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Baby Waria
Baby Waria.png
Baby Waria.
AGE 10 months
ZODIAC ♈ Aries
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom City
Baby Wario (cousin)
Baby Waluigi (cousin)
Baby Walice (sister)
Baby Maria (rival/friend)
Baby Mario (victim)
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8
Baby Waria! Ha!

Baby Waria in Mario Kart 8.

Baby Waria is Waria when she was a baby. She appears in Mario Kart 8 where also appears Waria. She is Baby Walice's sister. She is Baby Maria's friend but they usually have arguments although they sort out them. She usually upsets Baby Mario when she's bored. At some moments Baby Mario don't speak with her when she's annoyed.


Baby Waria is a good baby but she usually has a strong temperament and she wants to win each discussion (she has a lot of arguments and she always wants to be right). She wants to be a model so she is vain. She paints her eyes and she combs Baby Walice's hair. She was Peach's friend because Baby Peach made her laugh. She likes people who are funny.

Her appearances in games

Mario Kart 8

Baby Waria is a character who is sold in Mario Kart Shop by 40 coins. You can buy her when you have visited the shop 5 times.

Her special item is Mini-Chomp. When she uses the item a Mini-Chomp will pursue the racer who goes in front of you. When Mini-Chomp catch the victim up it explodes like a spiny shell. The item is very effective but it's better to use when you and the victim are far. Baby Waria uses the Mini-Chomp because she loves Chain Chomps, she thinks they are like her pets.

Her own kart is the Locomotiver. The kart is a little locomotive that remembers a train toy. The chimney expels yellow steam and the wheels are like the train's. She drives the Locomotiver because she thinks it's a toy and she is playing with the train.


Speed 4/10
Technique 5/10
Power 6/10
Jumping 8/10
Acceleration 10/10
Skills 6/10


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