Ashura the Hedgehog X is an upcoming 2014 fan game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 and Nintendo 3DS. It is a reboot of the first three games in the Ashura series: Ashura the Hedgehog, Ashura Returns and Ashura 3. It features more advanced graphics than the original versions and adds new characters.  

Ashura the Hedgehog X
Developer(s) Blue Quill Gaming
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Xbox 720, Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Action\Adventure, RPG
Release Date(s) 30 August 2014
Mode(s) Free Play, Story Mode, Enemy Invasion
Age Rating(s) See Age Ratings
Media Included Playstation 4/Xbox 720 disc

Nintendo 3DS Game Card


Ashura the Hedgehog

Ashura the Hedgehog is on a mission: defeat the Evil Master and take back his home planet of Arus. During his mission, Ashura meets Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower, who are chasing Dr.Eggman. Ashura and Sonic are rivals at first, but in the end they team up to stop the relaunch of the Death Egg and to retake Arus.

Ashura Returns

Ashura is back, and this time he's trying to rescue Amy Rose from the Evil Master's upgraded clone, Evil Master² (pronounced as Evil Master Two). But Knuckles the Echidna interferes and Ashura must prove himself to be a true hero...

Ashura 3

Ashura is back yet again with his new buddy Voltage the Hedgehog and this time, the duo are chasing the Evil Master III, a crazed clone who's goal is to take over Arus again. But Ashura must choose his path carefully. Hero, teaming with Sonic and beating the EM III, or Dark, helping Shadow the Hedgehog blow up Mobius....

For the whole plot of the first three Ashura games, click here.




Story - Play following the story.

Free Play - Play any stage without any restrictions, rules, or time limit.

Enemy Invasion - Fight against massive hordes of enemies.


Ashura the Hedgehog

Ashura the Hedgehog plays like a 2D platformer, with a few sandbox elements.

Ashura Returns

Ashura Returns is mostly a 2D platformer, but with RPG and Sandbox elements.

Ashura 3

Ashura 3 plays like a 3D platformer/adventure game with RPG and Sandbox elements.

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In 2013, during development of Ashura the Hedgehog X, Blue Quill Gaming stated a sequel called Ashura X2 will be released in 2016 containing Ashura 4, Ashura V: I Am The Guardian, and Ashura 6.

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