Balloon Mario.

Balloon Mario is a Power-Up of Mario, accessible via the P-Balloon.


As a temporary ability, Mario floats as a Balloon very high to the top of a level. On a certain moment, Mario is emptied and becomes himself as the form he first was. Balloon Mario can pick up more P-Balloons to stay as Balloon Mario a little longer. Balloon Mario also reverts to Mario when hitting the ceiling. In Goomsday Wii, Mario could transform anytime, and could carry the combined weight of Waluigi, Bowser Jr., Shadow Mario, and Luigi.


Super Princess Peach Adventure

Balloon Peach appears in Super Princess Peach Adventure.

As a temporary ability, Peach floats like a balloon very high to the top of a level. She can also flap her arms like a bird to avoid traps or enemies that may kill her, she can revert the transformation by deflating in a similar manner to Blimp Yoshi.

During that period she is unable to touch the ground, jump, dash or attack, still, she can grab items that are up in the sky.


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