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Astana the Hedgehog
Astana the Hedgehog is a character who first appears in a TV special "The Robot Hedgehog " and appears in the game "Mario & Sonic: Shattered Powers." She was originally a robot created by Doctor Eggman to destroy Sonic & co. However though, she was able to change thanks to the improvements by Miles "Tails" Prower when she wanted to be one of them.


Astana was originally named Robotica the Robohog due to the fact she was actually a robot, not an organic life form. She was then sent by the doctor to seduce Sonic & co. into being captured. However after being defeated in battle, she confress that she was a robot and wanted to be good, not evil. Afterwards she was operated by Tails who gave her new abilities and a new heart that allowed her to join their side, while also giving her another name Astana.

However though, Doctor Eggman finds out and seeked out revenge on her and her new found friends. When the doctor threaten her to become his creation again or he would kill her friends, the Chaos and Sol Emeralds appear, allowing her to transform into Astral Astana and defeat the doctor. Afterwards she becomes an official member of the group.


Sonic Aspired 


Mario & Sonic: Shattered Powers

In Mario & Sonic: Shattered Powers, she was one of the playable characters at the start.

Super Smash Bros. Superstars Uitmate

She is one of newcomers to the game and plays a major role in it.


She has more of an emotionless personality compared to her friends. But that does not stop her from helping them in missions.



  • Force Fields
  • Elemental Powers
  • Skilled Swordsman Ship


  • This is the first hedgehog to turn from evil to good.
  • Unlike most robots, she can actually talk.
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