Look, I'm going to COMPLETELY erase you from Raven's list of troubles... By killing you, of course.
Augusto Mendez, The Factor

Augusto Mendez
Augusto's Boss mugshot as seen in The Factor
Full Name Augusto Mendez
Current Age 47
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased
Malcolm Leychester - Malcolm's Bodyguard
Main Weapon(s) Raven Walker
First Appearance The Factor

Augusto Mendez is an Italian bodyguard hired by Malcolm Leychester to protect him or anything important to him at all causes. Augusto serves as the main boss of "Segment 3: The Rebellion" and is also a common visitor to La puc d'or Hotel and Casino, of which, after The Surge, he operates in.

The Factor

Augusto serves as a boss in The Factor. He waits for the player in the main room which is more part of The Casino than Hotel. He is there because he needs to defend Raven Documents stored in a Flight Recorder under the floorboards of the stage. During the battle, Augusto operates a walker designed for Humans and Sentinel Drones alike. Augusto's movement inside this walker is slow on ground, however like Behemoth Drones, it's attacks are devastating. Augusto's walker can also launch itsel finto the air to flatten the player. Once defeated, the drone will explode with Augusto, thus revealing the flight recorder of which had been stored under the floorboards. His killing leads to the Cashing in the Chips achievement.