Autarch of Skies is a biplane dogfight game designed for the Wii. The game involves a man named Dallas Ronald in the time of the late 1940s, Assigned to counterattacks and destroy the pawns of the Tyrant Norman Foley, who is attempting to expand the regions he governs by leaving a scorched earth behind him, and building his own empire upon its ruins.


The year is 1948, War against the 29 year old Normal Foley has broken out recently, and the city you live in has been attacked. Therefore, the local defense force assigns you with a Biplane to prevent Foley from destroying everything on the land and taking it for himself.


Icon Name Description Boss
N/A Ascent to the Skies Taking place near the town, The player must counterpart of Foley's incoming forces and destroy The Maurader Airship. The Maurader Airship
N/A The Borderlands As the name suggests, this level takes place at the borders of the town Dallas lives in. More Sea-Based enemies appear here such as attack boats etc. The Player must surpass foley's forces and clear them out of the borders. The S.S Marion


Image Name Description Level found in
K Type Blimp01 The Maurader Airship The Maurader Airship was created by Foley's engineers as a unit used to clear out any enemy planes off the land before it gets bombed. The Ship has 2 side mounted turrets on the ship and one on the bottom of the ship. When defeated, the Maurader Airship crashes into the ground and explodes, leaving pieces of debree and a crater where it exploded. Ascent to the Skies
N/A The S.S Marion The S.S Marion is a Battleship designed as an Anti-Air unit to clear the way for Norman's Ships. The Ship has AA Turrets on is and the player is required to fly low in order to destroy it. When the Marion is destroyed, it sinks in a titanic-esque fashion, exploding while it does. The Borderlands



  • Point the Wii remote at the direction you want to move you're biplane.
  • A Button - Fires Secondary Weapon mounted on the plane
  • B Button - Launches Missile (Only when target is Locked Down, An enemy plane will be automatically locked down if nearby and in range of sight)
  • 1 Button - Accelerates the plane.
  • 2 Button - Slows down the plane.
  • + Button - Pauses the game.

Single Player/Campaign Mode

In Campaign Mode, the player's objective varies throughout the game, Enemies will attempt to shoot down the player as he/she tries to progress through the level with guns or missiles, if the player manages to destoy an enemy, he/she is given Honor Points, of which are used to upgrade the plane in the Plane Workshop mode. Near the end of each level, a boss will appear as a final enemy in the level, the player must defeat the boss in order to finish the level.

Multiplayer Mode

In Multiplayer Mode, 2 Players can select a map reflecting a previously played level and choose an objective which alters the play mode such as:

  • Duel - The 2 players will duel each other using their biplanes in this objective and attempt to shoot each other down, the players can also set how many kills it takes to win.
  • Biplane Race - The 2 Players must Race to a random point on the map as quickly as possible, the players can set the range of the position and the number of laps they must do.

Plane Workshop

In the Plane Workshop, Players can spend Honor Points they have earned in Single Player mode to create and upgrade different planes, the player can customize the look of the plane, and purchase items such as upgraded Machine Guns and better quality wings to benefit them. Players can also create different planes to use in different situations and save them onto their data.

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