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Avirl is a henchman of The Threat. He has a desire to revive Lord Acriss and destroy all The Fan and The Enemy's heroes. He lives in Svarga, although is not considered one of The Threat's numbered forces. He hates Unten so much that his whole room in the castle has voodoo dolls of him. Overflowing even.


Avirl is a yellow alien with a tri-sected head with a black gem in the center of his head and black coloring on the left and right ridges of his head. He has black eyes and white teeth and wears a robe that has a heavily armored torso and ripped sleeves. He wears metal braces around his arm that are connected to black orbs. He wears gray fingerless gloves that have black spheres embedded into them.


Avirl was created by The Threat to serve as a dark magic user during the God Wars, which he diligently did. However, his use became less and less prominent until he fell into relative obscurity, and forgot most of the skills he once had.


Avirl is stereotypically evil, with no real motivations to his actions beyond being bred to hate The Fan and The Threat. He has a one-sided rivalry with Unten, and will do whatever it takes to take him on. Although he has a bunch of voodoo dolls of Unten, none of them have ever worked much to his frustration. He is hinted to have a crush on Unten as well, usually trying to make his plans as "big" and as "fantastic" to impress Unten with, but Unten doesn't seem to really notice him, much to his ire.


Fantendo - Genesis

Appears briefly during the end of the story, where he begins creating the Unten dolls after seeing Unten win against the fight against Six.

Terror Terry

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory


The Threat



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