Awedio (pronounced AW-DEE-OH) is an Adventure game for the PS3 being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) and Cobweb (tbc). It features a unique character named Deejay as he goes on a quest to rid the land of the evil Count Quiet and his Silencers. It takes place in the land of Poparockzee.



Gameplay & Controls

During the game, you move Deejay around a 3D environment, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies. By pressing Square, you can use your Beatbox attack to send musical notes flying at enemies, damaging them. The biggest feature about the game is the Custom Soundtrack system the game uses. By scrolling through your MP3 player, Deejay can select songs to play during his quest. The songs will have an effect on himself, the enemies, and the environment. For example, playing a really loud and fast song will get Deejay pumped up and he'll be able to move faster and take more damage without getting defeated. Another example is that if a song like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is played, the song is about zombies, so when it's played it will summon a group of zombies to help Deejay fight off the enemy. However, songs take up an amount of Battery Power, so when a song is played, you lose that much Battery Power. If your Battery Power dies, you won't be able to play songs to help you. You'll have to get to an electrical source and charge it up again.

  • L - Move
  • X - Jump
  • Square - Beatbox attack
  • L1/R1 - Swap songs in MP3
  • Triangle - Play song
  • Circle - Pick up/Put down/Throw/Use object

Default Songs

Song Artist Effect
Thriller Michael Jackson Makes zombies pop up from the ground to assist you in fighting. Costs 5 Battery Power.
Jaded Green Day Gets Deejay pumped up and makes his attacks more powerful. Costs 6 Battery Power.
Higher Taio Cruz Lets Deejay jump higher. Costs 3 Battery Power.
Fireflies Owl City Lets Deejay see in the dark. Costs 4 Battery Power.
Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars Female enemies will not attack Deejay. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Shiver Shawn Desman Deejay's Beatbox notes will freeze enemies, but damage will be taken off. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Don't Wanna Go Home Jason Derulo Deejay will become more resistant to damage. Costs 5 Battery Power.
No Cars Go Arcade Fire Enemies using vehicles are badly damaged. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Talk Show Host Radiohead Deejay temporarily disguises himself as an enemy, thus avoiding attacks. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Time Stand Still Rush Time freezes, allowing Deejay to do whatever he wants while the world is frozen: kill enemies, get powerups, etc. But when time starts up again, any enemies on-screen are twice as fast as before. Costs 7 Battery Power.
Stormy Weather Pixies A massive thunderstorm is conjured, washing targeted enemies away and striking them with lightning. Does major damage when focused on a single enemy; damage amount decreases as the amount of targeted enemies increases. Costs 5 Battery Power.
Hypnotize System of a Down Enemies are hypnotized and rendered immobile. Costs 6 battery power.
Written in the Stars Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner Meteors crash down onto the enemies. Costs 8 battery power.
The Lazy Song Bruno Mars The game will take control of Deejay and guide him to the nearest checkpoint. Deejay is guaranteed to survive, but he will not pick up any special items and if he gets to the checkpoint and the song isn't over, he won't be able to play another one until it ends. Costs 13 Battery Power.
Superfast Jellyfish Gorillaz Deejay speeds up and can zip by enemies. Costs 7 battery power.
American Eulogy/Mass Hysteria Green Day The setting changes into a middle-aged setting with angry villagers, occasionally knights, and very rarely, dragons, that will attack the enemies. Costs 9 Battery Power.
Ghosts N' Stuff Deadmau5 Summons a pack of ghost to assist you in fighting. They will occasionally possess an enemy. Costs 10 Battery Power.
More Usher A copy of Deejay comes and helps the original fight the enemies. Costs 8 Battery Power.
Calgary Bon Iver Causes the enemies to be enveloped in a fog that makes them stumble and trip. Costs 8 Battery Power.
Still Alive GlaDOS If you have 1% health when you use it, you regain all health. Costs no battery power, but it's difficult to get exactly 1% health.
The Final Countdown Europe Lets Deejay cause damage to the normally invincible Count Quiet. Costs 20 Battery Power.


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  • Silencer - The main type of foe. Can be defeated with 3-5 Beatbox notes or a single jump.
  • Silencette - A female version of the Silencer. Is faster than normal and has the additional ability to suck away Deejay's battery power.
  • Winger - Same as the Silencer, but can fly.

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Along with playing songs to help him, Deejay can also equip a variety of attacks to defeat enemies as well. These attacks cost nothing to use and he has an endless amount of the attacks he uses. By pressing and holding the left directional button on the controller, Deejay can select what attack to equip. Beatbox is available from the start, but the rest must be bought with the money you collect.

  • Beatbox - The default attack. Sends musical notes flying at the enemy.
  • Jam Wave - Deejay sports a guitar and can shoot soundwaves at enemies that has more range.
  • Drum Ninja - Deejay holds a pair of drumsticks and he can then do powerful forward attacks and even jump attacks.
  • Mic - Equip the microphone will amplify the abilities of the songs.

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  • If Deejay loses all of his lives in a level and gets a Game Over, "Friday" will start playing.
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