Ashura X2 is an upcoming 2016 fan game and the sequel to Ashura the Hedgehog X. It is a reboot of the fourth, fifth, and sixth Ashura games. It features more advanced graphics than the original versions. It expands the range of characters found in Ashura X.' It is the second compilation in the Ashura Series. 

Ashura X2
Developer(s) Blue Quill Gaming
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Xbox 720, Nintendo 3DS2, Wii U
Genre(s) Action, RPG
Release Date(s) 21 February 2016
Mode(s) Story Mode, Free Play, Enemy Invasion, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) see Age Ratings
Media Included PS4, 720, Wii U disc

3DS2 game card


Ashura 4

Five years after the defeat of the Evil Master III, Ashura and his mate Voltage are back and ready for more. But this time around, Ashura encounters his mother Janella, who tells him that Dr. Eggman is launching the Egg Master and setting it's laser to roboticize everyone on Mobius. Ashura and Voltage must sabotage the lauch and stop Dr. Eggman..

Ashura V: I Am The Guardian

Ashura learns from his mother that he is destined to be the next Guardian Of The Master Sword. In this game, Ashura must protect the precious Master Sword from Nazo, who is looking to use the Master Sword for his evil schemes. Will Ashura succeed?....

Ashura 6

Ashura remeets his babyhood friend Naomi and recruits her into Ashura's team. But Nazo has a plan to take over Mobius and Arus: fusing himself with the Evil Master to form Master Nazo. Ashura, Voltage and Naomi must stop Master Nazo or else their planet will be taken over....

NOTICE: Ashura 6 contains some Ashaomi kiss scenes. If you follow any other relationship involving Ashura, BE WARNED!



Story - Play following the story.

Free Play - Play with no rules, restrictions or time limit.

Enemy Invasion - Fight against countless hordes of enemies.

Online Multiplayer - Play with other people online.

Age Ratings


Items in Ashura X2 are the same as in Ashura X, but with several new items:


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