#699 Aurorus
Aurorus's artwork for Pokémon X and Y.
Category Tundra Pokémon
Original Region Kalos
National Dex Nr. #699
Kalos Dex Nr. #067 (Coastal)
Generation 6
Pokémon Color Blue
First Appearance Pokémon X and Y
Type(s) Rock/Ice
Ability/ies Refrigerate
(Hidden: Snow Warning)
Average Height 8'10
Average Weight 496.0 lbs.
Evolves From Amaura
Evolves Into N/A

Aurorus, known in Japan as アマルルガ (Amaruruga) is a large quadrupedal Rock/Ice-type Pokémon. Aurorus has evolved from Amaura at level 39 during the night. It is one of the two fully-evolved Fossil Pokémon from Kalos, the other being Tyrantrum.


Aurorus is a blue, regal-looking, quadrupedal dinosaurian, with a long neck and a long, thin, incurling tail. Its body is adorned by several icy crystals in the shape of a diamond. Its neck and belly are cyan-colored and hexagonally patterned. It has large eyes with white pupils and large blue sclera, and black eye markings. On its face is a white, V-shaped marking, adorned with an ice crystal, as well as two large, sail-like appendages that follow along the entire neck and change color depending on its emotion.

It is likely that Aurorus roamed around the world 100 million years ago, like Amaura has. The crystals on its body actually have a purpose: they can expel air as cold as -240° Fahrenheit, which can be used to create walls of ice to block attacks, or encasing its opponent in a block of ice.



Aurorus is based on an adult Amargasaurus, which were speculated to have sail-like skin extensions on their vertebral spines. Aurorus also shares various traits with other species of Diplodocoidea. The color-changing sails it has may be based on several kinds of aurora, possibly the aurora borealis due to its Ice typing.

Similar to Tyrantrum and its king-like depiction, Aurorus has several queen-like references. The V-shaped mark and the ice crystal on its head, along with the giant sails, resemble a tiara or headdress, and its body with several ice crystals resemble a medieval dress.

Name Origin

Aurorus is a combination of aurora or aura, and Amargasaurus.

Amaruruga also comes from Amargasaurus.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アマルルガ
From Amargasaurus.
French Dragmara From dragon and Amargasaurus.
German Amagarga From Amargasaurus and Gargas.

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