Bad Piggies + is a new building game for the Bad Piggies Series and is for the 3DS.


  • Ici Piggy - the first bad piggies level pack to have ice. Ice is very slippery.
  • Burny Piggy - the first bad piggies level pack to have fiery surfaces. Fire can be removed by the hose item.
  • Rock Bottom - using the same angry birds mechanic, the pigs use wood to float and metal to sink.


  • Pig - you need to use these in the levels.
  • King Pig - you need to get the eggs to the King to win.
  • Wood - the Pig hides in here to avoid damage.
  • Wood Wheel - the basic wheel. It makes you move.
  • Grapple Hook - use this to grapple surfaces and move up very tough slopes
  • Ici Wheels - makes ice seem like normal surfaces.
  • Steel - hard materials that are more resistant to fire, but weak to slippiness.
  • Hose - washes away fire.
  • TNT - explosives that give big boosts
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