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Baby Walice
Baby Walicia.png
AGE 10 months
ZODIAC ♊ Gemini
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom Town
Baby Waria (sister)

Baby Wario (cousin)

Baby Waluigi (cousin)

Baby Luise (friend)

Baby Daisy (friend)
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8

Baby Walice is Walice when she was a little child. She used to play with Maria, Luise, Waria and Waluigi. She also used to upset Mario with her sister but she only was helping her sister. She met Daisy when she travelled to Sarasland when her parents went.


She tries to be a good baby and she likes people who is nice but she sometimes upsets Baby Mario and he doesn't speak with her so Walice is sorry and they return to be friends. She is very vain; she combs her hair, she loves choose her clothes... She wants to be an artist, she made her first drawings when she was 8 months old. When she is drawing, anybody mustn't upset because she paints his/her face or hammer crayons into his/her eyes. She can concentrate a lot, in fact that she can she anything for an hour. If she is tired, she gets sleeping without any problem.

Game Appearances

In Mario Kart 8

She is an article from Mario Kart 8. She can be bought by 40 coins like her sister Baby Waria.

Her special item is Oil Barrel. When she uses that she throws a pool of oil. The person who cross on the pool will slip for a time but the pool will continue there. The Green Fuel company gives her Oil Barrels in every race so she can use that quietly.

Her Kart is the Crazy Engine. It's a Kart that haves a lot of engine in its chasis, in fact that its wheels are such as engines. Baby Walice likes the kart because she likes everything that round.


Speed 6/10


Power 3/10
Jumping 9/10
Acceleration 7/10
Skills 7/10


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