Auria, as seen in the trailer for Auria vs. the Power Awakened.

Auria is a Magic-type Power Monster in the Mario's Power Monsters series and the member of the Galaxial Fairies. While most Power Monsters are indeterminately gendered, this one is confirmed to be female, as shown via the Secret Codec.

She is shown to able to manipulate a type of energy known as Aura, which is given off by all living creatures.

She also sent a messages to anyone using a time crystal and also restored one of the fighter's power prior to the events of episode of Mario and Luigi, "Mario's Big Doubt".

Mario and Yoshi has the same aura as Auria. They is also able to use the same powers as Auria when they wear the special belt that Auria wore.

In the anime

An image of Auria was first seen by Kamek on a crystal ball in King Bowser's castle in the Mario and Luigi episode "Alexander Koopa, PDA".

In an another episode "Mario's Big Doubt", Princess Daisy visited Glitzville and experienced a flashback in which she believes Auria had live there before she flew away during the Koopa War.

Auria was set to appear in the Super Mario anime movie, Auria vs. the Power Awakened.

Auria was also set to appear in the Super Smash Bros. anime series, where she is shown to have a friend of both Riolu and Lucario, two Pokémon who also both had the same powers of the Aura as her, and the latter is what Auria is inspired by.


  • Auria was inspired by the Pokémon Lucario, who had the same aura powers as her.
  • Auria's name comes formt he word "aura".
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