Bandit Demo Drone
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Star Bandits
CLASS Demolition-Class Drone
WEAPONS Various Explosives

The Bandit Demo Drone is a droid that primarily uses explosives in combat. They appear in the Metroid fanfic Metroid Rebirth.


The Bandit Demo Drone is based on stolen Federation blueprints for a Recon-class drone, and has since been heavily modified for demolitions use. Typically used to plant or defuse mines in designated areas, it is also capable combat via its built-in grenade launcher and/or an attachable rocket launcher. Their thick plating, though impervious to most forms of explosives, does not offer as much protection against various beam weapons, especially its optical eye. Should this weak point be struck, its artificial brain, which is connected directly to it, will instantly be fried, causing the drone to malfunction and crash. Due to the large amounts of explosives within it, one should stay a good distance away in order to avoid the ensuing explosion.


The Bandit Demo Drone is covered with thick bendezium alloy plates, save for its optical lens. It also carries a large storage of various grenades, such as ion and concussion, within its main body. It also has a trio of retractible claws that allows it to place and manage mines. A small laser scalpel is built into each of its claws, and it uses these devices to defuse mines and other explosives. It's optic lens is directly connected to its artificial brain in order to increase its internal capacity.


Tyrant-Class Demo Drone: A larger, bulkier model, it is nearly the size of a Stiletto-class fighter. It is equipped with duel guided rocket systems and a trio of grenade launchers. Its laser scalpels have been replaced with plasma welders that are used for both defense and for cutting through dense materials in order to place explosives within them. Their armor is nearly indestructible, and their optical lens has been reinforced and detached from its artificial brain in order to correct the "flaw" in earlier models. Recon Mine Planter: A lightweight model designed to move quickly and quietly through enemy lines so that they may unload their payloads as quickly as possible. Their armor is rather frail, and most weapons fire can easily pierce it. They have been upgraded with a personal shield system that will deflect part, but not all, energy blasts.

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