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Bandana Dee's Bizarre Adventure (also known as Bandana Dee of the Stars)is a kirby game created by HAL Labs. and Void Admins. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS and soon Nintendo Switch. This game revives old characters from various different games, such as Susie, Tarazna and Zero. The game's story is that there's a strange universal scientist that is attempting to revive old villains by using a small part of their remains.


The gameplay is a 2.5 platforming game as usual and is reminiscent to current kirby games. This game uses 3D models for the gameplay while manga styled drawings are used for cutscenes (expect for a few) Copy abilities are completely removed, expect if you have Kirby unlocked by 100% file save. However, if you have a specific copy ability star from another stage, you can summon one partner to come with you. For example, if you have a pink star with Susie's face on it, Susie will be summoned. Items can come in many different forms, such as edible food, weapons required to get past a current part and extra lives, etc.

As of Kirby: Return to Dreamland and games afterwards, this game plays out just like them. There are multiple characters to play as instead of just one and they can all be selected before a level so you don't have to use them in a different file. Everyone is able to run, jump, float, dash and slide their way through the game. There are thirteen characters playable in the game, which is the most characters ever playable in a kirby game so far.

The game is traveled around in thirteen different maps, each being a world of its own. Each world contains a certain amount of stages for the player to cover, and a new one is unlocked when that said level is completed. The player can also go into the hideout and test out their abilities in one of the rooms, another has your collectables found in levels and the final one contains NPCs to talk to.

All stages have at least some hazards in them, such as enemies, environmental hazards such as spikes and pits and collectables such as Point Stars and food. Any hazards you touch will damage your, lowering the health on your health bar and even kill you straight-up. Luckily, these enemies and hazards can be avoided in many ways. If your character is Kirby, he can inhale and swallow them to gain their abilities. Each abilities has their own unique moveset to use to get to the end. Point Stars are normal collectables, collecting a hundred will grant you with an extra life. You need lives to stay alive, if you die, you'll lose one of them. Lose all of them and you'll be granted to a continue screen with two options, Yes or No. Picking Yes will wake up the snoozing character and start back at the first room of the level you died in. Picking No will make the hand pick up the player and rest him on the moon, while characters watch from above, with text saying, "Sleep well, hero." You will then be sent back to the map.

In one of the stages rooms, sometimes there will be a mid boss to defeat, maybe even two together. These bosses are needed to be fought before moving onto the next section. These are huger enemies with visible health bars, the room then locks onto the battle so you can't escape. All of these bosses have their own objects they shoot that can be inhaled and spat back out by Kirby, this is the only way to beat them without Copy Abilities. After one is defeated, they'll lay on the ground for a few seconds before exploding. You can finish them quicker by attacking them but Kirby can inhale it to gain their ability.

Normal bosses are encountered in boss stages, which are the last stages in any map ever. They can sometimes appear in normal stages too. They are very strong and large enemies, more stronger than mid bosses. Boss characters are sometimes villains from another tame, working for Zero, the mastermind and boss of the Villains Victory Hut. Bosses have life meters that are seen onscreen, once it is fully empty, the boss stops attacking and is defeated. But if it's half empty, their attack pattern will change.

Waddle Army Rampage

In certain parts of the game, you are forced to play a sub-game to defeat the huge enemy and progress the story. This is reminiscent to Kirby Quest, but instead of gaining a Kirby after you fill up the EXP bar, you just get all your Waddle Dees stronger. The more you get stronger, the better is the chance of winning. You progress the stage through waves instead of a single battle. There are many types of waddle dees, normal ones, Spear Dees, Waddle Doos, Waddle Tanks and more. If you lose a Waddle Dee, it will not come back until you defeat the boss or if you reach a million EXP, Waddle Dees die in one hit but you have a lot when starting up a chapter. Oscillations get faster when progressing through each stage and there can be less colour bands throughout each stage.

