Axem Rangers
The Axem Rangers as they appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Leader(s) Axem Red
Alignment Evil
Axem Red
Axem Black
Axem Yellow
Axem Green
Axem Pink
First Appearance Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)
Smithy Gang
'“'AXEM RED: We fight for evil!
AXEM BLACK: We live for disorder!
AXEM GREEN: We like what we do!
AXEM PINK: We struggle for chaos!
AXEM YELLOW: We are...
...the Axem Rangers!
Axem Rangers, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

The Axem Rangers are a team of teenage members of the Smithy Gang that appear as a major boss in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They appear towards the end of the game where they steal a Star Piece from Mario, Mallow, Geno, Bowser, and Peach in Barrel Volcano, and try to escape using the Blade. They are soon battled and defeated, allowing the heroes to reclaim the Star Piece.

The Axem Rangers are a parody of the Super Sentai series in Japan, which is the basis for the Power Rangers series in the United States.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

The Axem Rangers first appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Mario and friends enter Barrel Volcano in search of the sixth Star Piece, said to be guarded by the Czar Dragon. Unbeknownst to them, Smithy had ordered the Axem Rangers to recover the Star Piece as well. Once the heroes defeat the Czar Dragon, they find the Star Piece, though the Axem Rangers steal it before they can claim it. Following this, they attempt to escape the volcano on their battleship, the Blade. Mario and co. chase the rangers down and battle them on the Blade.

In battle, all five Axem Rangers are battled at once, each having their own stats and attacks. They can be defeated in any order, and once defeated they will complain to Axem Red, who tells them to stand down (in Axem Red's case he will say his head is spinning and can't fight anymore). Once all five are defeated, they combine their strength and use the Blade's Breaker Beam to fire devastating blasts at the heroes. Ultimately, the rangers are defeated, and the Blade explodes. Mario and friends obtain the sixth Star Piece, and travel to Bowser's Keep to obtain the seventh and final one.

Later in the Factory, Machine Made versions of the Axem Rangers are mass produced by the Smithy Gang in their attempt to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. These are monochrome, but have similar abilities to the originals. They are also optional rather than boss fights.


Axem Red

Axem Rangers
Ranger Information
AxemRangerSprite Red.png
Axem Red

Axem Red is the leader of the Axem Rangers. Like the others, he wields an axe as his main weapon. Of the members, he is the most serious and dislike his teammate's quirks and constant complaints. In battle, he is an all-arounder, having high HP (the most of his allies, at 800) and using axe slashes to attack. He can also fire a glowing projectile that deals higher damage. If two of his teammates are defeated, Axem Red will use Vigor Up to increase attack, and when two more are defeated, he uses Valor Up to increase attack. He is the equivalent to Mario, both being all-arounder type fighters.

When all are defeated, Axem Red will command the main cannon on the Blade. It has 999 HP and a devastating attack called Breaker Beam: while it takes two turns to charge, it damages all party members heavily, as well as cut through defense. Once it's defeated, the Blade is destroyed, as are the Axem Rangers.

AxemRangerSprite Black.png
Axem Black

Axem Black wields an axe like the other Axem Rangers, as well as sports a pair of sunglasses. He is the most cocky of the team, much to Axem Red's chagrin. In battle, he has 550 HP and is the fastest of the rangers, attacking twice and occasionally three times in one turn. He mainly uses axe slashes, but can also throw bombs at the heroes for higher damage. He is the equivalent to Geno, as both have the fastest speed stats of their respective teams.

AxemRangerSprite Yellow.png
Axem Yellow

Axem Yellow wields an axe like the other Axem Rangers, and is the most obese. He has the least intelligence of any member on the team, and is also gluttonous, always hungry and wanting to eat. Because of his bulk, he has the most attack and defense of the Axem Rangers, as well as high HP, at 600. He mainly attacks with an axe slash, but can also use a toxic bubble and the move Body Slam, both of which deal even more damage. He is the equivalent to Bowser, as both have the highest physical attack and defense stats of their respective teams.

AxemRangerSprite Green.png
Axem Green

Axem Green wields an axe like the other Axem Rangers, and is the most slender. Because of his form, he isn't strong physically, but he does use a lot of magic attacks. He has 450 HP and has the weakest physical attack stat, and damages the heroes by stabbing with with the tip of his axe rather than slashing at them. However, he mainly uses attacks such as Meteor Blast, Solidify, and Static E!, all of which can deal high damage to all the party members. He is the equivalent to Mallow, as both have very useful magic attacks.

AxemRangerSprite Pink.png
Axem Pink

Axem Pink wields an axe like the other Axem Rangers, and is the sole female. She has stereotypical feminine traits, such as a love for makeup and fashion. She will attack by slashing her axe, but rarely uses it, instead mainly supporting the team with Recover and Mega Recover, restoring HP to a ranger. She can also use Petal Blast to turn all party members into mushrooms. However, she has the lowest HP of the rangers, at 400. She is the equivalent to Peach, as both are female and have access to a lot of healing and support abilities.


Nintendo All-Stars Chess

The Axem Rangers return in Nintendo All-Stars Chess as Hero Pieces for Smithy's side. Unlike the rest of the Hero Pieces which have unique functions, the Axem Rangers instead are based off other Hero Pieces.

  • Axem Red is a Hero Piece that is capable of moving up to two spaces in any direction. Axem Red captures another piece by occupying the space it's in. Axem Red can also jump over other pieces similar to a Knight. The functionality of Axem Red is identical to Mario's Hero Piece.
  • Axem Green is a Hero Piece that can moves up to a square that is two squares away horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally, in a L-shape, although Axem Green can stop anywhere in between. Similar to a Knight, he can also leap over enemy and ally pieces. The functionality of Axem Green is identical to Luigi's Hero Piece.
  • Axem Pink acts similar to a Queen piece, but with the additional functionality in that she can also jump over ally pieces, but is cannot interact with enemy pieces similar to a King piece. The functionality of Axem Pink is identical to Peach's Hero Piece.
  • Axem Black is a Hero piece can move like a Knight or a Rook, but also grants Knights next to him the ability to move a like a Bishop. The functionality of Axem Black is identical to Geno's Hero Piece.
  • Axem Yellow is a Hero Piece that is capable of moving to any 1 space in any direction. However, Axem Yellow can only capture diagonally, however he can capture multiple pieces in a single turn. This is known as a charge function. The functionality of Axem Yellow is identical to Wario's Hero Piece.


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