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'Atlantica Defenders is a 3D tower defense game being produced for the Hybrid Δ as a collaborative project between GamerAvenue Co. and Hybrid Co.. The game's story is based on Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea. The game involves you commanding both Atlantican and Jester forces protecting their country against the Glacie.


When the game starts, you will be provided with a set amount of lives and money. On the side menu, the player can select a tower to build on the map. Once selected, the player can drag the tower onto the map and wait for it to complete construction (The player cannot place towers on the Glacie's path.) The player can then place an Atlantican (Which can be selected by the side menu) in the tower to activate it. Each type of Atlantican provides a different combat effect to another. The player can unlock other Atlantican units by gaining Honor from completing levels, which lets you level up and unlock different units. You can begin the waves by selecting the "Begin Waves" button on the top right of the screen. Once selected, the Glacie will begin crossing their path and will attempt to reach the end of the map. Should a Glacie reach the end of the map, a life will be lost. On certain waves, there are boss enemies, which advance in waves alone and are hard to kill. Next to the "Begin Waves" button is a window which shows the enemies which will appear in future waves.


Image Name of Atlantican Description Attributes Level Unlocked
CrossbowOceanian.png Crossbow Oceanian Crossbow Oceanians are basic units, They are cheap to enlist and have decent damage and range for their price.
  • Damage: 10/20/45/70
  • Range: 40/45/50/60
(Unlocked From Beginning)
PriestOceanian.png Oceanian Cleric Ocenian Clerics are experts in defensive psychic energy, these units enhance the damage of towers within range of it.
  • Increase Percentage: 10%/20%/35%/50%
  • Range: 50/55/60/70
Unlocked at Honor Level 5
ChargeOceanian.png Depth-Charge Oceanian Depth-Charge Oceanian send shock-waves from their tower which damage enemies.
  • Damage 40/55/60/85
  • Range: 50/55/60/65
  • Shockwave Size: 50/55/60/65
Unlocked at Honor Level 15
N/A Jester Stopper Jester Stoppers are defensive units that work just fine in slowing waves and enemies. They are more effective when placed next to other offensive towers.
  • Range: 30/40/50/55
Unlocked at Honor Level 3
N/A Jester Prayer These Jesters are great attackers. However, they have low reload time. As so, it's better to cover them with a Jester Stopper.
  • Damage: 30/40/65/90
  • Range: 40/45/50/60
Unlocked at Honor Level 10
Hot Monkey.png Hot Monkey Hot Monkeys charge up their blasts over time. The more the blast is charged, the more damage it will deal. Hot Monkeys are more affective against Bosses because there is only a single target to focus on.
  • Damage: 50 (Full Power)/75 (Full Power)/105 (Full Power)
  • Range: 40/55/60
Unlocked at Honor Level 12

Types of Enemies

Image Name of Enemy Description Attributes
GlacieBasic.png Basic Glacie These Common Glacie units are balances in all areas and they are easy to generally take out.
  • Balanced Stats in all areas.
Snowless.png Glacie Racer Glacie Racers are fast variants of Glacie which excel in speed. Despite their agility, they have a low amount of health to make up for it.
  • 40% more speed than Basic Glacies
  • 37% less health than basic glacies
N/A Glacie Resistors Glacie Resistors are Glacies which have developed denser armor than the average Glacie, which means they can take more damage from Atlantican forces. Because of the increase in armor, they are more slow than Basic Glacies.
  • 45% more health than Basic Glacies
  • 35% less speed than basic glacies
N/A Glacie Cloakers Glacies which have mastered stealth through cloaking. Glacie cloakers will constantly phase from being Visible to Invisible, when invisible, Cloakers cannot be detected. They are, however, weaker than average glacie soldiers.
  • 45% less health than Basic Glacies
  • Phases from being invisible to visible every 1 second.

Boss Enemies

Image Name of Boss Description Attributes
Snowless2.png Snowless An elite Glacie Racer and a recurring boss, although slower than the average Glacie Racer, Snowless yields a much higher amount of health than other racers. He can be distinguished by his larger size and Eyepatch.
  • 2.25x Health than Glacie Racers
  • 15% less speed than Glacie Racers
N/A Lil' Snowball A Glacie Resistor who's name definitely doesn't reflect on his physique. Hulking in size, Lil' Snowball has an extremely large amount of health, however, because of his mass, he moves very slowly
  • 2.75x Health than Glacie Resistors
  • 15% less speed than Glacie Resistors


Old map of Sylphiu, only showing Atlantica and Ignitia.

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The level layout of the game is determined by the layout of Slyphiu, with the starting location being Atlantica and finally ending at Glacie Territory. As the player completes levels, more locations which the player can access will be available.