Axem Silver is a robotic axe-wielding character, similar to the Axem Rangers. He may have been created by Smithy as well, but he does not serve him. He is a character like Nitro, in that he has been included in several ideas and scrapped games by Twenty-Second Choice.


Axem Silver appears similarly to the Axem Rangers, except that his body is a silver colour. He is slightly taller than Axem Red, but shorter than Axem Green. In some appearances, he has been seen wearing a top hat, and is often seen wearing sunglasses.


Axem Silver is somewhat cunning and manipulating, tricking people so that he can further his own goals. However, unlike many other manipulating characters, he still attempts to maintain friendships, and his goals are often shared with his friends. He is good at leadership, and will often take command of any group he is in; usually, he respects the people he works with and so they gladly accept him as leader. He is also a bit eccentric, and will never tell anybody about his shady past, which is the subject of much speculation.

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