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Balloon Fight Uplift is a new game that has remade the classic game Balloon Fight for Legendary Pop-Fizz 42, ROC, LPF Portable, and 3DS.


Balloon Fighter

Balloon Fighter.


Somewhere at the far edges of the earth, there is a balloon fight going on between the Balloon Fighters, and the Balloon Rouges. You will control the leading officer, and stop this war using all sorts of weapons, including some classic weapons, new weapons, and weapon combinations.


Same as Kid Icarus Uprising (In the sense that there will first be flying, then ground battles, then a Boss Stage with the same sort of 3rd Person View.)


Chapter Name Chapter Description Chapter Boss Chapter 1: Training

Welcome to the Academy.

Here is where you

will learn the controls.

Sparing Partner
Chapter 2: Your First Day

Chief's given you an assignment

Now go and search for the base

Road Stopper
Chapter 3: Rescue the Others! Chief may not want you to go get the others from the rouges' prison, but that won't stop you! The Jailer
Chapter 4: Find Your Way Back! You saved the rest! but now you need to get back to base! Sewer Gator
Chapter 5: Gator Rampage! Thanks to your last escavade, you need to stop the escaped sewer gators. Gator Regenerator
Chapter 6: Flippers? The Military's New Weapon seems like a weird way of self-defense, but nevertheless you have to install them along the borders. Rouges' Tank
Chapter 7: Plan of Attack. Now that your base is safe, it's time to take action at the extirmination of the rouges. Rouges' Self-Defense System
Chapter 8: Retreat! The place is going to BLOW! The Rouges escaped, but you have 30 minutes to get the heck out of there! Flipper Fiend
                  More Coming Soon!