Kirby Mass Attack 2 artwork
Species Clam
Power None
Volcano Valley
First appearance Kirby Mass Attack

Awadoron is a orange clam enemy from the Kirby series, it debuted in Kirby Mass Attack. Awadorons don't attack Kirby's platoon, rather peacefully swim through Volcano Valley's dirty waters, the Kirbies can hit it and crack it's shell, releasing air bubbles, making it extremely helpful, eventually, it's shell becomes so fragile that one last hit makes it explode into many air bubbles.

However, harvesting bubbles from Awadoron is made difficult by the fact that he flees from your Kirby troop upon sight of them, and will escape after maliciously laughing if it gets far enough, so you have to be quick to get an easy source of air bubbles.

Fanon Appearances

Kirby Mass Attack 2

Awadoron returns in this game, and acts like how he did in Kirby Mass Attack.


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