Here are all the chapters, with all mid-bosses and bosses and the name of the chapter named:

  1. Chapter 1, The Rampage Begins: Whispy Woods (mid-boss) Macho Dedede (boss)
  2. Chapter 2, The Floaty Clouds: Kabula (mid-boss) Lololo and Lalala (boss)
  3. Chapter 3, Into the Pyromanic's Volcano: Flame Galboros (mid-boss) Pyribbit (boss)
  4. Chapter 4, Former Strongest Warrior: Butterfly (mid-boss) Galacta Knight (boss) Morpho Knight (secret boss)
  5. Chapter 5, The Three Sisters: Pon and Con (mid-boss) The Jambastion Mages (bosses)
  6. Chapter 6, Your Worst Nightmare: NME. Sales Guy (mid-boss) Nightmare (boss)
  7. Chapter 7, The Rampage Ends: Dark Matter (mid-boss) Zero (boss) Zero 2 (final boss)

The Star Riders

The Star Riders is a huge reference to Kirby Air Ride's Air Ride mode. You are able to pick from four different courses to race through. Just like in Air Ride, there are machines to be unlocked, machines are means of transportation in Air Ride and there are only two at the start. You can get all seven by completing stages and missions from the checklist. There are also characters to be unlocked too, with five of them in this subgame. The amount of courses in this game are nine, all completely original. Here are all the courses:

  1. Watermelon Woods
  2. Apricot Ashes
  3. Raspberry Ride
  4. Pear Park
  5. Starfruit Slide
  6. Tomato Tech
  7. Acerola Abyme
  8. Rambutan Road
  9. Strawberry Space

The gameplay is completely taken from Air Ride, The control stick/D-Pad steers machines and performs Quick Spin attacks. The A button when held down fills up the Boost Gauge and when it is no longer held down, the gauge drains down, advancing Kirby forwards if it was near-full or full. Holding it for too long will make the machine burn out and will have to make the player recharge again.


The story starts in the large hills of Dream Land where Dedede's castle is located, Bandana Dee is currently taking a quick snooze on the ledge of the castle when suddenly, Meta Knight flies by with a letter and throws it towards the snoozing waddle dee. Bandana Dee of course wakes up and reads the letter, it says that Meta Knight has detected three unknown forces within the skies. He looks into the sky to see a red eye hidden in view, a bunch of dark matter is then shot towards the castle. Dedede's feast is ruined by Zero's plan and he, along with Bandana Dee and all his servants, has to abandon the castle and find a place to hide out in. Meta Knight then is in the skies again, telling Bandana Dee to follow him. He then asks Dedede to follow him and they make their way to Meta Knight's secret hideout. 

Bandana Dee has finally found the secret way to the hideout, now named the "Heroes Hideout." Meta Knight, Adeleine, Kirby, Bandana Dee and King Dedede are the only members for now. They then ask for questions about more members and where are they going next. Luckily, Meta Knight has his new machine installed, the Fabricator. It is able to search out for allies and villains, it is also a weapon that takes days to recharge. The Fabricator detects a "pure looking, but suddenly threatening jester" in the Forever Flames. The gang set off to help Marx and defeat the evil above. 

After saving Marx, he offers himself to go and help the hideout. Meta Knight accepts his new ally and uses the Fabricator to find where Necrodeus is going. It seems he is with Zero and Nightmare, talking about how powerful Bandana Dee is. Meta Knight watches where they are going and they suddenly send out a huge tank containing Waddle Dees. Meta Knight reacts fast and tells Dedede to let his army go loose and destroy the tank. Smaller tanks are sent out to the army, containing two waddle dees at a time.  

After the battle against the villian's waddle dees, they all come back to King Dedede as minions. The king cries of happiness and wants to know where the others are. Bandana Dee soon finds out that they are in the Float Islands and already sets off to find them, but Adeleine holds him back. She says to not go without a low stomach and creates food from her paintings to feed to her allies. 

The team makes it to the island, but it's not what it looked like before. The water is no longer pure blue, it is gray and full of trash and the green lands are now orange like the forever flames. The lands have become lethal, harmful and toxic. Kirby appears in shock and almost faints, Meta Knight tracks down the next character, a master of cooking and a promising dish that comes with. Dedede remembers hiring this chef-like character.


