Astro Kid
The Cosmic Newcomer
SPECIES Alien (species unknown)
AGE 10
WEIGHT 52.9 lbs
Checking out Earth
WEAPONS ARMS (Comet, Ding-a-Ring, Blacuum)

Astro Kid is a new fighter for the starting roster in a sequel to ARMS. He comes from another planet that seemingly also possesses ARMS, having crash-landed on Earth.


Astro Kid has white hair with four prominent spikes that resemble the points of an upside-down star, the fifth point being a blue bang hanging over his eyes and yellow eye mask, with the rest of his hair being done in a thin ponytail that reaches past his waist. His ARMS are made out of sparkling silver stardust. His outfit consists of what seems like a yellow spacesuit, pink raised rings around his wrists and waist (as a belt), but it cuts off below the knees, going into white boots with black soles. The only odd physical feature Astro Kid has is that his ears are pointed like elves.

Astro Kid's symbol is a five-pointed star with a short trail behind it made of three curved lines, which is printed in neon blue on his suit's chest.


Astro Kid came from another planet, one that he says has ARMS users everywhere. The gravity gets lower around him wherever he goes, which is probably how he even uses that Comet ARM of his. When times get tough, he can draw in energy from the cosmos to become invincible to make that comeback and make others see stars... sometimes!
Official description

One day, a shooting star fell out of the sky and crash-landed on Earth. From out of the impact crater, a young boy with ARMS emerged. This boy called himself "Astro Kid", and upon seeing other people with ARMS, he began to believe he had found another planet like his own, confirming him as an alien despite his human appearance. Claiming he is not stranded on Earth and can return whenever, Astro Kid gave incredible information to leading ARMS scientists, between study of his physiology, research into the unique ARMS he brought with him, and even the discovery that Astro Kid's home planet is said to be entirely populated by people with ARMS. Had the missing link that explains the existence of ARMS finally been found?

Fighting Style

The cosmic energy surrounding Astro Kid produces a slight anti-gravity field. While he stays close to the ground, this field reduces the weight class of all ARMS he's using, turning Heavy into Medium, Medium into Light, and Light into Super-Light, going even faster. However, doing this causes some of his ARMS to be slightly less powerful than they would be in other fighters' hands in exchange for the boosted speed.

In addition, similar to Spring Man and Max Brass, his power kicks into overdrive at 25% or less HP, but rather than gain a perma-charge, Astro Kid instead turns invincible for a short time, which will last even if he heals past 25%, but once it wears off, it won't trigger again for the rest of the round even if he dips below 25% again. Knockback and non-damaging element effects still work against him when invincible, however.

Despite his much shorter size compared to other fighters, opponents' ARMS will curve downward to hit him, preventing his height from being an unfair advantage.


Fighter Stats
ARM Girth
Gravitational Pull


  • Disregarding recent creations like Helix and Springtron, Astro Kid is the youngest known ARMS fighter at 10 years old.
  • Astro Kid's home planet's years as the same length as Earth's, resulting in his accurately-determined age.
  • Astro Kid's weight is due to his anti-gravity field; without it, he would be roughly 74 pounds.
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