Austyn is a video game character that is based off of the user Austin. Austyn is known for his psychic abilities which include telekinesis, teleportation (not very far, though), and the ability to use Psycho Cut using his drumsticks. He will soon have an appearance in the Float Island Inc. game Miiverse Quest Package.


Austyn was just a normal boy until the evil Shadows started attacking him at night, keeping him awake. After two weeks of no sleep, he gained psychic powers. Soon after, the shadows kidnapped Austyn's family and retreated to the Mysterious Mountains. Austyn went to save them, and met many more people and other species along the journey.


Austyn has appeared in:

TV Shows

Austyn has appeared in the TV show The Psychic Crew.


Original Form

This is what Austyn looked like before The Psychic 2.

  • A basic drawing of Austyn
  • Austyn as he appeared in Fantendo Crossing
  • Unfinished promotional artwork of Austyn from Super Mario Galaxy 3
  • Austyn as he appears in Fantendo Brawlers.
  • Austyn's TP2 Form.
  • Austyn as he appears in The Psychic 2.
  • Austyn (The Psychic 2) Anime Form.

The Psychic 2 Form

This is what Austyn looked like in the Psychic 2 era.

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