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Athena Lee Female
??? lbs
449 years old Human
FULL NAME Athena Lee Washington
POWERS Superhuman strength, psychic abilities, flight, cryokinesis
BIRTHDAY Unknown date in 1569
OCCUPATION(S) Hero during the medieval ages
BIRTH LOCATION Area is now Portsmouth, Rhode Island
CURRENT LOCATION Flag of the United States.png Boston, Massachusetts


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Athena Lee is a woman from the RTAverse. A hero who worked during the late 16th century, Athena was frozen alongside AJ Nilsson, a woman who had gotten into a very bitter war with Athena, and the two were forgotten for over 400 years until their revival.

Physical appearance

Athena is a short 449-year-old woman, although due to being frozen she still has her 22-year-old physique. Athena has tanned skin as well as wavy, long green hair and brown eyes. Unlike her enemy AJ, Athena decided to replace her medieval outfit in order to blend in more, with her new outfit consisting of a lilac tank top, a red skirt, black leggings and silver combat boots. Despite updating her outfit, Athena still carries around a gigantic hammer from her days as a hero, which acts as her weapon.


Athena, like her enemy AJ, was born with superhuman strength. Although her strength does not match that of AJ's, Athena is still fully capable of doing some damage with this power. On top of the strength, Athena has psychic abilities. She is capable of seeing the future, but is usually unable to prevent the events from happening due to AJ's constant interference. She additionally has telekinetic powers which are fairly powerful and usually aid her in defending herself. Also like AJ, Athena has the ability to fly. She will grow out angel-like wings when she decides to fly and can glide for a long time when she grows them out. Finally, Athena has cryokinesis, the ability to control ice. Despite this ability, Athena was not able to free herself from the ice that froze her in place for over 400 years.


Athena has a strong sense of justice around her. She is always working as hard as she can to fight off evil in the world no matter what happens to her and does not want to rest until she has defeated AJ for good. Athena tends to be very determined towards achieving her goals, although she feels betrayed by the people she saved for their actions that lead to her being frozen and later revived.


  • Athena is left-handed which, in medieval times, was considered an abomination.
  • Athena originated from the video game Soulcalibur 4, where she had a fighting style based off the character Astaroth, which is where her big hammer comes from.
    • Athena herself is equipped with Great Maul, a weapon resembling more of a hammer than Astaroth's usual ax.
    • Athena and AJ were frozen in 1591, which was also the year Soulcalibur 4's events took place