Axel & Etty and the Cave series
Author Withersoul 235

Jogre Yake

Release Date(s)
Prehistoric Problems: 2020

Marginocephalid Assault: 2021
Back and Forth: 2023

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, comedy, drama, adventure, slapstick
Dynocity: The Motion Picture
Director Withersoul 235, Marx422, Jogre Yake
Producer(s) Yogre Yake, WS235 & M422
Genre(s) Action-comedy-slapstick-drama
Age Rating(s)
Original Language Dutch
Runtime 94 min.
Series Dynocity Series
Axel & Etty: Prehistoric Pulp
Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.

Jogre Yake

Publisher(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Platform(s) Fandraxo, PlayStation 4, Expansion Q-System, Expansion Y
Release Date(s)
Europe and Oceania: April 6, 2024

North America, Bahamas: August 23, 2024

Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platforming (console)

2D.5 Platforming (handheld)

Series Dynocity Series

Wither                       Marx Soul
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Axel & Etty and the Cave Series is a series in which the two sons of scientist Kyle Cliff, Axel Cliff (12,5) and Etty Cliff (13) discover a cave with prehistoric life in it, who are much smarter than humanity as well more advanced, due them existing longer than thousand times as humanity. 

Short Summary

Book 1: Prehistoric Problems

Axel & Etty, fascinated by dinosaurs, discover a cave, and as said above, prehistoric creatures are in there, being much smarter and more advanced. At first, they are captured but are later freed. They explore Dynocity. There is a mysterious painting that's covered. Later, it turns out it's a painting of Kyle, who had met the creatures before them. A villainous organization known as the Gorgonians attack, but Kyle, weaponed with a multishot bazooka, turns them into good, small Gorgonians, leading to Gorgo (it's leader) being the only remaining malevolent Gorgonian. He escapes and later returns to retaliate, but is defeated and scared away.

Book 2: Marginocephalid Assault

Months later, Axel & Etty revisit the cave, but several Pachycephalosaurus and Ceratopsians (the Marginocephalids) attack. After several problems happening, including a confrontation with Gorgo in which Axel was nearly killed, the Marginocephalids are killed with toxic gas.

Book 3: Back and Forth

Axel & Etty want to visit other planets, but are hindered by Theofile Frombehind and his cousin Gerald Fromthefront, who also work with Gorgo and Gene Ral. They want to steal the creatures' technology and plan to build such advanced stuff in their factory known as W. Corp. They are defeated, however, and banished to the moon, where more creatures live, to rebuild a tunnel. Gorgo escapes, however.

The Movie

Gorgo has succesfully dominated Dynocity in the brothers' absence. Gorgo succesfully shoots and kidnaps Axel, kills one of the most important creatures (Apsi), but is later crushed between a door and a wall and finally meets his end... or did he ?

The Game

Idar the Oviraptor, Dilong Paradoxus and Guanlong Wucaii dominate Dynocity but they are all stopped but Dilong, who kills another important figure (Zobo) as well a docor (Dr. Pill Bolus). Gorgo returns but is blown up. What happened to him is unknown.

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