Playable Characters

Character Desc
BDBA Bandana Dee
Bandana Dee is King Dedede's sideguy, he wields a powerful spear at all times and has currently learnt the power of elemental attacks from Meta Knight. Once he sees the threat levels rise, he has to go and fight for Dream Land and the king. His spear is able to be used in many ways, as offense, defense and transport. Be careful of his legendary Hyper Spear Dash, it's a fast jab of spears into your body and is as powerful as the sun itself.
BDBA Meta Knight
Meta Knight is a mysterious figure and ruler of the Meta Knights. He was a peaceful man, until the threats attacked. He aborted his lazy lifestyle to help out Bandana Dee out and protect Popstar. He is a strong man, his sword Galaxia is not just a sword. It's a magical sword, created by an unknown force.
Marx is an insane jester, still attempting to put a stop to his alter-ego. Instead of asking Kirby for help, now he's prepared and ready to go put a stop to the Dream Havoc. His abilities are strong enough to destroy a whole group of waddle dees. Using his jester ball to kick towards threats, using his batlike wings to fire them from above and even tear himself apart and create a blackhole.
BDBA Susie
Susie is a secretary spy and former assistant for Haltmann Works Company. She was found stalking Meta Knight after her crashlanding. Now after Dark Matter shot down her Robobot, she must find the materials right for the repair. And stop Popstar from getting destroyed and totally ruled by villians. Her attacks are based of the ESP ability but she also has a few moves hidden under her (nonexistent) sleeve.
BDBA Galacta Knight
Galacta Knight is the former greatest warrior in the galaxy and is on a quest to protect the whole galaxy from evil forces. In Another Dimension, Zero and his forces attack the Lor Starcutter when Magolor is having a good time. Galacta Knight saves him from damage and has to fight off the forces with him.

Other Characters

Character Desc
Maid Expresso Maid Expresso is the maiden of the Airbound Express. She serves the Airbound Express's boss to fight off any intruders, serve food properly and take over as an assistant. Her abilities and talents are keeping an abnormal amount of teas on her plate without dropping, telekinesis and ESP.


Stage Desc
Forever Flames The flames that last forever, the smoke that stings the folks. After the destruction of Green Greens, only the burning flames remain. Necrodeus's presence lurks here, currently conquering the burning greens and making his own Green Greens. What happened to Marx? Is he still alive? Out of all of the places in this burning star, where in Popstar is he? This midbosses here contain bosses like Firelion, Dark Matter and Dubior. The main boss here is of course, Necrodeus.
Lethal Isle Oh no, the beautiful floaty island is gone and turned into a wasteland too? If that happened, where's Kabula? Hopefully she's not hypnotized or something, we need her! To find out who is in this waste island, we specifically need her! The chef should soon find his way to us. We also need a big heap of healing. The mid bosses here are Miasmoros, Sphere Doomers and Iron Mam. The actual boss here is Crispy Woods, a lit version of Whispy Woods.
Airbound Express Welcome to the Airbound Express, the greatest method of transportation in Dream Land currently! We'll travel the lands and defeat the foes that lurk, we'll free the Waddle Dees, freedom with no work! However, you may need a partner for this adventure, in the skies are some real danger! Dark Matter has taken over the clouds and is going to make the clouds rain dark matter! The time passes but will you? The mid bosses here are, Kracko Jr and Chef Kawasaki. The main boss is DRK Kracko, the possessed version of Kracko.
Rocket Circulation We made it to the Rocket Station, left behind by Haltmann after the horrible yet similar events. The rockets all broken down though so we'll need materials, LOTS of them. You are able to collect them from various enemies and mid bosses, but there's a lot of metal detected in this area, I don't see any of it. Is there a lifeform nearby? The mid bosses here are Rockscream, Mr Tick-Tock and Big Metalun. The main boss is Darkest Matter, it is a more stronger version of Dark Matter. It has more metal around it, making it more indestructible.
Eternal Crater We're in SPAAAAAACE! All our equipment is ready, our first location is a crater that looks very strange, it's our moon! It's looking very... weird today, it looks like Nightmare has been revived and teamed up with Dark Matter to corrupt the moon. I wonder how Popstar has been changed due to this. The mid bosses here are Rockscreem, Bonkers and Muckmack. The boss here is Nightmare, he acts like he does in Kirby's Adventure. However, he has more attacks thanks to Dark Matter and without the power of the Star Rod, there's a huge problem.
Orange Ocean Well, that was a mishap. We got blown back to Dream Land and Kirby has been captured! What are they doing to him? But now, it's time to go find a new spaceship, people start talking about the Halberd and about if Meta Knight has recreated it yet. Meta Knight says he needs materials from the old, broken one to start remaking his own improved Halberd. The mid-bosses here are Big Metalun, Gigant Edge and Big Masher. The bosses here is Necrodeus and Galacta Knight, who has become stronger thanks to the power of the Villians Hut.
Vocalic Valley I hear... voices. Echoing through the forest, they call for me saying, "Ado, come back to us." What is this? This mysterious voice calls for my attention, but what does it want? We got the team together to go find out the mysterious sounds, it suddenly calls out for Daroach and Susie too, asking them about their true identity. I don't understand, what's the point of these voices? Well, inside we go anyways... Hooray... The mid-bosses here are Tedhaun, Skull Gang and Dubior. The boss here is Soulster, a monster who uses the souls of the dead to become another person.
Enraged Ease N/A
Revolutionary Road N/A
Looming Libration N/A
Omega Orbit N/A
Rosebed Rivalry N/A
Delusional Darkness N/A


