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Baby Luise
Baby Luise.png
AGE 10 months
ZODIAC ♋ Cancer
Baby Maria (sister)

Baby Mario (cousin)

Baby Luigi (Cousin)

Baby Walice (friend)

Baby Waluigi (friend)
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8
Waaaaaaaaa! Luise!!!

Baby Luise in Mario Kart 8

Baby Luise is Luise when she was a baby. Her first appearance is in Mario Kart 8 who is sold in Mario Kart Shop by 35 coins. She usually plays with Baby Maria, Baby Walice, Baby Waluigi and Baby Luigi. She loves racing games so she is in Mario Kart 8 like a new character. She can't almost speak although she is understood by other people.


She is a nervous baby and very lively. She wants to play at every moment and she cries and screams when she can't play anything so her sister gives her the pacifier. She is still Baby Waluigi's friend but they have a lot of arguments and they finish very late. She's afraid of Boos, above all of Boolines, like his cousin Baby Luigi but she is rarely brave, only when her sister has a problem. She loves her cousin Baby Luigi and Baby Mario but specially with Luigi. She also has arguments with Baby Walice because she is very possessive and they sometimes fight because of a toy but then she make it up with her.

Her appearances in games

Mario Kart 8

Baby Luise is a character who is sold in the shop by 35 coins. You can buy her when you have visited the shop 5 times.

Her special item is Golden Shell. When she uses that, the shell will go straight. When the item hits a wall, it will bounce a lot of times but it won't be destroyed. If the shell has bounce a lot of times, it will be stopping and maybe it can stay in the tarmac. It's a dangerous item because you can't know where will it go and maybe it will hit you.

Her own kart is Boo-Vacuum. It's a kart like a vacuum that only picks up Boos. It has four red wheels with a traffic sign with a Boo. She has this kart because she is afraid of Boos and she feels more safety when she drives it. The kart is an invention from Professor E. Gadd.


Speed 5/10
Technique 8/10
Power 4/10
Jumping 7/10
Acceleration 7/10
Skills 8/10


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