggies right when the player return to the HUB Headquarter.
  • Some of Gruntilda's minions will take away at least two LOG Jiggies to slow down the heroes. Meanwhile, some of LOG's workers will do whatever they can to guard some LOG Jiggies and either have to be taken out, be distracted or be bribed.


  • There would be as much minigames as in Banjo-Tooie, maybe several more does to more Worlds.
  • With the exception of Lava Rumpa, Bombs Get Away and Grunty's Quiz-a-Boss Park, none of the minigames will result the player to lose a life in Retro Mode and not even Notes lost in either mode.
  • Does to the faster paced gameplay, the minigames will be adjusted accordingly to be much easier to control.
  • Three of the more reoccuring ones are Trophy Thomas' Trial (for Banjo and Kazooie), Humba Wumba's Challenge (for Mumbo Jumbo) and Klungo's Sssuper Esssay (for Maximas), in which each is found in certain Worlds.
  • Challenges become slightly easier after the first loss, and a bit more easier after the second loss. Taking on the same challenge after winning will restore the difficulty back to normal.
    • This does not apply for Grunty's Quiz-a-Boss Park, in order to make it genuinely difficult and a final test exam "minigame" for the player.
    • Some minigames still require Banjo to transform. None of the minigames involving Mumbo or Maximas require them to transform.
  • There are even a few minigames that have all of the four playable characters working together. Those are available as four player co-op version in the Minigame Replay as well!

Damage + Environments

  • The environment in each World is simple, yet have various pathways and have multiple sub-areas.
  • The player character only loses three Honeycombs from falling at high altitude, and the same apply when falling into an abyss or other deadly obstacles. Whenever they fell into abyss or similar obstacle, they are put back into a nearby safe platform by Lady of Games.
  • Especially strong attacks deals four Honeycombs, but Maximas always take two damage maximum regardless of any attack (barring very few exceptions).
  • Swimming underwater become much faster, although Mumbo Jumbo is a bit slower but compensates with having the longest air duration and can attack much better and more consistently underwater. Maximas have much longer air duration, but obviously can't have access to smaller routes.
  • The enemies can also be harmed by damaging hazards, and most of them interact with certain environment as well (such as sticky honey and slippery ice).
  • Slippery ice are less severe and the characters can perform Skating Slide for much better control.
    • However, thin ice will break if Maximas or other heavy character stepped on it! It will regenerate after ten seconds.
  • Cracked floors will crumble if the player stand on it for three seconds. They will instantly crumble if Maximas stepped on them!
  • Budged planks will damage player and enemies alike if they stepped on the upper side. This also applies to long, thin tiles.
  • Columns can be topped over and climbed upon. Maximas can move them away without the need to lift and throwing them.
  • Some cracked walls can only be opened by a Grenade Egg or Maximas' strength.
  • As the player collects one or two LOG Jiggies, some environments of many Worlds will be modified by Gruntilda or Lord of Games. While Gruntilda make them more numerous or summon more enemies, Lord of Games instead make the platform more complex.
    • This is especially prominant in later Worlds, starting from {REDACTED}.
  • Mumbo Jumbo take double damage when he is shrunken, effectively halving his HP. This is compensated by being much more difficult to get hit and being much faster than normal Mumbo.
    • On the opposite side, whenever Maximas get the Bigger-than-Big transformation, she only takes one damage from anything but the largest of bosses, and even then, she become immune to almost every hazards and weaker enemy attacks. However, her downsides became even more severe, such as becoming even heavier and will instantly cracks icy floors no matter what.
    • A Bad Cheat will make the player character to take double damage than normal. The Bad Cheat is PAINISGOLD.
    • Inversely, a normal Cheat will make the player to take half damage, called RESILIENCE.
    • There is a Cheat that make the player completely invincible... for a second. That Cheat is called IMMORTAL.
      • Whenever this player tries to enter this code, Lord of Games mocked the player for attempting to use this code. "Now, now, cheat all you want, you'll never learn by cheating. But I won't ever allow you to use that!"
  • Had the player reached an out of bound environment (via glitch or exploit) and begins to fall on the "abyss", he or she will just be teleported back to the mainland.
    • Lady of Games: You reached an out of bound territory! You should be more careful, because there is a null abyss down there. You'll just end up falling back to the mainland, but still, you are not supposed to explore over there...

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Enemies and bosses have increased interaction with the environment, and some enemies were fooling around with some objects or other World's environments.
  • If an item counter is maxed out (i.e. all of the available Eggs), the respective items will not be collected. Honeycombs will permanently stay to allow player to collect them later if they get damaged, or until they enter a sub-area.
  • The NPCs will give have different dialogue each time they are talked with. Most of the time, it is simply mild situations that is none of the heroes' business, but some dialogue may provide extra bits on the lore or about other NPCs.
  • A pretty big one addition, which will be explained later; Multiplayer Co-Op, which allows another player to join via split-screen, Close Connect or online. Only player one can enter in other environments and sub-areas. Both players cannot use the same character, so they had to adapt their strengths and weaknesses to overcome the challenges.
    • Special Co-Op Jiggies found in Cooperation Camp (a Co-Op exclusive World and not required for 100% completion), promoting this aspect.
  • Secret Jiggies will be added as one of the post-end content. There are only two per Worlds (except Cooperation Camp), but are tricky to find.
  • The amount of Transformation per character is equal; six per character. Banjo have only six, but so does Kazooie, Mumbo and Maximas this time.
    • Banjo and Kazooie get them from Humba, while Mumbo (reluctantly) and Maximas get them from Klungo.
    • Kazooie's Dragon transformation can be cancelled by visiting Humba again, and have downside this time. This applies to her new transformations as well.
  • Time to time, certain NPCs will be controlled for some mission, doing tasks that none of the characters are able to by themselves. This is similar to how Mumbo Jumbo was controlled in Banjo-Tooie and how Tootie was originally meant to have her playable interlude at the end of Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Banjo and Kazooie will have a few new idles, as well as all of their previous idles from Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and even Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Mumbo Jumbo and Maximas have their own plentiful of idle animations, and all controlled NPCs have a few idle animations as well.
  • The main music theme in each world may change depending on the current situation, such as when Gruntilda or LOG appears and tried to stop the heroes from continuing their journey.