Enemy Desc
KSA Beetley Artwork Beetlies are strong, fierce bugs with horns, they attack enemies with their horn either by stabbing them or just crushing them with it. They can also suplex them, just like another bug I used to know...
Ability Star Beetle KSA

Kirby gains the beetle ability from Beetley, this allows him to use his horn to dash towards enemies and stab them, suplex em and even throw em up wards!

KSA Blade Knight artwork
Blade Knights are sword-wielding enemies the swing their sword to damage the player repeatedly. He can also leap into the air when Kirby is near him and can deflect projectiles from the player.
Ability Star Sword KSA

Kirby gets the Sword ability from Blade Knight, he now obtains a sword and a hat similar to Link? He now has control over the sword and can enhance it with elements such as fire.

Bouncy 3D Model
Bouncies are of course, bouncy! They bounce in a spot and sometimes bounces towards the player. It gains no ability when inhaled by Kirby.
KTD Bronto Burt artwork 3
Bronto Burts are little flying enemies that usually come in groups of three to five. They fly around and sometimes walk on land. Some chase after the player, others just fly away after sometime. They grant no ability when inhaled by Kirby.
KSA Broom Hatter render
Broom Hatter is an enemy who sweeps everywhere, just to keep the world clean. She rarely attacks the player unless they get in the way of her cleaning.
Ability Star Cleaning KSA

Kirby gains the Cleaning ability when swallowing a Broom Hatter, he is able to use his broom to dust enemies up and even get a vacuum and suck up all the enemies.

Burning Leo Star Allies Artwork Burning Leos are the spread of the fires around the Green Greens, it is also a great weapon enhancer, you can turn your sword into a burning sword with this guy. You can do the same with more of his kind!
Ability Star Fire KSA

Kirby gains the Fire ability from Burning Leos, he gains the ability to breath fire and even turn into a fireball. He can also enhance weapons too.

Fig 20 cappy
Cappies are mushroom-like creatures that hide themselves until the player is near. They then pop up scared, and their hat pops up and down. They give Kirby no ability when inhaled.
Golem trophy 3670 Golems are slow, rocky enemies that are asleep at most times. When the player gets too close or passes them, it will wake up and try to attack them. Reddish ones will try to jump on the player, Yellow golems will turn into a wheel and attack the player and Blue ones try to attack the player with uppercuts.
Ability Star Stone KSA
Ability Star Wheel
Ability Star Fighter KSA

Kirby gains the Stone ability from red Golems, Wheel from Yellow ones and Fighter from blue ones.

Gordo New
Gordo is a huge, spiky orb that hurts anything that touches it. It cannot be inhaled, the best strategy to do is just avoid it. Gordos can also be used as weapons in boss battles.
Knuckle joe. Knuckle Joe is a humanoid fighter who fights Kirby with uppercuts, punches and kicks. They are the captains of the enslaved Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos.
Ability Star Fighter KSA

Kirby gains the Fighter ability from Knuckle Joe, he gains a red headband and is able to throw punches towards enemies.

KSA NESP Artwork NESP is a mysterious creature, he uses psychic energy to damage enemies and can teleport away to avoid damage. He may also summon a shield to protect himself, which deals damage if touched.
Ability Star ESP

Kirby gets the ESP ability from NESP, he is able to use psychic abilities to damage enemies and can also teleport away from enemies, just like NESP.

