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Aura (Japanese: alternately はどう wave and 波導 wave-guiding) is a form of spiritual energy that is found in many Nintendo-related media, most notably Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is described as the essence of every living creature. It also appears in the Pokémon series as well, where they were used by Lucario.

In the Mario series

There were once a Galaxial Fairy that could sense aura and control its power. This Galaxial Fairy, Auria, has traveled around doing good deeds and passing on her skills to those who also possessed this innate ability to restore the fighter's power.

Auria disappeared from history for some undisclosed reason a not long before the events of the Mario and Luigi, "Mario's Big Doubt".

A Yoshi named Yuyu reveals he has the capability to read aura.

Known abilities of Aura

  • Ability to read minds and actions of another being.
  • Ability to "sense" other Auras and view surroundings even with a blindfold, also allows users to view through some objects.
  • Projection of one's Aura; such as to create barriers or attacks. It can also be used to transfer Aura to others but that method can be fatal to the user.
  • Activation of time crystals.
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