Main Game Control

The Story of the Game

Although it follows the usual "Banjo and Kazooie have to defeat Gruntilda and save the day" formula, it does add some twists into the mix, such as the L.O.G. being an active harm to the heroes this time, and confronting Gruntilda in the middle of the game as a normal (but important) boss.

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
This story can make you snore! Now excuse me as I prepare for a big war.

Prologue: When Worlds Separates

It was a relaxing time in the Spiral Mountain, with Banjo and Kazooie keeping up with their new daily exercise routine in order to keep up their shape. While Banjo was about to drop and looking tired, Kazooie was unimpressed with a disappointed look.

Banjo: Gosh, Kazooie... I think I am about to hit the brick... Maybe I should take a nap now?
Kazooie: Don't be silly, Banjo boy! We only had made five minutes so far! Come on, get up! We never know when we will get into another game ever since a certain reboot incident, and we still have tons of fan works to explore!
Banjo: *Yawn* But I only slept for five hours...
Kazooie: Well... I guess we can keep up for just ten minutes, and then you take a break. I'll keep it up on my own, though!
Banjo: Gee, thanks Kazooie! Well, better keep it up, then.

Bottles and Mumbo are seen in a distance, on top of the Spiral Mountain.

Bottles: They do a swell job keeping up with their shapes! I guess a certain battle crossover got them more motivated than ever!
Mumbo: Mumbo won't be optimistic if Mumbo were Bottles. Big mean witch can come back any moment!
Bottles: I wouldn't be so sure, Mumbo! I heard that she is kicked right back into a certain game factory.
Mumbo: But Gruntilda not really stupid. And Mumbo heard rumors about L.O.G. being in very bad mood.
Bottles: Well... I guess we have to wait to see if they could be true. On the other hand... I heard about a legendary generator that was said to be the power source of the Lord of Games.
Mumbo: And Lady of Games.
Bottles: (Confused) Wait, there is a Lady of Games?
Mumbo: Yes, but we never seen her. Only knows by name.
Bottles: Ah, yes, of course. Hmm... Let's just hope Gruntilda doesn't somehow come back by plot convenience.
Mumbo: (Doubtful) Mumbo Jumbo do not like those words! If witch comes back, bear and bird better be ready!

It is certain that it was not all ray and sunshine at a certain video game factory... A certain witch and a weird-looking cat were keep working on the game distribution without a single break, and the witch in question, Gruntilda, is starting to lose her patience.

Gruntilda: Why does it take so long!? I must calculated my "Grunty-strikes-back-again" plan wrong!
Piddles: Yeah, well, consider yourself unlucky, meow. Once the shift is over, I'll remind you to groom my hair.
Gruntilda: Tell me what, kitty, wait until your hair won't be so pretty!
Piddles: I'll wait to see who's get the last laugh today. Purr!

All of a sudden, the factory closes down with the light becoming dim, much of Gruntilda and Piddles' confusion.

Piddles: HISS! What was that all about!?
Gruntilda: You can see the dark, it is not like a bark! (Laughs)
Megaphone: Attention, workers of the Lord of Games' Video Game Factory! Because of a... certain dispute between him and his wife at the moment, and as such the current workers had to end their shift. Please calmly leave this factory, and have a good day!
Piddles: Aww, but what about my groom?
Gruntilda: Consider yourself unlucky! Now see you with your fur so mucky-
Megaphone: ... Except a peculiar evil witch character called Gruntilda Winkybunion. For reasons that the L.O.G. wishes she should know by now.
Gruntilda: How in the WHAT!? When I have power, I'll kick that computer face's butt!
Piddles: I wish you bad luck, then. Grrrowl! (Leaves)
Gruntilda: I'll give you back luck, and I'll also give it to that schmuck! ... (As she saw Piddles run thorough the doors.) But how could I do it? I better use my wit... (Enthusiastic) I got an malicious idea! As malicious as a fake panacea!

Back into Spiral Mountain, Banjo is asleep back to his home, while Kazooie noticed the sky looking... different with it becoming green and then red, and then purple, before it goes night.

Kazooie: Wait, it is night already? But we are still 2 'o clock! That's not normal! Hey, Glass Head and Skull Dude! What's going on?
Mumbo: Mumbo have no idea. Sky never changed like this before!
Bottles: (Nervous) Oh ho... I think a certain someone is up to something really, really bad...
Mumbo: You mean Gruntilda? Mumbo don't remember she did it...
Bottles: No, no, not her! When the sky is changing like that, it is because the Lord of Games is upset! And by that I mean--
Unseen Character: Utterly upset, disruptively disappointed, and absolutely angry!

The L.O.G. shows up with several glitches aura around his body, with the mouses looking very worried as they shake in fear.

Lord of Games: I heard everything about your bear and bird friend! They not only enjoyed those stupid fan games they went in, but also ever since a certain crossover game, fans won't shut up about their potential return that will never happen!
Kazooie: What's wrong with all of--
Lord of Games: Silence, bird! Can't you see how much people ridicule me lately for being so wrong!? (Calms down a bit) Alright, maybe I do get too stressful, and this can leave me nowhere... instead I got a better idea in hope to shut those fans up.
Bottles: Allowing us to appears in more games?
Lord of Games: Unfortunately, that is not the case. The best way for me to resolve this is a simple solution... putting each and every one of you of this sorry Banjo-Kazooie game world into something higher than the Rubbish Character Prison... the Scrappy Character Asylum.
Kazooie: That's... that's even worse than just not appearing in any games anymore! Why would you do such a thing!?
Lord of Games: Listen... my reputation is in a very, very high jeopardy. Two hands had mocked me for being "an irresponsible fool", your certain witch nemesis keep rambling about "Grunty Land", my wife is starting to be impatient with my "complaints", and worse of all, I somehow failed to make one good mobile game!
Mumbo: Good mobile game not easy to come by.
Lord of Games: Please... You would never understand what do I mean, are you? I will have to give it to all of you, though... at least none of you dared to oppose me so easily. And it's too easy to guess why. Now...

