Baldur: Reign of Chrona
Developer(s) Astralitz Games
Director(s) Roxie Kanno
Writer(s) Roxie Kanno
Composer(s) Regil Samson
Platform(s) Vanilla: GC, XB, PS2, Wii.

HD: X360, XONE, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Switch, Vita, 3DS

Genre(s) Action-adventure RPG
Release Date(s) March 2005

HD: January 2013 (2014 for PS4 and Xbox One)

Age Rating(s) ESRB: T (Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes)
Baldur: Reign of Chrona is an 2005 action-adventure game developed by Astralitz Games and directed by Roxie Kanno, the author herself.  The game got console ports from 6th generation and up, and later released as HD with additional features and extras.

The game has gotten positive reception, for being a more story-rich action-packed journey, and it's future would be passed down for gaming generations.


In the world of Hasla, there were two major overseers. On the good side was known as the Goddesses, known for using the power for good. On the opposing side, were the Apostles, also known as the dark side. Even though they opposed, they worked in harmony to keep Hasla in balance. However, a new scheme causes the Apostles to break the balance of the power, overthrowing it from the Goddesses. Now, because of the overthrow the powers, the Apostles take the advantage and enter the world of Hasla to spread chaos across the world. 

To counter this, the Goddesses find the prodigal hero, known as Baldur, the Warrior of Light, originating from an master of sword arts, nicknamed O'ren from the Grancia Empire, who has been mastering the way of the light; the way of the sword and the rule between good and evil. O'ren decided to pact with one of the goddesses, named Chronos with the following orders; he is going to be blessed with the goddesses's power, but due to their limitations, he has only 24 hours to defeat the Apostles or else he'll lose his strength blessed by the Goddesses. The pact is accepted and O'ren is dressed as the Warrior of Light, with brown hair to shoulders and shining eversing armor, and becomes "Baldur", named after the master of the sword in mythologies.

The journey begins in the Hyro Forest, north of his estate. While exploring, Baldur comes across monsters he has to fight off as wilderness beasts. However, Chronos following him senses a greater evil; one of the 8 Apostles in the location. Chronos gives Baldur his mission; to capture every Apostle and seal them in the Soulstone, a jewel created by the Goddesses that possesses the ability to capture souls of living and dead. 


The game plays more like a fusion between Zelda and Drakengard, as it fuses adventuring with hack-n-slash elements. 


Input Description
Cross Jump
Square Light Attack
Triangle Heavy Attack
Circle Action
Start Pause Menu
Select Hero Menu
Left Bumper Guard/Parry
Right Bumper Utility Item
D-Pad Switch Item
D-Stick Movement
C-Stick Camera Control


Input Description
Wiimote Swing Light Attack
Nunchuk Swing Heavy Attack
A Guard/Parry
B Utility Item
D-Pad Switch Item
D-Stick Movement
Start Pause Menu
Select Hero Menu
Z Jump
C Camera Control (lock on enemies)


Input Description
Blue Swing Light Attack
Red Swing Heavy Attack


Combat is represented by light and heavy attacks, similar to most beat-em-up and action games. What makes the game's combat unique is that the hero goes into pact with the goddesses, and to collect energy for the goddesses to be able to summon them in battle, and to level up your stats. they have to collect energy by releasing spirits of enemies, instead of just going for killing them instantly. Some objectives have you do this, and not all enemies are capable of collecting energy. Releasing energy is done by making them near-death, but don't kill them. Instead, you have to use the Orb of the Goddess to release energy. Not all enemies can be released for energy, such as bosses or demons. 

Baldur starts out with 100 points of health, and can get up to 5500 points of HP, which are getting from leveling up pacts with goddesses. From each goddess you unlock, you'll also unlock pact gauges. Leveling up pacts requires a specific type of energy, whether it be Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, or Dark. Elemental energies you obtain vary between the enemies you channel energy from them.

Baldur, the Chrona Crusader, has four swords;

  • Nameless Sword: 1x the damage. 3 light combos and 1 heavy combo.
  • Emerald Blade: 2x the damage. 4 light combos and 2 heavy combos. 
  • Mithril Faith: 4x the damage. 5 light combos and 3 heavy combos. 
  • Heart of Chrona: 8x the damage. 7 light combos, 5 heavy combos, and can summon a giant sword to crash down on enemies with a charged up heavy combo.

Special Items

Item Name Description
Orb of the Goddess Must be used to release energy from fallen enemies.
Titanhammer Must be used to destroy heavy barriers/blocks.
The Arcanist An magic staff that relies on the energies collected from enemies.


Areas of Hasla
Area Name Description Area Type
House of Chrona Starting area. Town
Hyro Forest The forest which is best known for the recent goblin attacks on rural villages. Field
3: Dark Grotto An dark area in the forest, where no light shall trend. Dungeon
14: Sarzamath's Temple Home of the 6th Apostle. Is an ancient temple that looks like run-down before it was rebuilt. Dungeon
Elandia, the Holy City The final battle against the last Apostle; Destalos begins... Dungeon


Boss Name Description Bars
Erin The First Apostle. She wants to drink the soul of the Goddesses for power. 1
Alchema 2
Henesopy 2
Cronetta 2
Zarkokal 2
Sarzamath 3
Aston 3
Destalos The Last Apostle. Seeks to take the Goddesses along with him. 5




Baldur: Reign of Chrona has gotten positive reception so far. It got 80's on Metacritic, an 8.8 on IGN, and a 9/10 on GameSpot. Critics praised for the way of influencing Zelda as an spirtual successor, and the way of fusing it in a more actionized fashion, and adding uniqueness between ports, such as motion controls for Nintendo. 

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