#1190 Aurolk
Category Gold Egg Pokémon
Original Region Ilamoh
National Dex Nr. #1190
Ilamoh Dex Nr. #36
Generation IX
Pokémon Color White
Type(s) Steel
Ability/ies Bulletproof (HA: Justified)
Average Height 0'04" (0.1m)
Average Weight 2.5 lbs. (1.1kg)
Evolves Into Gaelowing
Aurolk is a Steel-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IX.

It evolves into Gaelowing at Level 20.


Aurolk appears to be a bird egg with a slightly monster-like design to its appearance having a crack along the top allowing some of its feathers to poke out from the top and a hole for its beak to stick out of. The Pokémon also has a hole in the back of its egg where its tail feathers stick out. Its feathers are bright yellow in colour while the Pokémon's beak is a peach like colour, the beak is relatively flat and quite short the tip of the upper beak has a white spot on it.

The egg itself is predominantly white in colour with splotches of a darker cream colour on it which are more prevalent towards the bottom, it also has a small golden cap on the very top that appears to be metallic. When the Pokémon moves around it tucks its beak and tail feathers into its egg and rolls around, when they're close to evolution some will kick against the hard egg shell with their feet to bounce along the ground, if they get stuck with their head facing the ground they'll peck at it until they're back upright.


Stat Range
At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
HP: 5
65 - 112 120 - 214
Attack: 10
13 - 68 22 - 130
Defense: 105
99 - 172 193 - 339
Sp.Atk: 15
18 - 73 31 - 141
Sp.Def: 105
99 - 172 193 - 339
Speed: 5
9 - 62 13 - 119
Total: 245   Other Pokémon with this total  
  • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, IVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
  • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.


  • Aurolk is tied with Munchlax, Pyukumuku and Shuckle for the lowest base Speed Stat of all Pokémon
  • Aurolk has the lowest non-fixed (Shedinja) base HP Stat of all Pokémon
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