#806 Ashow



Category Flame Cow Pokémon
Original Region Sondar
National Dex Nr. #806
Sondar Dex Nr. #004
Generation VIII
Pokémon Color Orange
First Appearance Pokemon Nature, Pokemon Flare, and Pokemon Aqua
Type(s) Fire
Average Height 2'08"
Average Weight 17.6 lbs.
Evolves From None
[[Category:Pokémon from Sondar]][[Category:Pokémon in Sondar]]Ashow is one of the three starters new trainers can receive in the Sondar Region, in the games Pokemon Nature, Pokemon Flare, and Pokemon Aqua. It's the Fire Type Starter, along with Thorcera (who is the Grass Type Starter), and Squiduid (who is the Water Type Starter).


Ashow is a small, bipedal Pokemon. It is mammal-like, with orange and black fur. It has two ears and a tail, of which has a lit fire at the end of it. Hands and feet are replaced with hooves, and it has a bell wrapped around it's neck.

PokeDex Entries

Pokemon Nature

Ashow use the bell around their neck to warn others and call for help. The fire at the end of it's tail is its life source, which is also connected to how loud the bell can be.

Pokemon Flare

Ashow are usually found in herds. the bell on their neks are used for long-range communication, like if they get sepperated or something. The fire on their tail is their life source.

Pokemon Aqua

Ashow are extremely bold, and the brightness of the fire on their tail shows this. However, when in too much danger, they use the bell on their neck to call for help.

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