Another yet bluer thunder appears, with a similar character that have a familiar console on its head.

???: Honey, that's going too far!
Lord of Games: What-- Oh, it's you. I-I told you not to follow me.
???: I understand your chagrin, but don't you learn from a previous world you tried to create in the past? The characters who inhabited on it have to live in another game world and--
Lord of Games: Do not worry about it, dear Lady of Games. I got a better solution this time; re-create this world for my taste and to make sure those commoners will never show up their face again.
Lady of Games: (More worried, see terrified) ... Oh no. You really didn't changed... I cannot believe you really want to go further...
Lord of Games: So what? I am the Lord of Games, not a simple game design amateur! I know what I am doing, so leave me be--

The two are zapped considerably, before the two get zapped slowly but surely worse.

Lord of Games: ... Oh, by the million computer chips... I forgot one detail.
Lady of Games: Don't tell me... you somehow still want Gruntilda inside our factory despite the fact that she could do something bad?
Lord of Games: I can simply make her the first among those fools to be in the Scrappy Character Asylum. (Tries to use his power, but only able to see Gruntilda) Wait, what? How didn't I even moved her? And what is she doing with the top secret room!? (L.O.G. is clearly in a panicked state.)
Kazooie: (To herself) ... This can't be good. I better wake Banjo up while those two screen-heads are distracted!

As it turns out, Gruntilda had managed to enter the Logonium Room while the two were bickering and break the main container of the Logonium.

Lord of Games: (Off-Screen) Impossible! I really should have put extra security on this room!
Gruntilda: That Lord of Lame isn't so omnipotent, knowing how he is so precipitant! (Laughs)

As the Logonium liquid is draining down, some of it ends up landing on Gruntilda, causing her appearance to change...

Gruntilda: Gawk, stupid green stuff! I better get them off my scruff!

As she tries to sway away the liquid, she realizes that she is gaining power with an increasingly intense green light... giving her an idea. She let out a malicious grin.

Gruntilda: Well now, wait a second! This give me more power, I reckon!

Gruntilda is making a snow angel out of the thick green liquid, flippantly swaying her arms and legs, and ended up becoming translucent, with her body being green and purple. Her head is also on a blue-purplish flame.

Gruntilda: Now that I took some of the L.O.G.'s power, this will soon become my finest hour! (Even more wicked laugh, but noticed that the Logonium disappeared into thin air) Aaw, I want more! Talk about a bore!

Back to Spiral Mountain, Bottles and Mumbo stare at the scene with horror, while Lord of Games and Lady of Games are astonished by Gruntilda managing to took some of their power.

Mumbo: This very bad sign. Mumbo must warn bear and bird...
Lord of Games: (Infuriated) Well, you better hope you warn your precious stars! Can't you know that with the Logonium gone, our power is severely drained?
Lady of Games: Well, we can still come and stop her--
Lord of Games: Unfortunately, that is not the right time. Her power could be greater than us now... And I never thought I'd say that one day. Well, in a case like this, I have the Agents of Beyond to bring in as my enforcers.
Bottles: The what of where?
Lord of Games: You'll have to wait and see, Goggle Eyes. This world will soon to be recreated to my own taste... with or without my omnipotent power! (Teleport away)
Lady of Games: ... This is the highest level of danger we have ever reached yet. I can't let my love to make things worse, but it's also obvious that Gruntilda is up for something bad! Time for me to intervene... for once since the first time the Lord and I had met!
Bottles: Mumbo is going to warn Banjo and bird breath... I think you would need their help.
Lady of Games: I would say they would need my help more than they would need mine! I must hurry!

Back in Banjo's home, Kazooie had remarked that her bottle of milk still have Tooty's image on it.

Kazooie: Darn, that Tooty get lost again! Banjo would not be happy to hear it.
Mumbo: (Outside) Bear and bird! Darkest situation had come!
Kazooie: Aw, what now? Banjo, wake up, you got visitor!

Kazooie tries to softly peck Banjo, but with no success. Mumbo enter the house with desperation.

Mumbo: Grunty escaped video game factory and drained L.O.G.'s power!
Kazooie: (Stupefied) ... Excuse me? That's the lamest joke you did, Skully. Gruntilda is supposed to stay in the factory for eternity!
Lady of Games: (Teleport right in Banjo's house) It is true, unfortunately. Your Mumbo friend and Bottles had witnessed Gruntilda escaping via our vision, and even broke the Logonium container, severely weakening us.
Kazooie: You or that computer showoff never told us about some "Logonium"!
Lady of Games: We never said anything of it for a reason; it is our source of power, directly connected from our game factory to our own body. Unfortunately, since she broke the container, most of our omnipotent power are gone...
Kazooie: Don't tell me this happened when you two bickered!?
Lady of Games: ... Well, that was real rude of you to say it, but yes. We should've been wiser about that witch... she's smarter than she looks.
Kazooie: Good grief, that witch is even more persistent and conning than I'd ever thought! That's it, time for another round!
Lady of Games: You can't just confront her like that! She become even stronger than ever... I doubt you could defeat her unprepared!
Kazooie: Then what the heck are we supposed to do, game genie?
Lady of Games: I will open a portal for you and your bear partner into my very special headquarter; the Logon Factory. It's similar to Lord of Games' Video Game Factory, but mine is more about fabricating fictional stuff. (Open the portal) Come in!
Mumbo: Mission might be most perilous yet. Mumbo's magic will help if bear and bird needed.
Kazooie: You sure? I heard that Humba girl had reopened her sorcery business with massive success so far.
Mumbo: ... You know what. Mumbo can do better. Mumbo will be hero!
Kazooie: Are you crazy, Mumbles? Then again, fine, if you really want to come along with us, don't bother getting on our backpack!
Lady of Games: Well, that's unexpected. The more the merrier, I say! Here we go!