Noddy Noodys are sleepy enemies that do nothing but... sleep. They aren't known for much but granting the infamous Sleep ability.
Ability Star Sleep

Kirby gets the sleep ability from Noddy, this ability just sends you to sleep, making you a standing obstacle.

KSA Poppy Bros Jr Artwork These elf looking humans are great bomb throwers, but they gone insane due to the smoke in the flames. Their bombs are more stronger than before! They even have bigger bombs that would had been impossible to hold!
Ability Star Bomb KSA

Kirby gains the bomb ability from Poppy Bros Jr, he gains the ability to throw bombs in any direction. He can also place bombs in places and even self-destruct himself to deal damage?

KTD Scarfy transparent
Scarfies are little, adorable creatures that float around in the air. They may have the face of an angel, but attack it or inhale it and it will unleash it's true form, Mutant Scarfy. It will then explode afterwards.
Shotzo New Render
Shotzos are indestructible cannons that shoots bullets towards the player, it's best to get around this as fast as you can. They cannot be inhaled but can be defeated by dropping into a bottomless pit or being invincible.
KMA Skully artwork transparent
Skullies are underlings of the death god Necrodeus, they usually are in his boss fights to assist him with killing the player. There are also stronger versions of Skully called Skullions.
Ability Star Bone

Kirby gets the bone ability from Skully, he gains a detachable bony tail and a green hat with a bone symbol on it. Kirby can use his bone tail to whip enemies and tackle them, while he can take bones and make little creatures out of them.

Rocky Kirby the Fighters 2 Rocky is a rock that moves slowly, it doesn't seem powerful until it falls down a ledge, where it will crush what is under it.
Ability Star Stone KSA

Kirby gets the stone ability from Rocky, he can now turn into a rock that references many events and characters in the series, even cameos too. He can also deal a rock-hard punch.

KSA Plugg artwork Plugg is a electric plug that attacks by jumping into the air, turning upside down and planting itself into the ground that shoots electrical currents that stick to the ground.
Ability Star Plasma KSA

Kirby gets the Plasma ability from Plugg, he gains a tiara with plasma coming out of it. Whenever the controller is shaken, he'll store up energy. The more it is stored up, the more stronger the projectile will be.

KTD Waddle Dee artwork 2 Aww, waddles dees are cute little blobs, just like Kirby! But with no mouth. They are the most common enemy in this game, most have been taking into slavery and are usually in groups. There are many types of Waddle Dees, ones that swing, ones that build and even gold ones!

They give no ability when swallowed by Kirby.

KSA Waddle Doo Artwork Waddle Doos are one eyed versions of the waddle dees. They are able to shoot beams from their eye to damage anything near them. Just like the waddle dees, most of them are in slavery, doing the dirty work. Some of them can be found in groups too.
Ability Star Beam KSA

Kirby gains the beam ability from Waddle Doos, he is able to shoot beams from his wand now. He gains a jester like hat and of course, a wand. He can also to release a blast of beam energy towards enemies.

Wheelie trophy 3546
Wheelies are tire-shaped enemies that travel at fast speeds and speed towards the player, but they also can be drove if weakened since they don't go as fast then.
Wheel (Icon)

Kirby gets the wheel ability from Wheelie, he can now turn into a wheel and travel at fast speeds. This is usually reserved for fast sections of the game. It can also charge to gain more speed.

Placeholder a
Zippt is a new enemy shaped like a zip with eyes. It zips across floors, opening a magical portal that sucks in anything above it. It can also jump up and spin rapidly, making anything touching it getting a lot of hits. This enemy is very rare to find, mostly because of the ability gained from it and it's fatal portal attack.
Ability Star Empty

Kirby gets the Ziphole ability from Zippt, this allows him to create portals with zips. He can open it up in front of a projectile and send it right back at ya, he can throw two zips to teleport from, which is useful in puzzles and can perform the spin attack from Zippt. There is also a large zip on Kirby's head, which can be unzipped to scare enemies and slow them down. This ability expires when you go to a different map.



