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Aura's Junkyard is a video game series developed by Blender Maximum. The games take place on Junkyard, a fictional planet with "supernatural" humanoid and monster residents. These games star Aura Synesthesia, a girl with the ability to concentrate her personality into many different forms known as Auras.


An infant sent from space crash-lands on Junkyard and is adopted by the Synesthesia family. Presumably due to being radiated from outer space, the girl, named Aura, has the unique ability to change into several different versions of herself with altered personalities. She is confident with her powers that have grown stronger over time, and she decides to use them against evil.


  • Aura's Junkyard: The first game in the Auras series, Aura has to fight against the King of Junkyard, a powerful tyrant monster that was born into the royal family, and his army to end his rule and gain back freedom.
  • Aura's Chains: The sequel to Aura's Junkyard. Aura finds herself bound to a pair of chains in a mysterious prison with no memory of how she got there. With a new ability to channel her aura into her own chains to control them, Aura must figure out what's happened to land her here with only the help of people she can't trust.

Major Characters

  • Aura Synesthesia: Aura is a nice person while in her normal form. She has a large amount of Auras. Her Auras are based on colors.
  • Violet Palate: Violet, more commonly known as "Sweep," is Aura's girlfriend. She has Auras, but hers are based on various types of food rather than color. She is slightly more confident than Aura.
  • Death IV: Death is a humanoid and the fourth incarnation of the god Death. Rather than stealing souls, however, he only ensures that all mortals will die. Death is Aura's friend, and he is rather optimistic.
  • Adeline Synesthesia: Aura's adoptive mother, Adeline, is a plantlike creature that resembles a human. She is brave, but she is a little lazy.
  • Atlas Synesthesia: Atlas is the husband of Adeline and the adoptive father of Aura. As he resembles a dragon made entirely of water, Atlas brings a lot of fear to those that don't know him, but he is nice and intelligent.
  • File: File is a mysterious friend of Aura with the ability to turn invisible while his eyes are closed.
  • Alexa: Alexa doesn't generally like Aura, but she decides to help her anyways. Unlike most residents of Junkyard, she doesn't have any unique abilities although she seems highly skilled.