As the Lady of Games went thorough the portal, Kazooie and Mumbo barely carried the sleeping Banjo into the portal. As the screen goes black, Gruntilda's laugh is heard as she suddenly appears on the screen, laughing at the player.

Gruntilda: So, Lady of Fails is helping out skull, bear and bird? Wait until I have them say their last word! (Disappears)

Gruntilda proactively attempt to prevent the Lady of Games from bringing Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo with her. While Gruntilda succeeded impeding the Lady of Games' progress with a blast of magic and then a headbutt, she accidentally sent the heroic trio into another wormhole instead. The wormhole closes, preventing Grunty from entering it, much to her dismay. This allowed the Lady of Games to escape.

Gruntilda: The lousy heroes may had fled, but I sure will take two steps ahead! I will give so much thrill, crying is what they will! But first things first, I gotta have my headache nursed...

Meanwhile, Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo had landed on what seems to be Gruntilda's Lair... although it instead have patches and locked doors.

Kazooie: Aw, no, not again! We already went thorough here before!
Banjo: Well, good news. I do not think we need to redo every levels here again with all those patches. I think we only need to reach the top again.
Kazooie: I hope so. Those are not the kind of patches I expect on a game nowadays! I bet that this place is under quarantine!
Mumbo: (Sees an obviously large, wide quarantine sign) Place is quarantine. Are viruses here?
Banjo: Gulp! I hope not! We better head to the exit then-- (Saw the exit completely blocked) Oh.
Kazooie: Relax, it can be just quarantined because of Gruntilda's lack of hygiene! Once we get out, a shower is a must!
Mumbo: Then we move, before witch or Lord of Games shows up!

The trio explores of what seems to be a revamped version of Gruntilda's Lair, with poisonous purple liquid filling up some section. If either character ended up falling in one and take damage, the other will talk him or them about it.

Banjo: (If Mumbo falls) Careful, Mumbo! This liquid isn't safe at all!
Kazooie: Yeah, your voodoo talents should let you know about this sort of liquid, Skully!
Mumbo: (If Banjo & Kazooie falls) Liquid not safe! Very poisonous and stinky!
Kazooie: No need to remind us, thank you. But be thankful you didn't fall on it yet!
Banjo: Kazooie, take it easy!

There are also signs with Bottles' face on it. The player can use them to take a reminder of the moves learned from Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, as well as moves for Mumbo Jumbo.

Sign: (In Bottles' tone) Dear Banjo and bird breath. If you ever ended up landing on here by the most unfortunate timing, I decided to put signs like this here just in case you landed here.
Kazooie: Well, Glasses Head was being really convenient for once, I'll give him that.
Banjo: I have to read the rest, it might be handy for a reminder or two.
Sign: (In Bottles' tone) Here are a list of moves that would be available if you need to refresh your memory. Oh, and in case Mumbo decided to join you, I got moves for him to use, too! And it's all free, but further Mumbo moves have to be obtained with Notes afterwards.
Kazooie: Now that's just too convenient!
Mumbo: Heh, at least Mumbo don't tell Bottles to hurry up.
Kazooie: Not if he takes longer than usual!
Banjo: That's enough, you two! Let me see the menu of what moves we need refreshment, and then let Mumbo see his own moves...

As the trio reaches haflway...

L.O.G.: (Outside) You entered the lame witch's lair, I suppose? In a quarantine condition, too! I refuse getting in the filthy place, so consider yourselves lucky. But once we meet, I will ensure you that you won't escape your punishment!
Kazooie: Punishment? For something you stirred up and letting the witch draining your power?
L.O.G.: (Outside) One more quip like that, and I will find a way to permanently mute you! Once I really found out something to make up my drained power, that is...
Banjo: (Whispers) We better hurry up. I feel like the Lady of Games really needs our help...
Kazooie: (Whispers) Let's just not wait, then! Let's roll!

As the trio reaches what remains of Grunty's Furnace Fun...

Banjo: This place is really wrecked... But we are getting closer to the top!
Kazooie: Yeah, but then what path looks safe to run thorough?
Mumbo: No stepping on cracked tiles, or else we fall.
Kazooie: Oooh, how we didn't know that?

A zombie Grublin (Zomblin) had stepped on a cracked tile. This causes the cracked tile to broke into hundred pieces, causing the Zomblin to fall.

Kazooie: Never mind. Now watch and see how it's done!
Banjo: Yeah, and good thing we have unlimited lives for a change. Although that won't make this any less painful...

After passing thorough the perilous paths and entering the room right below the roof...

Kazooie: Look at that! The cauldron breath isn't here... not that it won't stop me from taking baths.
Mumbo: Mumbo's magic help out. (The player controls Mumbo with his prepared magic pot and make spiraling stairs out of rocks.) Now we climb!
Kazooie: Oh, that's nice for once. That's means no extra baths.
Banjo: Thanks, Mumbo! I knew you could be useful when you travel with us.
Mumbo: Being hero not Mumbo Jumbo's usual job, but... He he he!

As the trio reached the top, they saw Gruntilda already been there, much to their shock.

Banjo: Oh, no! Not you again! Well, we can't let you win, you know what happens if we fight you!
Kazooie: That's the spirit, Banjo!
Gruntilda: Don't you think this time you will get victory, because next time we meet I will send you a valedictory!
Mumbo: Why witch not fight us now?
Gruntilda: I would like to fight, but I first need to analyze the other blight!
Banjo: Do you mean the Lord of Games, or the Lady of Games?
Gruntilda: Both is the correct guess! And I will soon win this game of chess!
Kazooie: Oh, really? And who's your king?
Gruntilda: Talking smart with Grunty, bird brain? I will send you a gift with a pain train!
Kazooie: Then send me that "gift" and then we'll talking!
Gruntilda: Here comes a brainwashed flathead! Now excuse me as I make my bread!