Boss Desc Ability

This boss attacks using his hammer, his basic attack is charging towards the player and with a pound to the ground (or player) later. He can also jump up and pound the ground. Bonkers is also able to throw explosive coconuts, which are inhalable. Watch out for his Flaming Hammer, it packs a real flaming punch.

Ability Star Hammer KSA
Bugzzy 3D

This bug attacks by dashing towards the player and suplexing them, he can also send out bugs to go take out the player, which can be inhaled. He can also fly up and dash down to Kirby when he's in his range. Watch out for his Beetly Bash, he summons a bunch of beetlies to go barge into you.

Ability Star Suplex
Mr. Frosty
Mr. Frosty

Mr. Frosty is an cool boss who attacks using ice attacks. His basic attack is throwing an ice cube down to the ground and then pushing it towards the player, he can also run towards the player but he'll fall when he tries to leap towards you, giving you a chance to hit him.

Ability Star Ice KSA

Dubior is an unidentified flying boss that gains the Plasma ability and sometimes the UFO ability if lucky. It's basic attacks is a ram towards the player, which leaves them vulnerable afterwards. It also has an lighting attack from above, which attacks two times and can summon Dubior. Jrs, mini missile-shaped versions of itself.

Ability Star Plasma KSA
Ability Star UFO KPR
Placeholder a

This slimy slob of mess is unpleasant to smell, but also toxic to touch. Once you touch it, you'll be poisoned for the rest of the battle. It's best to stay away from it and attack from a short distance. It spits out blobs of poison and can barf it out everywhere, which also poisons you.

Ability Star Poison KPR
Jumpershoot transparent

Jumpershoot is a mid-boss that originated from Kirby's Dream Land 3. This boss can open up itself to make it rain and thunder. It can also spin around with the top open, but it won't rain. It's second attack is kicking its geta towards the player, unlike Dream Land 3, Jumpershoot will recover his sandal after throwing it.

Ability Star Parasol KSA
KSSU Fire Lion artwork Firelion

Firelion is a mid-boss that grants the Fire ability, it attacks by jumping and attempting to pounce onto the player, by charging at you in a fireball and attempting to scratch the player.

Ability Star Fire KSA
Grand Wheelie Grand Wheelie

Grand Wheelie is a wheel based mid-boss, it attacks by charging towards the player and summoning wheelies to attack. He is also able to turn sideways and spin around.

Wheel (Icon)
KingDooKRtDL King Doo

King Doo is a waddle doo based enemy, it attacks by running into the player and bashing against the wall. It can also charge up its Wave Beam and fire it. He gains a new attack that makes him charge up for a few seconds and then unleashes a giant orb that explodes into many other pieces.

Ability Star Beam KSA
Parallel Susie TKCD Parallel Susie

Parallel Susie is a special mid boss that appears if you play the game as Susie, Kirby or visit a secret area. She attacks by dashing forward, rides a Sphere Doomer to damage the player and can expand the boundaries of death to make attacks harder to dodge. She can also open up a dimensional rift and send out Sphere Doomers flying everywhere and sometimes even the Lor. However, when you get the Lor attack, you'll get a free item thrown out.


Major Bosses

Boss Desc Ability

Necrodeus is an undead death god who once strunk down Kirby into ten smaller pieces and almost killed him. He has came back to fight for the villains and defeat Bandana Dee. He attacks by using his hands to crush and suffocate you, can summon Skullies to carry the player to Necrodeus and shoot out giant lasers. In phase 2 however, he splits the player into ten copies again with his brand new staff. Now you'll have to fight him in the air by shooting stars at him. He attacks by sending out Skullies again, shoots out homing bullets, Gordos and shooting out an even giant laser. When he's almost down, he'll send out the biggest laser he has and the player must mash buttons to aim it right back at him.

Placeholder a
Crispy Woods

Crispy Woods is a fire version of Whispy Woods. He has become insane due to his forest being set on fire. He attacks by shaking out flaming apples and Gordos from his leaves, shooting out fireballs and shaking off flaming seeds to grow flaming flowers. In his second phase, he completely sets on fire and starts going more insane. He spins around, increasing his speed wildly as he unleashes Gordos, bigger fireballs, waddle dees and burning leos. Whispy jumps up and forces his vines through the grass, they then pop up flaming hot. Afterwards, Whispy Wood. Jrs come out and try to attack the player, Kirby can inhale them to deal damage to Whispy.

