Aurza's Path is a 3D adventure role playing game released by Squeak Interactive for the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and SynomaWay on Summer 2024.


Somewhere in a fantasy world of floating isles known as the Pathlands, a young preteen girl named Blair awakens with no memory and explores the islands in hope to find her home and family. Meanwhile, an extremely contagious infection quickly spreads between every island it manages to find and corrupt it.

Soon realizing the rumors that have been spreading around as quick as the corruption itself, she heads off to find the source of it while trying to not get caught by it and locating clues for finding her origin afterward, recruiting new allies along the way and learning the ability of conduct.


Taking a strong storybook style, the player can explore a variety of lands that have randomly regenerated terrain every playthough, even having a few elements of free exploration and platforming. Safe zones, often set in towns or cities, is mostly free of monsters, NPCs are commonly found here, and the player slowly regenerates in these areas.

Battle System

The battle system takes inspiration from Undertale, which has both offensive or defensive actions. There are six actions the player can perform, each with their own effects: Attack, Social, Items, Flee, Defend, and sometimes Recruit if the opponent is a regular enemy, wild, and can be tamable.

  • ATTACK: This makes the selected character perform an attack based on their general info such as their species kingdom, element, and spirit type. Offensive attacks deal damage to the opponent, defensive serves their side or themselves, and specials deal damage to all enemies on opposing side.
  • SOCIAL: Selected characters tries to interact with target without the use of violence, though some social actions can be more aggressive than others. Each social performance, while not inflicting any damage, will do a different effect and eventually results in target fleeing the battle.
  • ITEMS: A certain item can be used in battle by the player, and will either raise a certain stat of the user or any other effect. Opponents can also receive or steal these items, often negative ones.
  • FLEE: If the action is performed well enough, the party will flee the battle and will lose most progress of the fight.
  • DEFEND: Selected character protects themselves with a forcefield or other defensive mechanism, skipping a turn. This raises their defense, though they will not stop until their turn comes around again.
  • RECRUIT: If performed well enough and has low enough HP, the opponent will flee the battle into the audience and then joins the player's party afterwards. Only one can be recruited every battle.


The player can also collect resources from wild areas, dungeons, and defeated monsters. With enough resources, they player can then craft with recipes that the player has also found with a work bench. Some sub categories of crafting, such as cooking or alchemy, would need a different crafting bench like a furnace or cauldron.

Spirit Types

Spirit Types, also known as spirits, are special significant traits that every unit in battle wields and defies their overall behavior. Currently, there would be eight spirit types, and there is yet to be an ninth one discovered. In the story, spirits are given to a vessel at birth and becomes lifeless without it.

Mighty Supportive Agile Intellect Tricky Defensive Mystical Robust
Uses the strongest attacks and brute force against opponents. Raised most in ATTACK stat. Has lesser amount in some stats but heavily tries to support their party through socializing and attacks. Extremely quick and can dodge attacks easier but struggles to stay still in certain situations. Raised most in SPEED stat. Uses their brains to their advantage against opponents such as traps. Raised most in WITS stat. Tries to fake out their attacks and are overall unpredictable in their schemes. Most engaging during Auto-Battle. Highly protective of themselves and prefer to use Defend in Auto-Battle. Raised most in DEFENSE stat. Prefers to use magic and other supernatural forces of energy in battle. Raised most in MAX Energy stat. Often uses healing items in Auto-Battle with low HP and keeps it in pace. Raised most in MAX Health stat.

Notable Characters

Name Creature Type Spirit Description Basic Moveset
Blair Cryptid Agile A descendant of the now fallen Yaliar Civilization who has lost her memory in an incident and now has to go on a quest to find the source of a recently spread corruption.
  • Slash
  • Blade Weave
  • Dash Tackle
  • Thrust
Basil Humanoid Mighty A freelancer apprentice of the Guild in Quilar Town who decides to help Blair uncover the corruption's source after defeating his older sister's corrupted form.
  • Punch
  • Kick
  • Distract
  • Item Throw
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