Gruntilda departs as she laughs, with a furious yet crazy looking Klungo arrives at the top of the roof.

Banjo: Klungo!? What has she done to you?
Klungo: Klungo killssss bear, bird and weird massssk. Klungo winssss. Klungo laughssss! *BURP*
Kazooie: Don't tell me your vocabulary somehow get even worse?
Mumbo: Helmet controls Klungo! Destroy helmet will free Klungo!
Kazooie: Welp, that explains that maniacal mood.
Banjo: I hope he don't come up with new tricks...
Prologue Boss: Klungo
Brainwashed and Sloshed Foe-to-Friend

After a mildly anticlimatic fight...

Klungo: Ow, ow, ow! Klungo ssssuffered from you and Grunty already! *HIC* Klungo don't need anymore beatingssss! *HIC*
Kazooie: Relax, the problemo solved. But looks like you still don't look sober...
Banjo: Must be the purple liquid. Poor guy, we need to put him to his home.
Mumbo: Mumbo not carry! He weigh more than tiger!
Kazooie: Well, that's very much assuring, thank you!
Lady of Games: (Offscreen) Have no worries, I have located you three! But it seems that poor Klungo got forcefed with Gruntilda's Purple Durple.
Banjo: Purple Durple?
Lady of Games: One of her attempted drinks. We don't have much time however, so be quick and enter the portal!
Klungo: Klungo'ssss coming home! *BURP*
Kazooie: I guess Klungo is our least of our worries. We got a witch to chase!
Banjo: You are not wrong. Hop we go!
Mumbo: Don't leave Mumbo behind!

The trio and Klungo hop into the portal, with a new adventure away for our three heroes.

Characters of the Adventure

Like multiple Banjo-Kazooie games, Banjo-Quadzooie have distinct characters of which each have a quirky personality and cartoon-esque appearance.

Playable Heroes

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
Look at those bozos! They really think they are the pros!
The Heroes
The two main playable characters of the game. While Banjo and Kazooie have their own moveset, they can perform outstanding moves such as the Breegull Blaster, Breegull Bash, and the Talon Trot.

Mumbo Jumbo is also playable alongside them, and to make up being less offensive-capable, he can perform magic that allows him to solve puzzles and situations that Banjo and Kazooie cannot solve by themselves.

Banjo (Banjo-Kalamizooie)
The Main Hero: Scatterbrained, But Polite
Uh, Kazooie? Do you think L.O.G. had been acting... peculiar lately? I started to worry about what he could do now...

Banjo may not be the smartest hero around, and can be a lazy bum at time... but when the situation calls it, he will jump into action. I mean, who else I can truly trust and rely upon ever since he found me in our blue backpack I made myself home at the Breegull Beach? He does move a little sluggish compared to me, but his brute strength can come at handy dealing tougher baddies, especially when he gets a little stronger for some reason.

Look, I may call myself the real star of this game and previous Banjo-Kazooie games, but I do not think I would be able to solve it all without my best bud. Not even that bossy L.O.G. would ever separate our everlasting partnership! - Kazooie

Kazooie (Banjo-Kalamizooie)
The Other Main Hero: Rude, But Adventurous
I'm hearing a tense music going on. I do not think it will be a good surprise, whatever is that computer face is up to-- Oh, no!

Yup, that's me, Kazooie the Breegull. Remember that! Anyways, say what you want about me, but at least I have nice finesse and agility compared to Banjo. And I'm always up for adventure, especially if it means beating up bad guys! So don't expect me go easy with bullies.

You better believe that I am doing all of the hard work while Banjo is more or less the general bruiser, but don't worry about him whacking me for the Breegull Bash or other weaponry purposes; I'm all good being used as a weapon as long as I get credence! - Kazooie

Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo-Kalamizooie)
Mumbo Jumbo
Self-Proclaimed Handsome, Genuine Shaman
Situation worse than Mumbo feared. Now Mumbo will go with bear and bird, even if Mumbo have to fight!

It's Mr. Short Staff himself. Why is he traveling with us this time? I guess the situation become so desperate that Skull Face don't want to sit down and hope that things will be alright. Well, he tried to be really brave for once, I give him that. Doubt that Humba would help him, so I would like to see where their rivalry will go this time!

But you gotta give it to him. His voodoo stuff does comes in handy at times... or often as Banjo insists. Still, he's no fighter, but he did learn a new kind of magic that let him fly permanently, but only for the caster, allowing him to be safe. But if I were you, he's not the best choice for speedrunning because of him being a slow skull! - Kazooie

Big Edge, Bigger Heart, Biggest Elf
This is a bigger situation than any big situation I had saw before! ... Perfect, 'cause I always waited something like this since twenty years!

Oh, hey. An elf heroine. I was expecting a hulking powerhouse... not a hulking powerhouse with this sort of face! But anyone willing to help us kicking bad guys' butt can be my guest after all, and her strength and size have some use. If you want some context, she ends up in our world because L.O.G. was trying to find his odd-looking henchmen to get rid of us... What an awkward situation.

She can be loud and annoying, but for someone her size, she's also very fast and cannot be slown down, making for handy transportation as well when I want to rest my talons. Of course, since she can't be used in small rooms and tight spaces, and since she's very heavy, I would love to remind her that I'm the star of this game! Alongside Banjo, but really, that's obvious at this point. - Kazooie

Vile Fiends

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
Being a villain, that is Grunty's greatest job! Don't mind that Computer Snob!
The Villains
The two troublemakers. They are those two main antagonists that Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo had to stop before their game worlds will be turned into endless nightmare!

