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Max2's FanGame
This is a FanGame by Max2 Dev. Corp..

Balloon Fighter X is a game starring the Balloon Fighter, released in 200X. The game plays like the original, with improved graphics.


One day, Balloon Fighter was walking in Downtown Balloonberg. Suddenly, the ground opened up, and strange creatures started flying out. Balloon Fighter got out his balloons and started to fly across the gap.

After Balloon Fighter crosses the gap, he reaches Balloonberg Mountain, where he can see all of Balloonberg. In the middle of town, Balloon Fighter sees the G.A.P. Wizard, who is creating huge holes and summoning monsters all over town. Balloon Fighter sets off to stop the G.A.P. Wizard once and for all.


This game features up to 8-player online battles. Each person is given a Balloon Fighter with different color balloons. The battles take place in Balloonberg Stadium, and two different game modes can be played: Race to the Finish, where players have to get past obstacles and other players to get to the finish first, and Balloon Battle, where players fight to be the last man floating.

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