Bai Wu
Bai Wu's ingame render from Rising
AGE 37
BIRTHDAY March 21st, 1985

Bai Wu was a military strategist and weapons manufacturer whom appears in Rising as one of the few antagonists appearing ingame.


Bai Wu has a holster for his pistol and wears the standard uniform used by Overseers, a grey and red Trench Coat and grey trousers. He also wears Black Boots, like many of the Overseers, and has several medals received from the Halicom Party in addition, Bai Wu is physically fit because of training in the army and also has jet-black hair.


Bai is generally serious about the empire and has a low tolerance for those who disobey his orders. He is generally not level-headed and will go through to long lengths to kill those who do not respect the Halicom Party. He is also generally shown to have no sympathy for troops who go into battle and fight for Halicom, as shown by his reaction to the mass-riot in his city. His priorities only consists of the creation of weapons and the advancement of Halicom technology, without taking regard for any of the troops or laborers whom contribute to this. Generally, to solve conflict he uses force and sends his soldiers out and sacrifice them to do whatever it takes to complete the battle.


Prior to Halicom

Born in Guangzhou, China, at the age of 20 Bai Wu began studying engineering, in areas regarding weaponry and Military force. From research that had been gathered by Bai, he had found ways of re-engineering firearms to increase their performance on the battle field. At the age of 23, Bai had ambitions in joining the Chinese Military and was enlisted as a recruit. Eventually, through training within the army Bai had learned tactics to be used on the battle and eventually had moved up ranks because of contributing to the Weaponry Department of the military and in battle. Eventually, Bai had reached the rank of Senior Colonel, and had become an established soldier within the army.

Proposal and Onwards

During the meeting which determined the proposal of the Halicom Party, Bai had supported the idea throughout the meeting, and was thus made an Overseer within the Halicom Party once it was established. Bai served as the main weapons manufacturer for the Halicom Party and served a major role in supplying soldiers with the needed weaponry. During the escape within Bai's city, he was called upon to attend a meeting regarding the issue and had to be escorted to the vehicles yard for Halicom members. The player had one five-minute window to kill Bai while he was being escorted. Eventually, Bai is killed by the player and weapon production is limited to the weapons created by Bai provided already.

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