Gruntilda and the Lord of Games have different goals in mind, but they have one thing in common... getting the other and the heroes out of the way!

Gruntilda (Banjo-Kalamizooie)
Gruntilda Winkybunion
Wicked Witch, in an Absolute Pitch
Dealing with you, Grunty had enough! Too bad that the Lord of Lame is now pure bluff!

It's the wart breath... coming back for round whatever-the-number-is. Can't she take a break, be it even spending a penny? Whatever she will do, it's nothing good for everybody else! She's that wicked, I tell you! But how she managed to escape the video game factory - despite her reboot failed her and being kicked right back there - is what caused me to slap my beak!

... Well, the answer is, while computer face and his wife are bickering, Gruntilda had found the Logonium container and broke it, which not only reduce that computer face into not so much of a creator of all video games, but also make her more potent on her witchcraft! And now she want to make her own "Grunty Land" and make all of us ugly training dummies! Her mind is clearly in the toilet! - Kazooie

Lord of Games (Banjo-Kalamizooie)
Lord of Games
So-Called Creator of All Games... Out of Control
Enough with this foolishness! If you and Gruntilda won't stop your pointless feud, then I have no other choice but to remodel the world and scrap each and everyone of you into the Scrappy Penitentiary!

It's the LCD face, who calls himself the creator of all video games. I bet that his ego had inflated over time by being forced into bringing us back to like the old times by some sort of higher-up for a fighting tournament! But as if that don't tick him off enough, Gruntilda managed to break the Logonium container which almost drained all of his power! Almost.

There's also the fact that he is so tired dealing with the fans up there for them treating us much better than him, lately. Usually, he is disrespectfully dismissive to them, but it's clear that he don't want to be outdone when it comes to video games! His wife told us that we gotta stop him before he could lose the rest of his power and turn our world into an unplayable mess... Good, I wanna peck his face for forcing us into a game that put us into a hiatus! - Kazooie

The Heroes' Allies

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
Allies are for morons! Wait until they see my nylons!
The Important Allies
The allies of our heroes who aren't fully playable, but they are also important for the game progress.
Lady of Games
Lady of Games
Super Eccentric Wife, but Super Passionate Maker
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! My love had lost his control... Good thing I was prepared for his crisis! The problem is... Yeah, I'll be quite blunt with you two, the wicked witch snatched them.

I only know the Lord of Games' wife by hearing her name, but from what I've heard, she have a very weird taste when it comes to making video games. Turns out I'm right, but she's also a nice person who introduced herself with deep respect toward us... Really, I wasn't expecting such a respect from someone other than Banjo, and I really appreciate it. Still, she's very eccentric, even compared to the Cloud Cuckoolanders!

She helps us keeping the Jiggies - especially the sort-of special purple Jiggies that we never seen before for some reason - and give us access to new Worlds when we collected enough of them. She's not always good when it comes to portals, and at times, it lead us to embarrassing situations! But despite all that, I still prefer her over L.O.G... by a landslide! - Kazooie

Bottles (Banjo-Kuadzooie)

NB-Bottles (Banjo-Kuadzooie)

Move-Teaching Goggled Mole

Ooooh, noooo! My manual booklets for the new moves are locked by L.O.G.! We need Notes to unlock them!

Looks like Bogeyes have a good reason for us to require Notes this time, as contrived as this feels. The L.O.G. managed to locked his manual booklets for the new moves he reserved it for us, and the most perplexing part is that he didn't even bother to collect them by himself! Pah, not that he is really made for an adventure.

On the bright side, those new moves seems to be very useful for us to try, especially when we get to the tougher worlds. And this time, he's also giving some new moves that Skull Head and Big Ears would probably make good use off, too. Though it's a good thing that the Lady of Lags give us access to the Choose-a-Move Menu, otherwise we will have way too many moves for one simple controller! - Kazooie

Jamjars (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Tough Mole, Father to his Men
Pay attention, bear and bird! The Lord of Games left us blurred! But we have a solution, allowing us to make retribution!

Ack! Do we really need Sargent Loudmouth for this? We already have plenty of new moves Goggle Face give us! What's that, Banjo? The Tough Mole simply let us transport area to area with his pads right at the Transport Menu? Well, sounds very convenient when we need to return to the Central Hub Station ASAP, if you ask me. They can also be used as some sort of respawn zone when we want to try again, especially when its near a frustratingly tough Jiggy to collect!

His Pads also have a new function that allows us to blast at the sky, reaching very high place and damage enemies throughout our blast velocity. Doesn't this sound familiar? The thing is that Whale-Sized Elf cannot use them, but that's because she's too big to fit them in. Not that she really needs it! - Kazooie

Humba Wumba (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Humba Wumba
Rival of the Shaman, So-Called Greatest Sha-Woman
Bigger situation requires bigger solution, and I got more transformations available for you and your bird friend. Unfortunately, I still won't let your mumbling friend in, and your big elf friend is too big for my magic to work properly!

Feather Head thinks she's better at magic than Mumbles. Well tell me what, between you and me, I will say they are equally as clumsy as they are talented! One thing for sure, Humba do have a decency to offer transformations just for me, something that Mumbo never did for me, so I give her a bonus point for that.

Banjo and I have some transformations exclusive from her, but we need to collect a Glowbo for each world. We're thankful that the required Glowbo is in the respective world, because all of that searching in another world can be obnoxious at times! Obviously, Mr. Oomenacka and, because of her size, Miss Massive can't have access to those transformations. Mumbo have transformations that works on himself, anyways! - Kazooie

Klungo (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Former Henchman, Not-So-Clever Scientist and Developer
You worry about Lord of Gamessss, but Grunty alwaysssss bigger problem! Klungo want to help with potionsssss, but Klungo's potionsssss ingredients harmful to bear and bird.

