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'Woo-hoo!! Maria, ha, ha, ha!!!

Baby Maria in Mario Kart 8
Baby Maria
Baby Maria.png
AGE 10 months
ZODIAC ♎ Libra
Baby Mario (cousin)

Baby Luigi (cousin)

Baby Waria (friend)

Baby Luise (sister)
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8

Baby Maria is Maria when she was a baby. She appears in Mario Kart 8 the first time. She loves racing games so she has debuted in Mario Kart. She is usually playing with her sister Baby Luise, Baby Mario or Baby Waria. She makes jokes to everybody although she sometimes upsets her victim. She almost can't speak but everybody understand her. She is very clever and she uses her mind to make herself understood and she is always lucky. She's friend of Baby Wario or Baby Peach.


She's always happy except when she is bored. She cries a lot at those moments but she gets quiet when she takes the pacifier. She is a bit naughty and she often plays pranks but she knows when to stop it. She is joker and she makes a lot of silly things. Her cousin says she is funny but she tires. She loves dresses and shoes so she has fashion magazines that she loves to see. She is extroverted, she easily makes new friends. Everybody says she is a friendly baby.

Physical Appearance

Baby Maria wears a red shirt, a purple skirt, a red cap with a girlish "M" on it. and brown shoes. Her features are similar to baby peach's similar to how her older counterpart is similar toPeach's. She has a similar hairstyle to Peach, and is very short.

Appearances in games

In Mario Kart 8

Her special item is Mini Mushroom. She throws the mushroom on the tarmac and she waits. When anybody takes the mushroom, he/she decrease a lot and the victim will go slower. The item makes the same effect like the lightning but only with the person who takes the mushroom.

Her own kart is the Electro-Crib. The Electro-Crib is a kart that has a lot of bars like a crib and it's painted with thunders and lightnings. She uses that car because she thinks it's more safe in a crib and she can sleep when she wants.


Speed 7/10
Technique 6/10
Power 5/10
Jumping 4/10
Acceleration 9/10
Skills 8/10


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