Placeholder a
DRK Kracko

DRK Kracko is a darker version of Kracko. He has become darker due to the power of Dark Matter. He attacks by spawning Waddle Doos, Laser Balls and Gordos. He can also use a star beam attack twice as long as the one used as Kracko's Revenge, attempts to crash into the player twice and thunder is shot when he uses his rainfall attack. When his health bar is halved, he'll enlarge in size and split the cloud you are on into twos. It's eye then turns into a blackhole, trying to suck up the player. Kracko will then bounces around everywhere while firing bombs everywhere. He will then split into many parts and shoot himself at you, then the pieces will come back to reform Kracko.

Bomb, Beam


Item Desc
Point Stars

Point Stars are little collectable stars spread around the level. Once Kirby collects enough, he is granted with a 1UP. These small stars give you one point, there are also medium stars and large stars that represent 10 stars and 50 stars.

KNiDL 1UP artwork

1UPs are collectable items that give you lives, these can be gotten in many ways. Collecting 100 point stars, reopening chests in levels and just finding one in a level. They are usually hidden in hard to find areas and some places where these are stored may cost you a life or two.

Food KRtDL

Food is an edible item that can be used to heal health, there are various amounts of foods in this game, some even giving you a power up, such as Super Curry, which allows characters to shoot fireballs for a while and gives Kirby the fire ability and the Invincible Candy that makes the character invisible for a short amount of time.

KRTDL Warp Star
Warp Star

The Warp Stars are yellow, star-shaped vehicles which is Kirby's main transportation device. It now can be upgraded to become a Starship, which can shoot out stars at enemies. These usually lead to the next section of a level or a secret area.

KPR Maxim Tomato
Maxim Tomato

Maxim Tomatos are types of food that instantly heal your character, it can also be shared with other players. These can give you an extra life if you already have maxed out health.

KRTDL Cannon model

Cannons are other ways of transportation, they launch you into the air, probably to another cannon. These can launch you the way to the path you are supposed to go, you can even find secret areas with these.

KPR Star Block

Blocks are commonly found around Kirby games and have been a staple since. They can be inhaled by Kirby and can be spat back out as a star, but as other characters, it just serves as an obstacle. This can also come in other forms, such as a bomb block that gets rid of indestructible blocks near it, metal blocks that require a certain ability to get rid of, collapse blocks that disappear if you stand on them for too long and heave ho blocks that can be super inhaled to make Kirby spit out a big star.


The Shell Holding Chaos - Absolute Zero's Boss Theme

The Shell Holding Chaos - Absolute Zero's Boss Theme (Phase 1)

Adventure's Near to Done - Final Level Music

Adventure's Near to Done - Final Level Music

Nintendo Accolades

Name Icon Description
Still Going On Forever Beat Forever Flames for the first time.
That's Lethal! Beat Lethal Isle for the first time.
Sky High Gliding Beat Airbound Express for the first time.
The Travel Upwards Beat Rocket Circulation for the first time.
Rid of The Nightmare Beat Eternal Crater for the first time.
Halberd Got Back Beat Orange Ocean for the first time.
Screams of Horror Beat Vocalic Valley for the first time.
Red, Hot and Attractive Beat Enraged Ease for the first time.
New Revolution Beat Revolutionary Road for the first time.
Zero Knowledge Beat Looming Libration for the first time.
The Computer Planet Beat Omega Orbit for the first time.
Faint Rose Beat Rosebed Rivalry for the first time.
Droid to Void Beat Delusional Darkness for the first time.
Am Corrupt Glitch out the rocket's system in 4-2.
Bester Jester Unlock Marx as a playable character.
Cook it Up Unlock Chef Kawasaki as a playable character.
Precious Goo Unlock Gooey as a playable character.
The Additional Spy Unlock Susie as a playable character.
Betrayer to a Player Unlock Magolor as a playable character.
Second Strongest Warrior Unlock Galacta Knight as a playable character.
He's Finally Here Unlock Kirby as a playable character.
Squaaad! Complete a whole map with three players.
Mr. Collector Get ten 1-ups in a single level.
Sick Trick Squad Complete a whole map with sizzle weapons.
Totally Perished Complete Absolute Zero with every character.
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