Athene Metals is the daughter of Strafe and Ella Metals, who makes her debut in Fantendo - Wounds of Time.


Athene's personality is like most children, bright, bubbly and full of life. She seems to enjoy smiling, and hates to feel down. She is very sociable, and quite athletic following her parents. She has been mature from an early age and is sensible, but adventurous.


Athene takes after her mother's eyes. But she has a mix of the two's hair colour, with a seemingly turquoise coloured hair.


Fantendo - Wounds of Time

Athene appears in the epilogue as a six year old where the kids and the robots are playing on the beach and their parents watch over hand in hand in the sunset.

Ella-Metals 4

Athene is a playable character along with the other 3 members of her family. She appears as a 7 year old. Athene's ability is a mixture of Metal and Water, as she was born in Atlantica. Her skill takes a while to master due to its initial slowness and accuracy but although the least powerful can sweep away foes. Athene has a wide hitting range and can spin to deflect well.

Teardrop: Hydro Journey

Athene is a playable character.

Teardrop Stratosball



Athene really admires her 'big brother', and loves to play sports and games with him, espeislly at the beach as shown in EM4 and the WoT epilogue.


Athene and Ritvert have been best friends since birth, and don't go a day without seeing each other.


Athene likes to see Scoutry as her pet as well as Ritvert's. She describes him as 'duper cute'.


Athene likes to play with Melice and enjoys to but their relationship with older Athene is unknown.


  • She was named after Teardrop told them a story about his homeland, and was named after a certain Goddess.
  • She appears to be a Knights of Atlantica fangirl.
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