Baby Petey Piranha is the infant form of Petey Piranha. He sometimes has a diaper on instead of his spotted shorts, which seems too big for him. He strangely has overgrown flower petals, while in adult form, the petals are smaller. He appears in New Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty but he is not playable. When he goes on a Yoshi he makes a goop slingshot allowing Yoshi and him to get across the other side.

When Petey was an infant he had a huge crush on Daisy then now he tries to steal her with King Boo/Baby Boo. He is strangely scared of lava and will hang on until he gets away from the lava. Petey also has large leaves so he can glide across the screen. He is a team character and loves hanging out with Prince Boo, Baby Daisy & Baby Waluigi. He is similar to Lemmy because they both like jumping on giant balls and rolling around with it.


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