The Bammer is an item in the Donkey Kong series of games. It is a barrel on a stick, giving it the appearance of a hammer. It can only be used by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

In Donkey Kong Continent, when DK uses it, he uses it like a regular weapon. He can use it as a short range weapon by bashing it on the ground, or as a long range weapon by throwing in the style of a boomerang. It can be used to defeat certain enemies and hit DK Switches. It lasts until it hits five things, or it is dropped.

When Diddy uses it in this game, it acts like the hammer from the original Donkey Kong game. Diddy swings it, continuously spinning around in a circle. He becomes oblivious to all attacks at this time, and can defeat most enemies. However, it only lasts 15 seconds.

The Bammer also appears in The Original Donkey Kong. It appears in most of Diddy Kong's levels. In it, it acts exactly like the original hammer did in the original Donkey Kong game. It also appears in the last battle against Jumpman, where DK must use it to hurt him.


  • The Bammer is extremely similar to the hammer in DK Jungle Climber.
  • When Diddy gets the Bammer, a remix of the original hammer theme is played on the electric guitar.
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