Attack Ball
Attack Ball
An Attack Ball.
Item Type Float
Kind of Item Attack
First Appearance Super Mario Smashers
Latest Appearance Super Mario Smashers 2 (upcoming)
Allows the player to use a Special Attack
Related Items
Assist Ball, Smash Ball

An Attack Ball is a mighty item appearing exclsively in the Super Mario Smashers series. They appear suddenly sometimes during a battle or can go out from Barrels or Crates.

The Attack Balls have an appearance of a colored sphere with a "crush" emblem in it, similar to the emblems showed in the Auto-Fire Barrels, from Donkey Kong series (which is also Super Mario Smahers emblem). They have a small white light in the center of their body.


This item has 3 appearances.

Super Mario Bros. Smash

These items are replaced again with smash balls.

Super Mario Smashers

These items are replaced with smash balls.