Azarak: The Everlasting Storm is an upcoming action adventure, 3D platformer by Outer Limits Co.. It takes place in the kingdom of Kraa'os, where peace and prosperity has been disrupted, and an evil spirit named Ziniba has turned the floating kingdom, Claudous into an everlasting storm.


Azarak, the white angel, decades after the War of Claudous, has been living in peace for the past several decades. Ziniba, a fallen angel who betrayed Azarak during the war, has been plotting her revenge on Azarak ever since she was banished to earth. She has planned to invade Claudous with the rest of the fallen angels, and murder Azarak.

Months later, during the Council of Creation, Azarak, along with fellow gods Aspragon, goddess of nature, Vulco, god of fire, Winbar, god of wind, and Ocanus, goddess of water, prepared to attend a mandatory meeting. Azarak was about to speak, when Ziniba and her fellow fallen angels raid the building. After a long battle, the gods had all been defeated, yet spared. Ziniba approached Azarak, and thrust her arm forward, stabbing Azarak's heart with her sword. She then carried Azarak's cold body to the edge of Claudous and threw him over the edge. Before hitting the ground, his body began to glow.






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