This dumbbell did the right choice to giving up as Gruntilda's henchman. I would retire much, much earlier if I were him though. Now he's an independent game developer, but if you ask me, he's taking rough first steps! He's also back to science, but at least he wanted to help us with his potions...

... But the problem is that his potions contain ingredients harmful to bear and bird, which is Banjo and I. Real convenient, Klungo! On the other hand, we don't really need 'em in the long run. This leaves Shakalaka (Mumbo Jumbo) and Massimus (Maximas) to drink them... provided that they can use 'em well! Oh, and some potions only works on one or another. - Kazooie

Jinjos (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Little Buddies from Multiple Colors
We Jinjos need your help... again! Collect all of the family members in the same color, and then we reward you with a Jigsaw! And please save our King Jingaling from the tyrannic machine!

Those fellows sure love to get into trouble, are they? Well, if this means more Jigsaws for us to collect, I wouldn't mind... Even if this means hearing their cry for help every single second! Well, this can beneficial since if you hear them, you know one is nearby.

As we learn more about what L.O.G. wanted with King Jingaling, we also need to collect 30 of them in order to re-awake the Mighty Jinjonator just in case! I dunno when, but I heard that it would be during a very tough battle. I also heard about the Gray Jinjos becoming the Angel Jinjos, as well as five newly discovered Camo Jinjos. So, in a nutshell, they act as "secondary collectibles". I bet they don't have time to develop their character further! - Kazooie

Master Jiggywiggy (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Master Jiggywiggy
Sacred Mighty Jigsaw Master
Oh, the blasphemy! The Lord of Games is making war with all of us in desperate attempt to throw all of us in the "rubbish character prison", and none of us will not permit such a betrayal!

The Jiggyface seems to be very upset about L.O.G. tempting with the Jiggies by attempting to change their functionality. Thankfully that was after his power is drained down, or else I don't think this game would be like our old time! Since the 8-Bit Lady use the Jiggies to open up new paths, what the peck he could do this time?

Well, he's still the master of Jigsaws as he claims. He can help us by indicating where to find the next Master Jigsaw and reveal the location of missing Jigsaws. Banjo said that he's more important to the story than his role suggests at first... Well, it better not him constantly hand-holding us! - Kazooie

Explore the New Worlds

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
You better hope you won't get lost, otherwise your opportunity and joy will be tossed!
Beyond the hub world and the starter world, these are the Worlds the heroes have to explore and find Jiggies in order to gain access to another World.

Most Worlds are connected to each others, thus the player can play the unlocked ones at any order, though they can also use the World Paths to directly go into the next world.

Sandwich Short Shore Map
Sandwich Short Shore
Paradise Broken by Incompetence
Wanted: Nippers and Snappers
Snappy, Cranky, Shelly Duos
Population: Moderate | Taste of Sandwiches: Delicious | Bad Guy Meter: Short | Captain Blubber's Condition: Marooned
Neighbor World: Swot Academy (2)

It was used to be a paradise made by my love, but unfortunately, his lack of attention to details quickly slurred some kind of petty war between the Cumbers and the Matoms of who makes the best sandwich. While still lovely to visit, you had to be careful with the Cumber or Matom soldiers who are guarding their respective territory.

Point of Interests: Salty Sea Hippo, Captured Giant Site, Washed Up Ship, Cucumber Arena, Tomato Colosseum, Well of Fate, Cartwheel Exit

Advice: The game instruction booklet tells me that you gotta rescue a certain strong heroine who is from beyond your world. I will not spoil it for you three, but she will really comes in handy with her immense strength! - Lady of Games

Swot University Map
Swot University
Prime University for All Game Characters
Wanted: Unknown
Twisted Teacher of Circuits
Number of Students: Relatively small does to summer vacation | Cafeteria Quality: Questionable but Edible | Bad Guy Meter: Short | Average Student Success Rate: Slightly above average
Neighbor Worlds: Sandwich Short Shore (1), Ticket-E-Hoo Hotel (3), Pea-Souper Street (4)

A great majority of video game characters went into this University to become successful video game characters. The success varies depended on the willingness one have, but overall very good. The Lord of Games told me that this is pointless since he can just modify their personality on a whim... Yeah, right. As much as I love him, I can't help but feels that he very often comes off as arrogant when it comes to video games, even if he is the lord of all games!

Point of Interests: Various classes, Rugby Field, Sprint Field, Cafeteria, Principal Room, Basement, Roof, Fish-and-Ship restaurant, parking lot.

Advice: Banjo is going to need the Owlglass transformation in order to memorize important information. In the meanwhile, while Maximas cannot enter the University, she can comes in real handy outside with her strength and size. - Lady of Games

Ticket-E-Hoo Hotel
Ticket-E-Hoo Hotel
Beautiful Hotel Under Jeopardy
Wanted: King Vonomit
World's Slimiest Tyrant
Number of Customers: Decreasing | Amount of Stars: Five before; now four and three quarters | Bad Guy Meter: Starting to grow | Currency in this World: Tickets
Neighbor Worlds: Swot Academy (2), Pea-Souper Streets (4), Fullobeans Palace (5)

This hotel nearby the Swot Academy is a popular hotel for people from around the multiple worlds to sit in and relax. Well, that was before the rogues from Pea-Souper Streets and rogue peppers started to sprout up, and there's been complaints that haven't been fixed yet. This gets to the point where they loses a quarter of their fifth star! The owner of the Hotel, Ticketee Hoonguard, want to solve the problems, but his employees are just too scared to even think!

