Ball o' String Wario
Ball o' String Wario WL3.png
One of Wario's Reactions.
Original Character(s) Wario
Achieved By Touching Silky
First Appearance Wario Land 3
Latest Appearance Wario Land 3
Bounce off of walls, no control, defeat all enemies, break yarn blocks

Ball o' String Wario is one of Wario's Reactions in the Wario Land series. It was introduced in Wario Land 3.

Activation and Function

Wario could transform into this form through a enemy called Silky. Silky would cover Wario in spider silk and turn Wario into a rolling ball of yarn. In this state, Wario defeats all enemies that come across his path and can destroy Yarn Blocks. However, the player has very little control over him and this transformation is only temporary.

It is somewhat similar to Snowman Wario and Flaming Wario.


This form has not appeared in any known fangames.


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