Awesomecartoongame is a game made by Awesomecartoongames. It follows a young Kirby named Kirbo, the beloved Chibi Duckling Baby Quack and Kirbo's best friend Keebu on a journey to save their mentors.


One day, Kirbo and his best friend Keebu are playing at a park, while their two mentors talk. Suddenly, Bazooka and a purple Waddle Doo appear, saying they will takke over Dreamland and Cloudius. Then, Quack and his protege Baby Quack appear and start to fight them, but they capture Quack, Kirby and Keeby. The young sidekicks know what to do! Kirbo pees himself, Baby Quack faints, and Keebu runs and screams. Then, Munk Googoo appears and tells them that they must save their mentors. They then run off to the sunrise.



Kirbo- The main hero. He can swallow enemies and spit them out. He, unlike his mentor, uses a weapon, a green energy sword. Mentor: Kirby

Keebu- Kirbo's best friend. He can use the same powers of Kirbo, but he is good with sorcery, and controls a little beam ball. Mentor: Keeby

Baby Quack: Baby Quack is the most curious one out of the group. He throws batarangs and can fly.    Mentor: Quack


Every Kirby and Barker and Quack enemies.

4 Kirby Bosses(Flowery Woods, Krako, Dark Matter and King Dododo) and 4 Barker and Quack enemies(Fire Plier, Black Mole, Ice-Valanche and Bazooka)


  • This game is made by a user by the same name, but the user has a "s" at the end.
  • This game is for the first Awesomecartoongames for the IPod and IPad.