Point of Interests: Hall, Basement, Floor 1, Floor 2, Restaurant Floor, Gym Floor, Amusement Floor, Pool Floor, Roof, Golly Garden

Advice: Unlike the Swot Academy, most of the doors are big enough for Maximas to go thorough. Convenient, since some objects are too heavy to lift! You can also climb from the outside to get into locked room with the opened windows. - Lady of Games

Pea-Souper Street
Pea-Souper Street
Heavy Fogged City
Beware of: Roadlash
Terrifying Terminating Truck
Population: Numerous and Increasing | Service Quality: Varies, mostly good | Bad Guy Meter: Moderate | Grunty Around?: Maybe
Neighbor Worlds: Swot Academy (2), Ticket-E-Hoo Hotel (3), Fullobeans Palace (5), Bronpants Ports (6)

This city is colorful and the shape are from a cube to triangular to even complicated geometric shapes. There is a lot of service for many tourists and visitors to sit by, as well as a port that is observing the other side of the very large river. Unfortunately, a heavy fog had installed in the city, earning the Pea-Souper part of the name since years ago. Ever since, customers are hard to come by, and you have to clean off the fogs and find the responsible for the perpetual fog!

Point of Interests: Many, most notably Trophy Thomas' Gym, Chez Jolly's, and Gallon Garage.

Advice: Some Jiggies are found on the rooftop of many buildings. You may want to use Banjo and Kazooie to use the Flight or go from a rooftop accessible from one of the buildings to hop from clouds to clouds, flying platforms to flying platforms and even power cords to power cords. Be careful to not fall off! - Lady of Games

Smooth Movements

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
They call those "Smooth Movements"? That won't leave much for improvements!

Banjo & Kazooie

Mumbo Jumbo


Look at Those Stuffs!

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
Those objects don't really give you power, and the only reward I'll hand to you is a golden shower!
Important Collectibles
This ain't a collect-a-thon game without collectibles! Those collectibles are the important ones which allows Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo and Maximas to progress. You do not need to collect all of them to reach the final boss, but if you aim for 100%, then in this case, gotta collect them all!
Jiggy (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Obligatory Collectible Jigsaw
I am Mr. Jiggy! It was nice to meet you two again. Thank goodness I do not need to be stored in a claustrophobic bank like the last time!

We have a bad news and a good news. The bad news is that there might be some more Jiggies than even Nuts & Bolts, but the good news is that we don't need to store them in that stupid bank to really collect them; we simply touch them and it is ours, like back in our old games!

Let's just not hope there is an absolute abundance of Jiggies like what happened to one of a plumber's latest adventure; I heard that there are so many moon-shaped collectible out there, I wondered if he really have a patience to collect them all! - Kazooie

LOG Jiggy (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
LOG Jiggy
Higher Level Jigsaw; Very Important
I am a LOG Jiggy. Bip bip bop. You will need us to advance to the next world. Blap bop. The Lady of Games will help you if you collect enough of us!

Aw, come on! I thought that we would have enough with more Jiggies than ever! Oh wait, those aren't ordinary Jiggies... those are the top secret LOG Jiggies that are used to connect between unconnected worlds. How are we supposed to know about those stuff? That Lord of Gamblers and his wife are a lot more secretive than we'd thought!

Anyways, although they count toward the Jiggy total, they are needed to unlock the path to the next world. Usually, there are just three of them, but later worlds will have up to five LOG Jiggies! Unless you wanna be stuck, keep your eyes open on them! - Kazooie

Notes (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Musical Notes
The Do-Re-Mi Currency! ... Wait a second.
I am a Musical Note! You gonna need many of us in order to have access to new Moves and other stuff!

What in the world made the Musical Notes actual currency!? I suppose there is so many of them now that we gotta use them in a more "economical" manner. And I'll say this all must be that Lord of Gambling's doing!

That aside, the Notes works as usual. A brown one only make 1, but a silver one make 5, a gold one make 10, and the much less common Treble Clef make 50, and we have to be sure to collect them as many as possible to get cool new moves that Goggled Eyes promised us to give! I guess he will also give them to Skull Mumbles and Big Musclehead, who knows.

There is no need to collect all Notes in this game, since there is an endless amount of them this time. Good for Lassie of Games telling us that, because we will end up spending forever finding them all! - Kazooie

Helpful Items
Collecting these items will not grant further progress of the games, but will nonetheless help them in various methods. Be it from healing from injuries or arming up against baddies, you do want to collect those as much as possible... or limit your own resources to give a challenge!
Honeycombs (Banjo-Kuadzooie)
Honeycomb and Co.
Healthus Restoracia Honeycombus
I am a sticky, yummy, juicy, scrumptious Honeycomb! And I know what's gonna happens, as if anyone of you get hurts, you wanna chomp me up!

I'm not a big fan of these sticky stuff, but this is what allows us to restore our health by one unit. Many of the honeycombs are dropped by beaten up bad guys, but there are also several available in beehives, or even isolated ones in multiple places.

There's even some weird variants along with it too; the Double Honeycomb simply restores us by two health units, the Full Honeycomb to fully fill our health back to maximum, and the super gimmicky Random Stop Honeycomb that slowly fills health until it decides to stop. I bet Banjo got his fingers sticky by now! - Kazooie

Wacky Minigames

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
If you think those minigames will give you fun, then I bet you would have none!

To be detailed later on.

Did You Know That?

Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
Yeah, go on reading those fun facts. They are no million-worth artifacts!
  • The title Banjo-Quadzooie is based on a pun of the franchise title and the prefix "Quad", which means four, or a quadruplet of heroes (Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo Jumbo and Maximas).
  • Unlike the other Banjo-Kazooie games developed by other studios, this game in particular have nods to Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. This is likely does to L.O.G.'s involvement as one of the two major antagonists (the other being, who else, Gruntilda).
  • The game was originally supposed to be directly set after Nuts & Bolts. However, as Banjo-Kazooie: Showtime (which is directed by Pokerninja2 (tbc)) was released before Banjo-Quadzooie does and also take place after Nuts & Bolts, Banjo-Quadzooie was set directly right after Showtime instead.
    • Because of that, a few references toward Showtime were included.
Gruntilda Head (Banjo-Quadzooie)
Even if you finish this page, you won't see the last of my rage!

Once I changed this game, you only have yourself to blame!

... You really have a weird stare, but mine will provide much more scare.

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